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Why is Windows so fucking slow?
A fully loaded Ubuntu with 15000 packages updates faster than a plain Windows 7.
What is Windows doing?
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It's communicating to the central microsoft botnet server, there's a lot of traffic there
Fast on my machine.
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>install something in Windows
>from now on it starts up automatically at boot, no matter what kind of useless shit it is (iTunes, Winamp, malware scanner, Java, Flash player, mobile phone sync program, smartband sync program, etc.)
>install something in Linux
>you have to start it manually, nothing starts at boot except the distro's DE and stuff.

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I'm gonna build a new comp but I don't wanna pay for an OS.

My current, shitty, PC already has Windows 10 running, but because it came pre-installed in the machine when I bought it (Windows 7) apparently I'm not eligible to have it transferred, according to Microsoft's website.

What alternatives are there? How easy is it to pirate this shit? Will I get constant messages telling me the software isn't genuine, though?
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use the same key, you may need to call or activate manually, just lie and tell em the motherboard died. As long as its only activated on one machine, it'll be fine.
Yeah, but if it detects new hardware, it'll prevent me from installing, won't it? Even if I call them they'll just tell me that because I'm installing it on a new comp I won't be able to.
You can install without a key, then you have 3 days to activate. It will probably fail to activate automatically, there will be an option to activate manually. It'll display a number to call. A robot will answer and ask you how many machines you have the key installed on. Just say one, and start reading out numbers. It'll read out other numbers to you, activate and you're done.

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easiest and safest way to clean a keyboard?
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Give it a good rinse in the sink and let it air dry for a few hours
Should be good as new
blow hard
Dry clean.

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/g/ood afternoon ami/g/os. I'm taking an online course to get a certification. Such course had very good videos about the subject, and I want to keep them for future references.
Of course, I know I can use an extension in Firefox or Chrome to download them, but I don't know if the Online Course Provider can detect that I am downloading its videos and terminate the service.
The course cost me 375 GBP, and I'm at 20% of finish it. I don't want the provider to end my subscription based on the "ilegal" downloading of its videos.
So, the question is: ¿can the Course Provider can detect I am using an extension to download its videos? ¿Can you recommend me a good extension to do so?
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No way they could detect a video camera in front of your monitor.
Unregistered hypercam 2
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OP here. I tried with VideoCacheViewer but it only recovers chunks of the stream, in differents sizes, no larger than 500 kB and the audio is in another file also.
I hate this new kind of fuckery. Back in the day you can find the .flv file full in the browser cache.

can i hack mp3 so that it sounds cleaner?
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Yes, by using AAC instead.
This, or FLAC
how can i inject that hack into the file?

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>Power outage knocks out my external WD 4TB hard drive
>It no longer shows up in My Computer
>It shows up just fine with no errors and upo to date drivers in Device Manager and WD Utilities
>It shows up in Disk Management but without a drive letter
>Add a drive letter, it shows up
>Hey, this happened to three other drives I've been keeping around to get the data professionally extracted
>Load them up, add drive letters, they all work again

Holy shit I just regained files I lost years ago due to a little trial and error why did that take so long for me to figure out when I can play all day on the bios and bootup screens without fear of causing errors
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Idk man life's trippy that way
Hey, you got there in the end without begging on /g/. That's a win.
It's a windows feature to stop ransomware or users from getting to your files

My little brother through one of his heavy toys at my tablet.
Nothing is going wrong yet, but will any adverse effects happen later on?
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Does it use a HDD? Otherwise definitely no.
It's a kindle fire,
If by hdd you mean a hard drive, no it does not
The word you're looking for is "threw" not "through". Either leave until you've turned 18 or learn to speak English, you uncultured ape.

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Bad caps?
Dry solder joints?
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when mine started doing that it ended up burning in less than a year
just get a flatscreen its not 2000 anymore lmao

Does the order of these CCFL backlight lamp wires matter? I believe they are high-voltage.
The pic shows them as:
Blue & Black
Pink & White
Blue & Black
Pink & White

but does it matter if they're switched around such as :
Pink & White
Blue & Black
Pink & White
Blue & Black
or some other combo? There are no labels to indicate a relation, other than those obscure CN301, CN302 etc.

Let me know if this thread belongs in /wsr/
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If you can't find the service manual online get out your multimeter
Cn just means connector
So if you don't know what the correct order is, then you're fucked
>get out your multimeter
how will that help?

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Looks like a 17 year old "clever" programmer wrote it, who will be unemployed in 5 years due to thinking he's too smart to learn anything new.

it's written by a Cornell ECE professor for AVR

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Hello, I'm from Argentina and I do not understand anything about the internet because my first computer was in 2015, I would like to learn how to create a web page, but I could not find the video, could you help me with this?
They did not laugh.xd
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you are a lazy person, at least search google / youtube , there are thousands of tutorials there. Dont be lazy please.
You must apologize for what you said
no, i wont apology to a lazy person. Go get a job.

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hey /g/ what is the best way to watch a live TV stream without paying for some subscription service, I don't care about Game of Thrones but just want to watch a regular channel
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get some friends and invite yourself over to watch tv
Find someone with TV service and plug a small SoC device with a TV tuner onto their line. Then have it stream out over the internet and you can watch/control that stream remotely. Homebrew IPTV.
Get an antenna you dumb fuck.

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*blocks Chrome's path*
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>Starts REEEEEEING about pronouns
>Starts tearing off any of the armor made for it because "it's not part of my cool new armor system"
>Scans it's surroundings and starts writing down everything it sees for later.
>Part of the remaining armor cracks and a liquid that appears to be powering the thing starts leaking out
>Looks at chrome and waits to see what it does before copying it

Good opponent.
>exposed cables
>mismatched visual elements
>maintained by animals
Looks about right

How long do you think it will be until making SSD servers are cost efficient enough that it becomes the standard?

Also, here is an original meme I made for another thread that got archived by the time I finished it.
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Whoops, didnt realise it was 3Mb, here's a smaller version.
what do you mean? for storage in servers? for vps? for os drive in servers? home, office or cloud?
just like tape drives hdds will not get completely replaced.
>he converts his images to jpg like a pathetic virgin

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I need to set up an alternative Whatsapp for work and generally people I don't trust.

I installed Whatsapp in Parallel Space

I got a free alternative number with the Flyp app (very handy). I don't plan to make any calls, only text.

I was now going to proceed to confirm the Whatsapp installed in Parallel Space with the Flyp number so in theory, only people that have that number could see me, but what I don't get is:

Whatsapp looks at your SIM card contacts. Parallel Space's Whatsapp is also looking at this same SIM card contact list even if I confirmed the Whatsapp account with another number.

So wouldn't they see that it's me but with another number?

How the hell I guarantee they don't find out? (as in, how do I keep contacts separated from one Whatsapp to another???)
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Bump. Those tits got my mouth watering mate
they will see two different numbers
use two different names for each account
What do you mean by "names"?

Just the display name for Whatsapp?

But doesn't Whatsapp read your phone contacts? Im still using the same SIM.

I verify the secondary Whatsapp with a secondary phone number, but then I go back to my regular SIM card and since both Whatsapps are installed on the same on the same SIM they both read the same SIM and they both can see my SIM contacts???

what the fuck man

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