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Does anyone know how internet.org's basic internet access works? I was thinking maybe if they could provide satellite internet to most people in North Korea then it could really change the country and its political environment as a whole.
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Yeah and tell me how people with no electricity will use a computer.
Tell me how it's worth to spend three generations in prison.
You either get the fuck out of here or abid to the laws.
What makes you think they don't have electricity?
The government wouldn't allow it because they don't want their people corrupted.
Fuck the electricity part, access to a computer would be the biggest hurdle.

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Hey /g/, what are some good entry level tech jobs to get into?
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Become a moderator on a forum
Guy above gave the worst possible answer. Go work at a real soul numbing helpdesk for a year and you will be good to go.
>not a "bully"

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>trying to cover camera
>use tape
>put half of it on your display

is he autistic?
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Yes, in a sense that he regards the camera as a threat but completely disregards the threat of the OS and the Intel ME poses.
No, you are by creating this thread.
>OS and (((Intel))) ME
what about all the backdoors in every modem and router and switch firmware?

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Okay, so is the only thing wrong with Windows 10 is the spying on you part? Because, seriously otherwise it is a fucking great system. I installed it on a virtual machine, downloaded the iso from Microsoft, choose Pro and didn't even activate. After joining the Insider programme, even the "Activate Windows .." watermark disappeared. You can use this OS "free as a beer". After installing development tools and some others software I wanted to try out, I started to like it more. Smooth, easy to use/works out of box, you don't need to spend time researching to achieve something. I guess you cannot achieve the level of customization you could on Linux, but at least it looks like it won't break so easily.

As time goes by, I really getting tired of getting stuck on Linux because of minor things, like driver support (which I cannot even influence) and really, I value my time more than my "freedom". It would be good to live in Stallman's utopia, but who has time to mess around with you freedom software everytime you want to do some work. I certainly don't.
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Don't delete your pic m8
It is also somewhat glitchy on older systems, and the start menu is still hard to get used to. Otherwise it is actually fine.
>he uses pro
I use Education and server versions. I do set up telemetry to Security.
I just thought people will bitch about the anime background. :(

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Is there anything better?
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Terry Davis, author of TempleOS the only fully free software linux distribution.

* His website: http://www.templeos.org/
* Background: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/wnj43x/gods-lonely-programmer
* Terry telling his own bio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fb-X6oWtwo
* some based guy who does reall good hacking with templeos: https://sheikhs.space/
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Skip to 2:45. He says "chuckold" lmao
stop abusing terry
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Shameless Desktop Promotion edition

>inb4 we don't need a general for this
>that's where you're wrong kiddo.png

*fetch programs:
Neofetch: https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch
Screenfetch: https://github.com/KittyKatt/screenFetch

>"I want a nicer terminal color scheme!"
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>testing repo not enabled
kys retard
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>outdated kernel

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>So P&G cut over $100 million out of its digital advertising spend in the fourth quarter, and this is what happened, according to Moeller: “We didn’t see a reduction in the growth rate.” And he added, “What that tells me is that that spending that we cut was largely ineffective.

Will this spell the death for free with Ad's, clickbait, facebook and Google?

When the Ad money is gone, will the make money throu ad's meme die?

Are we heading for a new Glorius Era of internet pre facebook/google?
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Cant wait until all the money grabbers will finally be gone. fuck ads and fuck normies.
if we kill ads, we kill the google
I've had various adblockers for several years already, so I don't give a shit one way or the other.

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What is the first thing you do when you install your new GNU/Linux distribution?

Pic related.
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Why even install Firefox in the first place?
>sudo apt

suicide is your only option.
For what technical reasons?

Sup /g/, I'm planning on studying computer science at uni and need a laptop. Money ain't an issue for me so I was looking at getting a macbook pro because I like the OS and how nice it feels to use. I'm just worried that OSX won't be able to run some software I might need to use, do all the main programs I'll encounter have mac versions?
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Just use Bootcamp or a virtual machine. Problem solved.
I don't think you'll run into any problem with that. There's Visual Studio for Mac in case you're doing some .NET stuff.

Good luck friend
Thanks for the inputs dues, I have little experience with all this stuff so I appreciate it. I'd hoped I could get away with not needing to dualboot as I feel it could get tedious having to switch between the two regularly

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>20 years ago DVDs are first put on the market
>now owning copies physical OR digital of media is obsolete because of streaming

What are your guesses for how technology will change 20 years from now? Will we have cybernetic implants with HUDs? Will we be on Mars? What do you think /g/
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I think I want to die
The incoming AI Enlightenment will put you right at ease friend.
Technology has peaked.

Stuff will only get less advanced from now on because people care more about looks than technology.

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Why does the iMac seem to have such a better display than anything windows has to offer?
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windows offers monitors?
windows offers displays?
I'd take one
prolly has something to do with a cock shoved deep in your throat

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how many domains do you own /g/?
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Around 10
one for my e-mail
One for my gayman channel
One for my hardware channel
And one to spite a guy I hate

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Dear /g/,

can you help me identify the make and model of pic related? Reverse search didnt work. I am probably a nigger.

>>inb4 gaymin' laptop
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I'm pretty sure that's a female brunette
I was pretty sure I specified the make and model, rather than just the model.

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When will he or his journalist friends publish the documents?
Do you believe in those mspaint pdf documents?
everything we know about NSA are articles by The Guardian with zero source
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NIce try nsa, we don't give a shit about your opinion, your country does not matter in this world and never did desu.
We can still do nothing about NSA wiretap but he waved a warning signal to foreign countries regardless, which in turn made NSA's work harder. He is a traitor to be honest.

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