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LG V30 thoughts lads

It's an LG so it'll probably drop like a stone in a few months smackeroonies wise and it looks to BTFO everything else atm
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Was the v20 any good? I'm considering waiting for this or getting the cheaper v20, although it looks ugly af
Don't, get v30
V30 lacks a removable battery, get the old V20 instead.

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Hello /g/,

My laptop (MSI gs60) came with 2 SSDs in raid 0 and a rotating platter drive for storage.

Am I correct in saying that having 2 SSDs in raid 0 is basically retarded and just gives me double the chance of having to reinstall windows if one of them dies?

What is the best solution here? Raid 1? Just run them separately? I don't really give a shit about my hard dive access time being .0001ms faster or slower and I don't need the capacity of both drives just for windows and whatever else I have on the SSDs
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Is there a reason you'd need raid 1?
Leave them in raid it's not like they're gonna stop working like a hard drive.
One already did a few months ago

Just to save me the trouble of reinstalling. I don't have anything particularly important on it but I use my laptop for work so if it died at the wrong moment (which, as I said, happened to me already a couple of months back) it could be pretty annoying

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Fuck. Off.
where is he?
reports hes now homeless
he bought a van

Fan up or fan down?
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i unironically place mine sideways
Whatever side the logo is printed in a readable way. If logo is upside down, flip the power supply
Depends on placement, but it seems like a bad idea to create an airflow that goes against the one from the GPU fans.

why don't you run your own ftp server /g/?
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Because I have no autism
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> no files anyone would want
> no friends who would want files that i don't have anyway

why don't i run an investment bank? why don't i run a minecraft server? why don't i run a cult that proclaims me as the reincarnation of rasputin, complete with his severed cock in a jar?
Unironically because I use Google Drive.

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Im ordering a ryzen 1700 soon, the stock cooler looks pretty fucking sweet, but does it work aswell or should i just order a cooler along with it
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do you want high oc?
get an aftermarket cooler.
allright thanks
Use it for a week. If you don't like it, just get a 212 Evo.

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what is the best torrent tracker app for win 10?
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>don't mind me just running world's economy
Fuck. You.
Stick with uTorrent, op. People will shill Qbittorrent, but ignore them: it has shittier speeds and it will stall your downloads.

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>Bu-bu-but muh sjeweqews

Trump-turds #btfo
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Still too hard to use
Write-only tier.
Only Perl can being worse.

>T. Brainlet

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somebody can tell me how to make linux mint cinamon [or mate (?) because of an uninstall option in the context menu] desktop lighter on virtual machine? I can't stop using windows because wine is piece of garbage but I want use linux as sub system on VMware

I have intel core duo [can't remember the model] 2,3Ghz

this device can handle linux on VM [fedora works almost perfect] but somehow it's too weak for the browser and longer office work [puppy linux have problem with the drivers and mouse]

anybody? solution? maybe I should use some software to change profile performance to maximum?
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>how to maximize performance
Upgrade your hardware, that's the only real way
Compile everything for your won CPU with -march=native

don't get me wrong, I will buy newer device but this one is still 'new' for me it can handle 3d in the PS and stuff

sometimes browser and office on vm works perfect sometimes not

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Such a fucking informative post!
Thanks Anon! Here's your (You)s!
Can a gas giant support life? If so, could it be found?

Nice samefag.

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Why is it bad? I have no idea how (general) blockchain applications work, though I've seen countless videos on how bitcoin works.
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Anime website.
Kyouko makes a better tomato than Maki

2.0 has kicked off.
Thoughts on decentralised shopping?

All I can see is this being the biggest thing ever. It might take a few years to kick off, but how can zero (0) fees be beaten?

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using bitcoin an imaginary money... yeah...
It uses any money you want..
Because dollars or euros are real money, right?

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you ever seen a nigga hung with a gold chain?
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Better pay those high taxes to fund public sector pay rises even though the private sector has been stagnant for a decade GOY!
shouldn't have left the EU mr Bong.
Anything you'll import is going to be expensive. And don't think you can make up for it in salling domestic shit because you are subject to trade tariffs that'll skim all of your profits.
average wage: 20 000 rub

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How to dos an ip?
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Become a transgender.
Install gentoo
while true
ping ip # or curl ip 2>/dev/null

probably wont even do anything

The iPad Pro is three times as powerful as Samsung’s best tablet, 50% more powerful than the surface pro 4, and 50% more powerful than most modern laptops.

How can windows/android compete?

Face it, you’d get an iPad Pro if you could afford it
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do you shill for free?
Let’s compare some multi core numbers:

Dell XPS: 5025
Lenovo Thinkpad X1: 6012
Surface pro 4: 6304
Retina MacBook Pro 13: 6596

Samsung galaxy tab (latest): 3877

iPad Pro: 9223
WOW. Sound great, I want to buy, just one last question , does it have sd card slot?

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