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So i might be leaving my company in a few months and there are some files i want to take with me. Nothing super proprietary but some personal stuff ive built/ programmed over the years. Some of it is stuff ive worked on in my own time.

We don't have the best IT and im not going to leave on bad terms. However i don't want to have any hassle.

What would be the best way to transfer .DXF and .TXT/.CAD files off of my storage space on the network and onto another device without leaving obvious fingerprints?
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ctrl + c ctrl + v

Depends, how much logging do you think they have configured? How much do they monitor the network?
I don't think they do that much
We had someone try to blackmail the company like 3 years ago and i know the sent that persons PC out for a forensic inspection to find out what they had. So basically i doubt they watch much. I could easily transfer files from the network to my local PC with no notice whatsoever. Or to any number of CNC machines in the shop that are XP based, and move files from there.

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Chairs are /g/!

I have £400 to spend on a chair. I play PC games. I watch TV and sometimes play PS4 in it. I might occasionally use my keyboard to type sentences longer than this. None of it is programming.

I do like the look of the noblechairs line. But I know I should look at a more "long term" ergonomic chair. Should I just get a refurbished Aeron?
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look I just want to know what you park your behinds in is it that hard to post
I have an Aeron - it's good, but make sure to check Craigslist or whatever your country's equivalent is first. It's also worth buying the Atlast headrest if you like to lean back and the leather armpads.

Steelcase Leap is more affordable if that's too much for you. Gesture is good as well, but good luck finding it for cheap.

HM Embody is the local meme chair if you just want points in the battlestation thread.
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buy a used IKEA Markus/
toss out the chair, keep the base.
Then buy a car seat from a local junkyard/auto recycler.
pic related. Seat is from a Volvo 850

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Apparently 3D printing is on its way.
Would you download a car?
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>open source vs closed source
>tfw twingo front doesn't look half bad in that car
i would download that twingo
No but I would download a gf (male)

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Anyone have any idea how to reduce GPU interference with my audio out signal?

I can hear it through when I run signal through my mobo, and I've tried about 4 internal sound cards all of which still get interference.

Speakers are JBL LSR308 and current sound card is Asus Xonar DSX.

Alternatively does anyone have any recommendations for external sound cards?

Any input is much appreciated.
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Seperate them in terms of distance from eachother on the motherboard. Other than that, get a better motherboard or just use external.
Much obliged anons.

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Why is /g/ racist towards every single indian in the world except this one?
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I'm not racist
Because he's the only one not shitting up forums/imageboards with broken english and flooding XDA with poorly made Custom Roms.
Raja is our main man if we want to overthrow the nvidia boogiemen
For some reason he looks like one of those dudes who write inappropriate lewd comments in the YT comment section

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What do you think of these parts?
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>not just getting this fan
1. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/
2. Are you only pretending to be retarded?
Hmmm... Is this what people call a bait?

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Home server or privacy-respecting cloud like MEGA for syncing password database?
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>privacy-respecting cloud
>like MEGA
>no proof for your claims
Home server.

Get CentOS, install owncloud/nextcloud, and use VPN/Tor/whatever method you want to use it from outside your home network.

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i use windows 7 and im really fucking get sick of it, no particular reason but to me it just looks really bland, can anyone recommend me some good linux OS?
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if you have to ask then stick to windows, for your own good
install gentoo

>no longer have to run nonfree Patreon javascript to donate
You now have no excuse to not support the best botnet-free comic there is.

Image "Liberapay lantern", CC-By D.Revoy
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>no one cares about a FREE and OPEN SOURCE comic about cute witch girls
Aren't I on /g?/
I'm surprised I don't see this comic mentioned more, the art is top tier.
It's ebin source, too, so /g/ should be all over that.

What is the best device for watching Netflix, Hulu, Plex, etc. I have heard that the fire sticks with kodi are a good choice but I want your opinions /g/.
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For streaming, honestly, the PS4 is probably the best thing i own.

Personally i'd go for a HTPC with Linux, running Kodi if i wanted something for local/NAS media. Doesn't have to be a powerful PC, but the right ITX case with a half height 1050Ti would make for a nice HTPC with a little gaming on the side.
Intel NUC

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What DE is this?
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looks like htop in a poorly styled gnome-terminal

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how the fuck do i use pwm fan control to turn down or turn off fans in my computer. its running debian btw

pic related
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Have you tried installing it, reading the manual, and editing the config file?
you ain't ever gonna make that thing quiet. Just slightly less loud.
you can, supermicro sells superquiet fans and you can put in even quieter ones or just install a fan controller.

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>work as support at consumer tech store
>customer comes in complaining that their antivirus demanded money from them
>discover that they entered the URL in google search and clicked on a pajeet fake ad
>at no point did they realise that something was up

Why are people this stupid, /g/?
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The general IQ of the populace has been lowered by crossbreeding with niggers and other shitskins.

Things are only going to get worse from hereonout, anon.
Heard multiple times at my old call center job:

>Okay, are you at your desktop?
>Ok, now click on the start button.
>I don't have that.
>Why are people this stupid, /g/?

Haha I know right

Who would work in a tech store?

They should get a real job

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Unsaved People:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread:
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dumb frogposter

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