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Out of morbid curiosity, what does /g/ think about Debian?
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It's great. anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong and has never tried it
It turned to shit since it adopted systemd.
Use devuan instead.
>I still use crunchbang

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How the fuck do you develop on Linux without the convenience of an IDE like Visual Studio?

Don't tell me emacs. Emacs does everything and IDE does except shittier.
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Use Visual Studio Code. Open source and awesome, cross platform, tons of extensions, tons of support from community contributors. It's got a *lot* of momentum right now and it's working great
Seconding this.
linuxfags don't have to struggle anymore

No one wants your software pajeet

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Is RX Vega dead on arrival?
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sold on arrival if the meme rate is true

Fake news

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Even before this I was suspicious about Mozilla and their google analytics, dozens of telemetry settings (some of them hidden in about:config) and ''safebrowsing'' enabled by default.
Now that Mozilla(Firefox, Seamonkey,etc) is confirmed for botnet,which alternative do we have left?
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>browser made by an ad company, just a different ad company than usual

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Times you listened to /g/ and it backfired on you
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never. I'm not stupid enough to buy a thinkpad.
never installed gentoo

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Daily reminder that AirPods are not just a gimmick, but an amazing piece of forward thinking utilitarian technology.
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Airpods are Vaporware...
they're shit but i don't think you know what vaporware means anon

Are you ready for a future where addons such as NoScript, uMatrix, and any other DNS based controls no longer give you control over third party cookies/scripts due to those third party cookies/scripts being misrepresented to you as first party cookies/scripts? From Gorhill:
>Instart Logic
>The purpose of Instart Logic technology is to disguise 3rd-party requests as 1st-party requests, thus bypassing content blockers, and even the ability of browsers to block 3rd-party cookies (because they are stored as 1st-party cookies)

Instart Logic is a reverse proxy service similar to Cloudflare. Their service MitMs your connection to the website that you want to view and modifies the URLs for third party requests related to ad providers on the page that you're requesting so that they point to data on the site you're visiting rather than the sites of the ad providers. Instart Logic then translates the requests you send for that data back into requests for the ad data, retrieves the appropriate data from the ad provider, and sends the ads back to you as the data you requested from the site you're visiting (pic related is an illustration of the process). Currently Instart Logic isn't targeting Firefox, so addons to fight it such as Gorhill's uBlock Origin Extra are only being compiled for Chrome/Chromium. However, Instart Logic could start targeting Firefox users as well in the future and I wouldn't be surprised if Cloudflare starts offering a similar service in the near future as well.

uBlock Origin Extra:

The PDF pic related is taken from:
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If it's a mitm, couldn't you just turn on strict https and be done with it?

glad I have webrtc disabled.
could of just summed all that up by saying "the ad link comes from 4chan.org/blablabla instead of ad.doubleclick.net"
So basically attacking the end user browser with js? uMatrix will just not run the serving js.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61868339
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Anyone built something with Haskell, if so what was it?
I think Idris was made in Haskell
Nothing practical has ever been nade in Haskell. Only academic circlejerk projects.

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Does this proceed?
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it's a meme
>excellent tier
>can't even get a 100+ score on speedometer test
any firefox should be below placebo

firefox forks on placebo with palemoon above it

prove me wrong





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Tell me why the Iphone 7 isnt the best phone on the market
Protip you cant
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>something-something "muh cuztimizable chinese botnet ROMs
>best phone in the market
>No headphone jack
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>your smartphone is only as good as the battery it was soldered with.

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dude just plug it into an external battery at all terms lmao
then get a fairphone and shut the fuck up
They're designed to be replaced in a year anyway.

Stop being a poorfag and learn how to use Craigslist, and treat every phone upgrade as a $100-200 "fee".

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin Updated Daily

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Ashens reviews chink Lego Minifigs >>61857557
• Anon posts a still taken with his Xiaomi Yi action cam >>61858042
• Anon gets poster with assault rifles & carbines >>61859274 >>61859301
• Anon receives a 6 dollar carbon rod and fishing reel >>61864104
• Anon gets a cheap pillow speaker >>61864488
• Anon receives a Xiaomi motion sensitive nightlight >>61865077
• Anon gets himself a new notebook GPU >>61873263
• Anon gets a chink iPod copy >>61873797

Previous thread >>61856087
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>Ashens reviews chink Lego Minifigs
Link if anyone wants a qt pikachew
fucking finally op.

Does anyone know where to find one of these on aliexpress? I haven't been able to find one.

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Can we talk about this dude for a little bit? You know the one that got fired from Google.

He claims to be a centrist(not left leaning or right leaning) and states he wanted to say something about the biological differences between the sexes and that this pushes them in a certain direction. He dislikes the diversity push because he thinks women aren't suited for this line of work and that men are far better at tech. Girls don't gravitate towards this sort of thing, and men often start in this field as a hobby. If women did gravitate towards this thing and were hobbyists they would be more suited towards the line of thinking that goes into it. Women are more social. The girls who do this sort of thing are like 1 in a million.

I also want to mention that a lot of women are for the most part pushed into being homemakers. If you look back especially in the US, women don't get to do much of anything that didn't involve cooking, cleaning, and tending to the kids. It's kind of the short end of the stick when you really think about it and after so long who wouldn't push to break into more fields? He didn't really prove his point in the interviews and he actually seemed really socially stunted, but I get what he was trying to say. So he plastered it all over the workplace completely unaware of just how BAD things could go for him. Kind of a dumb thing to do and well now idiots are kind of parading him around as a hero.

So what do you take from this? Personally, I think him getting fired is hilarious but he's not wrong. He'll find more work.
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>He'll find more work.
It probably won't be at a major silicon valley firm, I don't think anyone major would want to hire someone so controversial. At least not right now.
Noce blog post about an idiot who shares his beliefs and opinions to his colleagues at work hours in workplace.
What a fucking idiot.
>he thinks women aren't suited for this line of work and that men are far better at tech
That is not at all what he said. Why are none of you retards capable of actually reading the memo before running your mouths about it?

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His AI just learned by itself to beat the best DOTA2 player.

>The bot kept playing until its skill level reached that of the world's best Dota 2 players, he added.
>"vastly more complex than chess & Go"

Holy Shit, he was right all along. Thoughts?
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Not hard to do so mechanically 1v1 with perfect reaction times and arithmetic. Regular people have already beaten it by exploiting quirks in its behaviour like diving for couriers or pulling its creep wave.
Pretty sure someone beat it regularlyjust by stacking insta-regen and manfighting it, the bot didnt take into his items into account.
We are still miles away from bots playing the real game competently. This was just a very small subset of 1v1 gameplay from a 5v5 game using only one character out of 110 unique ones.
He's a total faggot who's against freedom.
They're going to showcase 5v5 next year, likely going to be running simulations all year

this is by far the best browser i have ever used. Its fast, its clean. It even has the best logo imo. BUT WHY THE FUCK did they drop like 90% of their addons with the recent addon?

Was there a reason for that? Because i thought they wanted to win the market back with 57 update. Addons was the thing it had over chrome, and they just ditched it.

Also, when will uBlock origin available in the new format?
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Spoof your useragent and the addons page will let you install legacy addons
When will 57 be stable?
>BUT WHY THE FUCK did they drop like 90% of their addons with the recent addon?
to make it clean and fast
also it's not even out yet. 99% of the needed addon functionality will be back by the time ff58/59 goes into stable. the essential stuff will be ready for the november release

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