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>not buying the best wireless mouse on the planet
What's your excuse
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why have wireless when u can have this beast?
Why does that look like it went through a tornado
fuck me I love this mouse shape. I have an MX518 and a G5 and they feel so good to use.

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What English speaking country is it best to work in the tech industry?
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Hi pajeet
I'd say USA but they speak Mexican

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Sup' /g/

I'm having issues with my monitors/display.
3 monitors are plugged into my graphics card (I'm on windows 7 64):

Monitor2 ........Monitor1............. Monitor3
TV ............main monitor....... Wacom cintiq
Hdmi........... display port ..............dvi

I use photoshop on the Cintiq screen, but when I exit sleep mode the fucker is displayed on tv.So I have to turn the tv on then drag and drop photoshop on the cintiq screen again.
I've tried to display photoshop by default on the cintiq (launch the program non fullscreen, drag and drop it on the cintiq, exit program. On next launch it appears on the cintiq without problem) but it doesn't work anymore as soon as I exit sleep mode when moving the mouse, the fucker is displayed again on tv.
Yes, I could prohibit the sreen going to sleep but I don't want to.
For the life of me, I can't figure a solution.
Never had this problem when using only 2 screens : old main monitor on dvi and cintiq on dvi.

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Shy bump
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I'm thinking what it could be.

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how to i dial up? still possible?
who here \g/ dial up?
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Napoleon Dynamite seen here with IMSAI computer and 300 baud 80-103A modem, circa 1978-1979.
Seen here, the original line-up of Cheap Trick (featuring Franco Harris, Zach Galifianakis, and Bun E Carlos) are lounging in the green room before appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, circa 1978-1979.
Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson, and Topher Grace are seen here on the set of That 70's Show, assembling 80-103A modem circuit boards, circa 1978-1979.

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Is there a non-botnet alternative to this?

Preferably open-source and free as in freedom.
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>have to pay shekels
I'm interested in this as well

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Vultr $2.5/Month (Sydney) <image
It runs a few small website and holds up fine,

Cloudatcost, The meme is dying, I got my monies out of them, but they are going down more often these days.
I use the one that keeps needing to be reimaged as a seedbox and tor relay.

I used to have a $5 Digital ocean too, but the vultr for me was cheaper and closer.

What are you guys running?
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Im using DigitalOcean atm. Paid like $5 and got $25 free credit so its like 6 months hosting for $5. Do you recommend Vultr or Linode over DO? Any coupon codes or offers?
Aruba from Italy. Starting at 1 EUR. I use them for Jabber and mails.
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I've never used Linode, but I reckon Vultr is as good as DO these days, I think you can even upload custom ISO's.
The $2.5/month vps is 'sold out' atm.

Try my referral link (top of the photo) and these codes, not sure if they work, but its worth a try.

Okay Macfags get in here.

Post your favourite terminal commands and your favourite applications you use on your Mac
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sudo rm -rf /
/lgbt/ is over there ----->
/fa/ is over there ------->
Node/grunt and basic file manipulations are all I used the terminal for with Mac. The gui is pretty nice desu.

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zero replies.jpg
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Do you buy consumer tech products to fill an empty spot in your soul?
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Installing Gentoo helps
No, I just like being an adult and not having to wait for Christmas to get new toys.
no I do that fro fun - masturbation fills the empty spot in my soul

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Why more people are not using this?
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because it crashes if you right click the wrong section, from my experience.
It crashes a lot because of bugs in the autocomplete plugin, but I just restart it, takes just a couple of minutes. Quite annoying, but I don't know how to fix it besides disabling the autocomplete plugin.

Is there some "just like code::blocks but without crashing" IDE? I don't want to relearn stuff.
just use eclipse like the rest of us

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>In america, ISPs and mobile providers can pay for exclusive rights to be the only one allowed in any given city
>libertarians and ancaps will defend this because muh free unregulated market
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>commie like to use shitty provider backed by government
>free unregulated market
>Government enforces to use one service kicking out other companies
Are you idiot or what?

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Why aren't you using CMDer /g/? It blows windows shell out of the water, and includes git and ssh as well.

>muh leenoox terminal
>muh unix development
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I can't code so I have no use for it. It's the same reason whyi disabled notepad, programs with too much text and too little icons/pictures scare me.
Didn't they make Powershell to suit as a not-terrible terminal? How'd that turn out?
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I like mintty or wsltty more

>Intel could launch Core i3 "Coffee Lake" processors only by late-2017 or early-2018.

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>i7 7700k is i3 tier now
>oy vey buy intel
lel meanwhile im sitting here with my ancient i5 4690 laughing

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How often does /g/ clean their keyboards?
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Keyboards cost $10-15. If they are really dirty I just buy another one.
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>using membrane kayboards
Utterly disgusting
They both get the job done. I'm not a millennial poser so I buy a normal keyboard without a tripple digit price just because "muh mechanical hoop jumping to make a circuit".

Who wins?
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Neither if you're not a brainlet
Both hipster millennial shit.

Completely different technologies:

Node is only one single part of the equation, that's why it's called MEAN stack and not NODE stack.

Rails is a stand-alone MVC framework which does literally everything for you. You can even avoid JavaScript in 90% of all cases.

Basically it's cool to learn both.

Rails is the stereotypical MVC thing, if you understand how it works, other MVC frameworks will be pretty easy for you to understand, i.e. changing to Django is not a big problem.

Node is very funky with it's non-blocking I/O, the modularity of JS (i.e. adding some nice flavour of the month Js libraries) and of course it's always good to have decent JS skills.

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It's just one question, actually.
>no geany
>no notepad
>no nano

Wow, you're really out of touch.


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