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Why does this happen?
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Switch to port 1.

You're welcome.
because your client sucks
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Like this? :^)

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>"For other users, a more probabilistic approach can deanonymise them. For instance, a mere 10 URLs can be enough to uniquely identify someone – just think, for instance, of how few people there are at your company, with your bank, your hobby, your preferred newspaper and your mobile phone provider. By creating “fingerprints” from the data, it’s possible to compare it to other, more public, sources of what URLs people have visited, such as social media accounts, or public YouTube playlists."

If you live in the US and aren't taking measures to fight this, then all your effort blocking tracking scripts and not using software that collects data on you means a lot less.
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>such as social media accounts, or public YouTube playlists
>You can identified from people tracking you visiting webpages that identify you
Here's an idea: Stop tying your identity into every fucking account you make. You're like one of those retards who's been using the same unique username for 10 years and then wonders how people find so much dirt on them so fast.
>same unique username for 10 years and then wonders how people find so much dirt on them so fast.

fuck this is me but I wouldn't be surprised at all
>implying they can't still figure out who you are with more data points, which they would have, if they don't have social media information on you
Also, if they do get you then you're potentially screwed for as long as you stay with your current ISP.

What purpose does 13 inch ultrabooks fill? They're not powerful enough for gaymen or creative work when they don't have a dedicated GPU so you're basically paying $800-1200 for doing stuff you can do on a $300 Chromebook running Linux. The only valid use case I can think of is music production that doesn't require a powerful GPU.
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Macs: faggots
PCs: non-faggots
You would know the answer to this if you weren't a consumershit
not everyone wants huge screens on their laptop, when i was looking for my laptop 15" was just too big for my tastes.

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What are some lesser-known Vim commands?
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:r! fortune | cowsay

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Tell me about your experiences with LibreTaxi.
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A thread died for this
I had to go over to the guy's house and start building his car with him, luckily I only needed 10min though, so I just handed him a few wrenches and went home...

Explain to a country bumpkin why people would rather pay for an Uber or Lyft instead of just calling for a taxi?

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>he still believes AMD is cheaper than Intel
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plus no embedded GPU
>He thinks anyone buys the 1800X when the 1700 and 1700X exist
>He thinks anyone spends hundreds on a CPU to pair it with slow-ass integrated graphics or an equivalent $30 GPU.
>implying that GPU can't play GTA V in 720p60fps

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Hello, /g/.
After having my computer recently eat shit harder than ever before due to a failed drive, I had to reinstall everything.
This raises the question- are there any good package managers for windows? Having individual updaters and software that sits un-updated for years kind of sucks, and so does having programs leave residual frag files everywhere even after install
So, are there any good package managers for windows? Bonus points if they can export a list of installed programs for easy reinstall.
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>I had to reinstall everything
>package managers
Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a Linux distro. Package manager built in.
I can't. The tools that my job uses function far better on windows than on any linux distro (Visual Studio and Unity).
I would if I could.
its called a fucking exe or msi you dumb shit. you should have the software you want already available on a different storage device, just reinstall it and call it a day


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Hey guys, I need some help finding a way to succeed projecting my satellite TV on my pc screen.
I currently have a pc with dual monitors, and a satellite receiver by hdmi output. I wish to connect the both so that I could watch some tv on my computer's screen (just one of them). By the way that screen has vga and dvi inputs.
I have the first option, to buy a converter from hdmi to vga+aux so that I could just plug it to the screen's vga and switch source.

Is it possible to use an HDMI to usb 3.0 converter, so that I could plug the usb into my pc, and in some magical way I could project the satellite receiver onto that one screen?
Is there any software for that? How does that happen exactly?
Any help will be appreciated, thank you in advanced!
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Not like that. You need a capture card of some kind. You may also run into HDCP issues.
there are usb 3.0 capture cards
hdcp will be an issue, but most cheap chink splitters strip it
so your chain will be receiver->$10 splitter->usb capture device->pc in the us, in better countries you can get an internal tuner card + get an access card from your satellite company and just plug the coax from your dish directly into your pc.
By splitter you mean the hdmi-to-usb converter?
A usb 3.0 capture card would cost about 70 dollars, I guess it would be cheaper to just use the hdmi to vga + aux?

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What OS does /g/ use?
Let's find out

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Windows 7 on my desktop, Ubuntu on my laptop
win 10 , on like 4 mashines , and one running 7
i think i have kali on my rpi for shits and giggles
oh and one athlon retro mashine running w2k

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I want to learn C++, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Should I buy one of those "Learn C++ in 30 days" books? Would it be better to find an online guide, and if so, what guides are good? Do you know of any youtubers that discuss C++?

Thanks for your advice.
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I genuinely do not understand why anyone wants to learn c++.

There are free youtube tutorials. If you're a step-by-step book person then fine get a book. There arent very many wrong or inefficient ways to learn a language so your basic problem solving will find you a fine solution.
Sololearn is always an option it has a good course with quizzes.
It has a good community to find code and ask questions.
And its free so why not.

If you dont understand something look up until you find the answer or go on youtube.
If you don't mind having 30GB to download I recommend downloading the "Gentoomen library" from here which has a ton of books on C++

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>be me
>interested in tech,decoding, computers, havking ....But dont know how to
>interested in going to the dark web for selling and buying drugs and weapons (money for college)
>any suggestions to help me start?
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go /biz/
waste your money on shitcoins
watch some gain value
have more money
rinse and repeat
turn yourself in before you get in deep shit, trust me

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Evening /G/. So im currently attempting to crack the login password on a windows 10 laptop as I have no access. Using a USB loaded with Kali ive dumped the hashes in the SAM file but ive been unsuccessful in cracking them using Johntheripper. I was wondering if anyone has successfully done this and if so where am I going wrong. Cheers
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this still works though?
Give it back Jamal.
give it back tyrone

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What exactly is Moot doing at Google?

>only claim to fame is running an imageboard and having a failed startup
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Literally who?
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He's in charge of the dank memes of course.

Even if this Epson doesn't count, post em.
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Do old ones count? I spent my high school study halls playing Oregon Trail, Wheel of Fortune, and other old DOS games on this,
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Make way
I've still got a Eee PC 4g, Can't quite fit in a pocket but still pretty small.

Not my picture

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Redpill me on emacs.
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best os since ganuu lenoox
its not vim
It's a good editor and spacemacs has some good packages and defaults so new users don't have to spend ages figuring out how to not only use Emacs but what packages they need so they can be productive.

I like emacs. I wish a fork (like xemacs) was still active to kick gnu people into getting useful shit done.

You still gotta learn vi though since emacs is huge and not installed by default on anything.

And like vi you can assume you will be able to use it for you entire life unliked closed solutions which will eventually change or disappear.

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