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Can we PLEASE fucking ban games benchmarks?
Plus why do we need fifty threads for CPU/GPU threads?
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cpu is technology
Games are too but they have their own boards

My father spent $699 dollarydoos on this...
So he can watch "anything he wants"....
You know, because a computer with internet access isn't enough. Or his Apple TV. Or his Optus TV subscription. Or Stan. Or Netflix.

How the fuck did I fail this badly as a son? Does this mean I am genetically part pidgeon?? I'm afraid prolonged exposure is gonna leave me with cancer
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you already are cancer by posting this shit thread
Is he filthy rich or pretend rich?
pretend rich.

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If Apple software is so great, why is Safari so shit?
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Apple never made good software.
Safari > Chrome
Safari is just a wrapper around an open source project called Webkit.

This is not Apple software, hence why the quality of Safari seems out of place when compare to other Apple apps.

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My phone is completley fucked. Screen is shattered and battery is completely fucked. Was going to wait for the iPhone 8 but it kinda need a new one RN.

So, wait for iPhone 8 or get the Galaxy S8? Or other? Thanks friends. =)

*pic unrelated
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You could replace the screen and battery yourself and it would probably be cheaper than buying a new phone.

This post is against the rules.
I misspoke sorry. The battery has been replaced already and it still didn't work. So, the battery wasn't the issue.

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How does /g/ acoustically treat their room so your neighbours can't hear your girly moans on happy times?

Do you have suggestion what i can do to decrease reverbs from the shit brown wall in the rear? i'm thinking about plastering it with additional acoustic foam pads but don't know if it completely destroy the growing aesthetics of my room.
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You can put a thick curtain for the windows and for the brown wall bass traps in the corners and some more foam pads in the centre of the wall.
I have carpet flooring
I have sound dampening panels in two rooms for when I practice playing trumpet
I dont moan when I rub one out
Fap inside pc case which has sound dampening

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Hi, i think you guys are friendly so...
I'm developing in nodejs
And while I was learning is stumbled upon a great dilemma!
http.createServer((req, res))=>{


http.createServer(function(req, res){

And why should I use the second? I don't get it.
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Bait. No one can be that stupid.

This is now a tech meme thread.

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>NBN gets even worse
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I don't even have it yet.
i'm paying for 100mbps but only getting 1/5 of that
If your ISP can't deliver you 100Mbps save some money by contacting them and downgrade to a lower speed if they offer it.

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Can anyone record a file transfer of about 4Gb on their local network on 2.4Ghz N band and 5Ghz ac band?

I'm about to buy a new ac router, but I'm not quite sure if it's worth it. I got this piece of shit huawei from my ISP and I want to replace it with something good (Want to spend around $200 bucks)

Pic related, Asus DSL-AC56U is what I'm planning to get
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Pull a wire.

Really, you should pull a wire. A lot of faggots will now try to claim that their Wi-Fi is as fast as Gbit ethernet but they are all wrong.

>inb4 screen shots of ""fast'''' Wi-Fi connections.
nah, i'm on a laptop, and i move around a lot.

my desktop is wired though
Your clients will determine the speed you get more than the ap.

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Which framework/cms do you think they used?

It seems like modified wordpress to me.
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Stop shilling your stupid website, faggot.

Here is all the mostly bloaty shit you're using -

Google Analytics UA
Google Font API
Twitter Bootstrap
>implying i-i mean they wouldn't use apache2
> nginx
> bloat

apachebloat fag

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I'm building a computer and so far everything is good to go except I'm having some trouble with the fans

The mobo has 3 fan connectors (cpu fan and two chassis fans). I plugged the cpu into the cpu fan connector and it works fine, and I originally plugged the push fan into one connector and the pull to another and it worked fine, but then I remembered I still have the psu fan left over.

I plugged one of the chassis fans into the daisy chain on the psu fan and plugged it into the mobo and for some reason the computer wouldn't turn on. I unplugged the psu and put the chassis fan back into the mobo and the computer started, but it looks like the fan connector that had the psu on it fried because it won't run no matter what I plug into it and the bios doesn't detect anything

So now I can only have the cpu fan and one other chassis fan plugged in. Should I try daisy chaining both chassis fans on the psu fan and plug that into the working fan connector? I'm afraid it'll fry that connector too but it seems like it's the only way to get all the fans going
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Install gentoo

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Oukitel K10000 pro. Is it good phone to buy?
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Yes. Here's a review on GearBest

The device doesn't include bloatware and seems to be running a stock android v7.0, with the exception of a small "Themes" app which lets you change the UI and wallpaper. Which is nice since the default UI looks very inconsistent since not every app adopts it's icon scheme. The package also contains an OTG cable, a purse to carry the phone, an additional screen protector and protecting foil.

The microUSB port is deeper inside the device so regular microUSB cables can't reach it. You'll only be able to use the OTG cable and the charger cable included in the package, unless you manually trim your other cables. The device also heats up A LOT while charging. As in, charging it from 0% to 100% would make the phone so hot it will almost hurt your hand by holding it. Probably because the phone has a lot of metal on it and it is the first thing to heat up. This seems to only be a problem if you leave the device in the rubber cover included, which prevents it from dissipating heat. If you remove it while charging the device will heat up slower but still be hot if charged for too long. The battery may be massive, but the phone doesn't have power management enabled by default so it will decharge by 4% over night (12h) even without a SIM card and after disabling all bundled Google's apps (which are known to drain battery), and with WiFi turned off. But, after enabling Power Monitor in the System Manager the battery drain is reduced to 1% over 16h of standby which is much better. The camera is terrible, hopefully this is just a software issue and an update or a different app will fix it. The phone barely fits in the purse included. I wouldn't use it anyway, but it seems odd including something that won't fit your phone.

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why do people do this with their shells?
i'm all for ricing but this is just disgusting and ugly

if you use this shit or ligature fonts please consider choking to death on your pumpkin moccacino
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I agree OP.
But if they used this using a better colour scheme then sure, It might look alright.
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each to their own

I like to have nice delineation between commends as well as being able to tell at a glance who+where I am

timestamp is handy fro seeing how long something takes or what TZ machine is in
I wish I could ligatures in sublime and I use a zsh theme that shows the status of the current git project. Hate me all you want.

Whos the best?
Google cloud
Amazon ec2

So far i used azure and google cloud, I'd prefer azure since its cheaper
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Your own home server is the best desu.
Azure or Cloud depending which is cheaper.

If you can avoid EC2, avoid EC2, too overpriced, but it has better documentation than the other two.

However for small to mid size endeavors something like Linode or a mesh of VPSs is usually a more sound and cost effective solution.

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What happened to Auto Adjustment on monitors?
Why do laptop monitors not need it either?
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It only makes sense for analogue inputs, which never made sense on fixed-grid displays in the first place except for compatibility.

Now that VGA is finally close to death, you won't see remnants like this much more. My monitor only shows it if you connect a VGA input, for example.
Is that called overscan?
It's related to it. Technically overscan is when the whole image has been "zoomed in" (cropping the edges). When I needed autoadjust on a VGA LCD, it was usually when the image was the correct size but offset (so maybe the leftmost few columns of pixels were stuck black, and the rightmost few cut off).

It's the same concept though- it makes sure the pixels of the signal being sent map 100% to the monitor's actual grid of pixels. And again, none of this is relevant for a fixed-grid display connected digitally (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, laptop internal, etc) to a digital source. It's still good to know if you deal with legacy stuff.

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Currently deploying nyaa.si on my webserver.

How can I log in as an Admin? Is there a default id/password?
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Go to wsr or sqt. Bad bait desu

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