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Do people still do this?
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I use a stress ball, but it works. I guess saying it aloud allows your brain to process and understand the code better.

I only do rubber duck programming. Saves some time.
i keep a second personality for this

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What do you think about my budget build /g/uys. asus h110m, kingston hyper x 8gb ddr4, pentium g4560 kaby lake, palit gtx 1050ti, 1tb toshiba 7200 rpm, Seasonic 12ii bronze. Bought it all for $460.

Wanna play gta V and Witcher 3 on this.
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Don't expect to be playing on high or ultra with that setup, lol

Looks pretty decent for casual gaming.

In a while you might want to look for a second hand i5 or i7 to replace that pentium of you get bottlenecked.
>of you

*if you


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Will Intel ever get real competition or are they simply too far ahead? Maybe Samsung?
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>>Anonymous 07/11/17(Tue)15:58:27 No.61319731 ▶
not an argument
No-one is impressed by this LN2/helium shit anymore.

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Hello my internet e-friends.

My name is Raesh. I am learning right now Head First Java and I dream to become professional java programmer.

I have 3 month and I want to devote it to become advanced java dev, such kind of java dev that companies will fight for and give me H1B.

I need your advice, what is the best path, the best book to read?

I am reading head first java now and I am planning to read effective java later.
I know that I will need one book on Design Patters and one on Algos, I know svn/git as well.

Any ideas/opinions/book advices?
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SICP and little schemer
is it 1980 again senpai?
Fake pajeet detected

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I've been looking at various video converting programs and none of them are seem to be able to "mass convert" files from their original state to their same state (I.e. copied) straight into the new format.

Xmedia recode can do this (copy from an Avi to Mp4 instantly while maintaining the original file size), however it only takes individual files and is very time consuming, if I try multiple files the program crashes. I have many many files to convert.

Is there a program which actually can do these things?
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you should be able to script something around ffmpeg. what conversion are you doing? it you're trying to do a lot in a short amount of time it becomes very resource intensive very fast, look at this: https://aws.amazon.com/elastictranscoder/
learn what a for loop and ffmpeg is.
What about Handbrake?

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Thanks to these retards fucking pre-ordering a damn mass produced GPU might not be so stupid.
Thanks minerfags.
picks and shovels

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I fucked up guys, help.

I recently graduated hs with an average of 53%. No, I'm not a retard, I just spent most of hs learning how to program and doing projects on GitHub.

My parents think I got a better mark, probably because they see me coding all day, and I'm waiting for my acceptance letters. I put why I got such a low grade in my letter, and even sent a link to my GitHub, but I doubt it will be enough.

Did I just fuck up my future?
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You can't graduate with a failing grade, retart
You need a 50 to graduate, I got a 53

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Hi. I'm looking for selling a high value software but if I do it like usually it would spread in the market, so I can sell only one time.
The idea I had is making a closed device like a laptop where the software works, without network connection, without being able of putting it out of the laptop, if you remove the HD it deletes. Is that possible?
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eh, if you cant figure out the answer by yourself, i doubt youd have anything valuable anyway
Send me the source code and I'll fix it so that nobody can copy it.
I don't know how to do it, I've the idea and a need, what's the problem with that? I'm looking for help.

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>Won't be on sale even in August because AYYMD only giving final bios on August 2nd


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everyone knows that AiBs end of August.
start of spring old news
Perhaps they won't have another terrible "launch" like FE

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Guy how do i use that program with the programing penguin?
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how do u use it ??? weee333oo00000w

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I am a bit confused. Just installed kodi on my home nas and it says I have to configure all that shit in its interface.

well fuck that, my homeserver doesn't have a screen and I only control it via ssh.

what is a good media server solution so I can stream all my midget porn from my nas to my samsung tv over lan?

tried miniDLNA too previously, but that shit is even more useless.
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nas is running ubuntu btw
There is web server to kodi just need to be activated
is kodi even a good choice here?

I would actually only need something that propagates a few folders to the devices over lan. not a whole library management and shit

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Any /vip/posters here?
I am about to buy a Pass™ however I'm paranoid as fuck.
I couldn't get prepaid Visa so I don't know what else to do.
Can I do it anonymously and securely as possible?
Who do I rely my trust on? Hiroshimoot or anybody else?
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just get a prepaid card desu senpai
don't buy a pass, this sh*t website doesn't deserve your money
You can buy PayPal refills with cash at Walgreens or something. Called green dot money pack or something

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The front AUX port on my PC died, and my desk is not in the best place to use the rear port.

I am thinking of getting some kind of "in between AMP"

Basically, something I can run behind my monitor to my head phones. Rough drawing attached, Any such thing?
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it's called an extension cord.
I am aware a male to female jack/extension exists, but thats a mess of a cord that I don't really want to have.
A usb soundcard. But it will have a usb cord, and cost more money than an extension cord you big dumb. Just learn good cable management.

Which one? Current on lg g4
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>Which one? Current on lg g4
Xperia. Better AOSP support and less bootlopps :P
Htc 10 have bootloops?
HTC 10 has Lineage.

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Why do people still use this cancer?

I'm using uMatrix and I have to unlock Javascript in case of almost 90% website.
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because it's useful. stop blocking it you fucking autist
Why is it cancer?
99% of web-botnet comes from Javascript and Flash.

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