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I am comparing three sets of headphones. I generally go for sound quality and an emphasis in the mid range.
Philips Fidelio X1/28
Audio Technica ATH-AD700X
Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Professional
AKG Acoustics K701

Which of these do you find to be the best headphone? And why?
>Will I absolutely need a headphone amp?
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is that a fidget spinner
it's a fidger spinnet

So what's the consensus? Is it worth upgrading?
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Worth upgrading to gentoo? Yes, definitely.
I upgraded to Mint when 10 dropped. Got sick of the popup advertising it within a day.
i upgraded w/in the past month, for SSMS 17 and SQL Server 2016

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> grsecurity didn't violate a single point of GPLv2 which is what the kernel (which grsecurity is a derived work of) is licensed under

Yes they did, dipshit, as has been explained in the thread.

The GPL v2 prohibits the addition of additional terms.

You STUPID WHITE PROGRAMMERS think "oh this is some sort of copyright on the text of the GPL, I can write on a napkin my additional terms and I'm all good, or I can communicate said additional terms through voice or through implicit threats or through the course of business and I'm good, I "didn't add a mark to the GPL document!" 'thus no additional terms bro! Haha I'm smart, gotcha dumb lauwuuhas"


The GPL v2 is speaking to further agreements / sub-licensing situations. You cannot add an additional term to THAT.

You cannot add an additional term to the agreement between YOU and further distributes.

You can't add a fucking codicil to the agreement, if you do your license is automatically revoked.

But you BBBRRILLIAANNT (anti-marry young girls, pro-women's rights) PROUD ARYAN WHITE MAN Programmers think you just simply KNOW everything in every field.

Take it from Bruce Perens if you don't believe that I am a lawyer https://perens.com/blog/2017/06/28/warning-grsecurity-potential-contributory-infringement-risk-for-customers/

Here's a "quick" rundown:

https://pastebin.ca/3838883 )
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>I do not believe
It does not matter what you believe. Your existence as a proud white programmer doesn't make you an expert on everything, though you may think it does. You may also believe that you can "control" a woman somehow when the police and state are opposed to you and anyone who can't is "weak" and it will be different for you because you are so smart you can convince her not to divorce you. Everything's fine. Only weak non-whites want to marry young girls instead of strong women like us white men who can take the challenge!

Take a read of the license, and take a read of the lengthily explanations, also learn some law.

And yes I am a Lawyer. And yes, your understanding is lacking.

GRSecurity has added a term not present in the license grant the Linux-Kernel owners have extended to GRSecurity to the the agreement between GRSecurity and those to whom it is distributing the derivative work. This is explicitly forbidden. The Linux-Kernel copyright owners forbid such behavior in their license upon pain of automatic revocation.

Argue all you want the other-way, I will likely not respond. If 5 pages of explanation aren't enough, then nothing can overcome the self-sure hubris.
As a white male, I wait for a hammer falls over grsecurity.
calm down pajeet

T470 or T420 ?
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Depends on what you plan to use it for. Do you need faster speeds? Then go with the 470. Otherwise, the 420 is just fine.
I will use it to

But I want something a little bit speed so I can browser over 9000 firefow tab + run gcc + watch aa film without crashing my gnu

>great keyboard
>coreboot support

maybe the compiling will take some time, but you should be fine

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Sadpanda is the pornhub of hentai and yet it has no ads, no tracking and no malware. What's their endgame? Why do people open these high traffic websites and then run them at a loss?
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look at their parentsite
Loli is love loli is life. That's all you need to know really.
>run them at a loss
Don't you have to do some bullshit things like post on their forums, play retarded flash games and be a member for some time?

And as far as I know, their main website contains ads.

Well congratulations, W3C, you've got yourself bought. Now what's the next step in your master plan?
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crashing this internet
>you put DRM into the spec
>the spec is open so there's no DRM '''on''' the spec :^)
What a piece of shit.
>using html in 2017
>not embedding links into png images so tyrone and his adblock cant steal you content

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Are there any good hexadecimal editors that you would recommend, /g/?
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The one in Midnight Commander.
xxd and ed.

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Why isn't there a major open-source project to make a binary-compatible clone of Mac OS X and iOS given their popularity? Surely they would be popular given their popularity and far easier to make than something like Wine given the dumpster fire that is the Windows API
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Hackintosh is fairly simple, given you have an Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU and popular Motherboard.
You need to learn about Darling, dear.
Who want this shit

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> strongly typed fags will defend this
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The curly brace, someone could put it in the code and it would make a ton of errors.
>TypeError: expected type post, not shitpost

>gym wont let you get gym clothes out of locker unless you pay them $400 because of a policy change while you were working out

there should be a law against this right? protecting citizens from sudden "policy changes while their intellectual property is stored on third party servers.
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>there should be a law against this right?
>agree to TOS without actually reading
>"dude why did you do that, it's wrong!"
you agreed to it bitch. That's what you get for using "free" services.
lol fuck off and host your own or pay like a man.
Gym begin free parts fit equipment,yoga and wall climbing but instructors,pool and massages begin pay $50 per month.

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Why haven't you upgraded to Programming Penguin Mint 18.2 yet?
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Arch still boots
Why would you use mint instead of just installing Cinnamon to Ubuntu or Debian?
Because Fedora is all I'll ever need

how much is too much thermal paste?
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About a pea.
>>>/g/sqt for next time
just use a non conductive paste and use too much
post the gif, you know the one

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I'm trying to write a program that can set values like brush width, brush color, etc. to specific values in an art program.

Does anyone know if there's a way to do this with Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Gimp, or After Effects?

I know this is an extremely vague question, and I'm providing no info about what language I'm trying to develop in, but I'm honestly just trying to find a jumping off point here.
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Describe an usecase. Who use this, for what purpose ?
>It's 2003
This is purely for the sake of doing it.

I just enjoy finding more ways to fuck around with software.

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What upcoming technological advancements are you looking forward to?
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Neural interfaces

Improved vision
All those fancy Samsung CRTs

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions.

Take at least 10 seconds to Google first.
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how can I tell if amdgpu is working? I installed the package but Idk if I did it right
How can I track my reading progress when using mupdf? There seems to be no built-in bookmarking and I can't do anything external either since there doesn't seem to be an option to open a file to a particular page. I don't want to have to look for the page I was on every time I reopen the file. Thoughts?
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What would happen if I wired this...


Into the 12V of my PSU's molex? Would it catch fire, destroy my PSU and kill me, or would it just be quieter than at 24V?

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