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>I accidentally updated my ps4
>There's no way to install linux on my ps4
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That sucks just don't buy it
Try to put linux on your phone
thats a ps3. ps3 update 3.50 removed gnu/linux from the system. ps4 could never run gnu/linux.

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Intel ME has an undocumented disable mode.

>In response to requests from customers with specialized requirements we sometimes explore the modification or disabling of certain features.
>In this case, the modifications were made at the request of equipment manufacturers in support of their customer’s evaluation of the US government’s “High Assurance Platform” program.

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This is great news!
If the ME is invisible how do you communicate to it
bump this is actually important

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Should Android do something about the ease of updating their os? Atm it looks horrible only 1,2% of all android phones uses the most new available Android 7.1 and 86,5% of all Android phones have 2 years or older Android.
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You update Android and get security updates when you buy a new phone. Just buy a new phone every 12 months or so and you should be fine.
Hey. Samsung Galaxy 551 user here. The problem is that manufacturers do not provide updates on their phones when they are sold.
>Galaxy 551
based. too bad it died pretty fast because of armv6

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How do I solve the problem?
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Fuck off back to >>>/v/ autistic manchild
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arent desktop 'threads like the epitome of g culture? i think they should be sticked instead of autosaged
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not if people post 4 threads a day
wrong, /v/ideo games are the epitome of /g/ culture because it's a bunch of 12 year olds running Windows
BAN FROGS /g/ anime board of peace

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Ded memes edition
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men at least put the last thread faggot
So who here's going to get the 18x17, 306-key macropad on Reddit?
Waiting for my filco mj2 (blue switches). It's my first mech. I'm very excited!

Gonna get some new keycaps in a few months once the originals start to wear out.

Are tai hao any good or should I pay the super expensive signature plastics price?

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At this point 4chan is the only thing that keeps me sane and happy

The memes keep me going

Currently work in the IT field
Don't really get respected since I'm new at the company
Work feels like literal hell
I also get to work from home and don't have to be in the office often
When I do show up people want to talk and see how I'm doing
I'm miserable inside, I want to go to work and enjoy myself but with my job I don't need some office and I can do this at home,,,,,
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I'm sure you are not sane with 4chan

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if this baka made a video game from scratch so can i, where do i start?
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Make the logo first.
Just install Allegro and read the documentation
c + opengl + sdl

Nene did it without engine despite being basically retarded.

Hi /g/

I am looking to spend £1,000 on a gaming machine and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations? I want to play games like Overwatch, WoW, PUGB,CSGO.

Also pic related - it's my friends £9,000 chill blast machine (or so he says...)
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unless he has a 150-170tb nas hookes up to this this is not £9000
anyways build a ryzen 1600x+16GB ddr4+gtx 1070 rig
i built that for him. £7,000 was my fee.

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What's our next operation. We could hack Angela Merkels E mails to check out what she texts donald or somebody else. Or something else i don't know. Bring some ideas. Mine are a little bit weird. Our germany members could make demonstration.
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We should try crossdressing Anon!
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such a good idea bro

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>can't install nvidia driver on linux
>treid 4 distros always ended up with a black screen

Is there are distro with pre-installed Nvidia drivers ?
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Install an older driver that others have confirmed to work with your distro. Also purge drivers before installing.
Mint is literally one-click install.

Are you retarded?
check your xorg logs for what's causing the error

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How do I claim my leaf?
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Day of the rake when?
You buy a 4chan pass :^)
give me your address :)

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How does /g/ keep track of his/her fitness?
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Who /oldschoolmac/ here? Just upgraded the RAM and replaced the disc drive with an SSD on this baby.
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The fact that it costs 600 eurodollars or more to get a laptop that's 6 years old and has a terrible display, when similar thinkpads cost a third of the price with samey specs, makes me avoid them. I'm not paying 400 for a good trackpad, I still get to keep the terrible resolution.
Isn’t the display the weak point of thinkpads too?
Yep, but you can get the same for what, 200 bucks? You can even use hackintosh on those.

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I finally gave up and made a jewgle account. I am so sorry mr. Stallman.

What are the most useful google services?
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Probably gmail or general google account
You can blogpost on G+ now.

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