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You have 10 seconds to explain why do you need a flagship smartphone for? Seriously, why on earth would anyone pay $600+ for browsing memes and shitposting.
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No one's forcing you to pay $600....

Because anything less than flagship prices most likely runs Android, has a shit camera, will start lagging after a few weeks of use, and is poorly built.

Stop being such a poor faggot. Would you buy a $300 PC?

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Sup /g/uys. So I'm taking an intro to programming class this fall. Turns out the programming class AFTER that one is a transfer requirement for most Mechanical Engineering programs in my state. Until recently I had planned to transfer out of state so it wasn't something I even bothered thinking about until now (Ive got something like 70 credits at my JC)

Anyways, this class is apparently based on Python (class description: "Using Python - Extension language for 3D and GIS." No clue wtf any of that means). Is there anything I ought to be doing to prepare for this? Ive got about two months.
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I wouldn't worry about it, anon.
Whether the class is using Python 2 or Python 3, here is a short and sweet intro.


There are two versions that cover either active Python versions. It is also FREE. I would NOT bother with anything deeper into CS. Beware of /g/ trying to convert you to CS below, you are doing mechanical engineering no need to weigh yourself down.

Good luck!


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Because without signing in, you‘ll be unable to play programmes or choose to benefit from the personalised features that BBC iPlayer offers. You won’t have to sign in every time you visit BBC iPlayer as you should stay signed in for two years on each web browser or app. Sign in isn’t required to watch children’s content through your web browser.
>s you should stay signed in for two years

lol wut
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They do that so that valid session tokens are easier to steal.

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I have a 3.5mm headset connected to an Xbox controller however when I'm on VoIP everyone can hear all sounds coming from my computer.

As far as I'm awere there should be an option that lets me treat inputs and outputs separetely but this one gives me pretty much nothing to work with.

Any anons run a setup like mine and know how to fix this shit?
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you dug your grave
Same shit happens on my Linux actually.

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Hello /g/
I need to make a video connection from one side of a wall to another(5 cm of wood). See, i am making a recording studio, with the vocal booth being a wooden structure, but it is 100% sound absorbent with panels inside, it has no windows. I need a video link (outside<=>inside) the booth. Audio is covered by a second microphone next to the producer. All i can think of is 2 tablets streaming to each other while camming, but is there a cheaper solution? Or a better one?
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Personally wouldn't advise using tablets, too expensive for what your using them for,

You could try 2 cheep pc monitors and 2 raspberry pies to link them together and use 2 webcams.

How are you Planning on connecting the monitors, wireless or with a cable.

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>trying out some of the new webextensions™ for firefox

They really know how to kill a browser
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Hey /g/uys.

I just wanna ask if /pic related/ is possible. Since I don't have a chromecast (and my tv is not a smart tv), I'm thinking of creating a kind of a, referrer. the materials are usb charging cord (2) and a flash drive. I'm going to modify the flash drive by putting two female ports (i'm pretty sure you know that).
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Sure bro, just do it and post results here.
the USB protocol doesn't support multiple host connections to one device at a given time.
So no it is not possible without a lot more hacking.

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What should I get, OP5, Honor 9 or something else? Used Moto G's all this time and want to try something else.
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I got the LG G6 recently. To me it's the best phone on the market for the price. Plus LG just extended the G6 warranty to two years. Before I had an Honor 8, it was great until the audio jack shit out.

you should get a G5S and shut up.
>muh bootloop

Hello /g/ents, I'm about to start a degree in marketing next September, and seeing as I'd like to focus on online marketing later on, which tools would you recommend I start studying on while I still have some free time?

I'm doing Google's free Analytics academy course now, probably Adwords later on once I'm done.

Anything you'd recommend afterwards?

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How the FUCK do advertisers get my phone number, email, and address? What steps can I take to stop from getting my info
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Basically any job recruiting website. Never got spam 'til I needed a normie job out of college.
Shit... That actually makes a lot of sense. Only a couple months back I was spamming my resume on every job site

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How do I get into IT without college?

Are there any third party certs that are actually worth the investment?
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Don't get anything. Lie. Get the job. Prepare yourself for a fucking year hell (go to work+study at home).
40k EUR year talking here, no Cs degree or fucking faggot cert.
Only worthwhile certs are A+, Net+, and if you just really want, CCNA/CCNP (although that is basically the net+ again). Everything else can come later.
...Is that a Hi-Point with an extended magazine..?

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Which one, /g/?

I've recently moved to GD and holy shit it's so good. What am I not seeing here?

Is GD the Dropbox killer?
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Neither, they're both shit. Use MEGA instead. You get 50 gigs for free and the sync client actually works on any platform, unlike jewgle or shitbox.
I prefer Google because of the superior integration into docs and my Chromebook. I really bought into this meme.
Dropbox API is better but just use booth.

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What is the best chink x86 tablet for Linux?
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which one?

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Opera 46 is really fucking good. Fast, responsive, slightly easier on CPU and RAM too, but why pic related though?
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because touch screens no one uses
because you can grab the fucking window above tabs
No you can't.

How does Richard Stallman feel about open source community collaborating with big private companies, like Microsoft, Google or Intel? Does compliance with the corpos go against his teachings?
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rms does not care about large corporations getting involved he's not a dumb commie. Among his four essential freedoms of software is the right for ANYONE to do whatever they want with code, this includes corporate users. Everyone has equal access.
However, the GPL licenses do forbid someone from denying someone else their essential rights to use, modify, and redistribute code.
From what he writes this isn't about just those freedoms in his mind.

Just read this:
It's clear that his stance involves this specific entity as a whole and single actions cannot be excluded forgetting the rest.

Thus if a friendly entity collaborates with the evil entity it's only helping that bad entity to streghten their evil positions in other domains.

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