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pointing stick.jpg
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>he uses the red circular mouse mover
Literally why? It's not any better than using the pad. In fact, it's more difficult because the "learning curve" it has. It takes a while to get used to, and when you finally master it you realize you literally wasted your time using it because the mouse pad is much more convenient to use since you still have to doubletap/click
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I think people use it because its easier to use with typing and keyboard shortcuts because its on the keyboard
I don't know anyone who uses this, despite setting a ton of people up with Thinkpads and Elitebooks.

I usually market it as a "backup," if the touchpad dies. Essentially, something that will let them continue to use the computer until they can get it in for repairs.
This. >>62043879
Gotten so accustomed to it (when not using a mouse,) that when I use my other notebook, my finger instinctively goes to the GHB intersection and I stare confused at it for a moment.

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X370 Taichi(L2).png
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Which is the best mobo for a 1600 price:performance that only needs to run 1 card?
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I was looking at the ASSRock B350M Pro4 or ANUS B350M-A (with some heatskins and pads)
but I don't know if they can push past 3200Mhz while holding 3.85Ghz
The Taichi is the best bang-for-buck when it comes to overclocking, since it's got an excellent VRM setup compared to other boards in its pricing range. However, those overkill VRMs are really only needed for super heavy OCs on the 8-core chips.

Basic rule of thumb is to avoid the MSI boards, as well as B350 boards, because the VRM solution is fucking trash (unless you're going budget quad).
B350 really that bad?

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where are my amateur radio nibbas at?

>licence level
>coolest shit you've done with one

I've got an arduino. is pic related (and its sequel) a good buy?
also, so far all I have is a shit baofeng, what's a good radio to move towards as I get my higher licences (reading up on the general class book right now)
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scout555 and a baofeng
haven't done any cool shit yet
Yeasu FT450 and Baofeng uv-B5
Used JT65 to reach Japan from West Europe using 5 Watts
Icom 718, Uniden President HR2510, Wouxan KG-UVD1P
Foundation (Australia)
Worked Alaska and Japan on 10M with a CB whip sitting on top of a metal ladder that acted as a groudplane.

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>tfw I spent 4 hours and still can't optimize a binary search
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What do you mean by optimize?
Have it be SIMD so you can close in faster for small arrays?
Are you doing some funky memory ordering to have the array sorted but non-linearly in for cache-line efficiency?
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>tfw too intelligent for binary search trees
If anon wanted fast she should definitively not use a binary search tree. Maybe a specialized structure like a trie but not a binary tree.

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>fell for the HTML5 game developer meme
>missed the io trend which is now oversaturated
>missed the clicker trend which is now ancient
>most uncreative person of all time so i can't think of anything original

>tfw everyone during my highschool years thought i'd work at valve and make real games
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>everyone during my highschool years thought i'd work at valve and make real games
Yeah welcome to the world of everyone who showed any interest in anything at a young age
but instead of applying yourself and making connections with art majors you are shitposting on a fucking windows forum
>art majors

*audible laughter of every non-retarded human being on earth*

IObit Freeware (Advanced SystemCare, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, etc.) - Do you find the software trustworthy? Do you think there are better software maintenance programs?
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>"Advanced systemcare"
How new are you?
Everything to do with "system maintenance", is without a doubt, vaporware. Do not waste your time with them.
>> Known code stealers. Most of the shit it does is integrated into Winblows anyway. Constant annoyware.
If you wanna run malwarebytes fucking run malwarebytes. /sqt/ was a better place for this trash.
>super hacker interface
>scanning security holes
Don't use it

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>Another day wasted distro-hopping and tinkering with my OS
Linux gives me too much freedom to do what I want so my autism takes over and makes me want to configure everything. Considering just installing Ubuntu and leaving everything stock even if its ugly. Maybe then, I will actually get some work done. I am not alone on this, right /g/oys?
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You have to have goals.

And BSD is better.
Every weekend I tell myself that I'm going to sit down and set up bspwm exactly how I want it and then I just end up refreshing 4chan all day, both days.
Frogs are so fucking stupid I'm surprised they can even figure out their captcha

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/g/ told me that I had to enter my email to download geforce drivers. Went to nvidia's site, and downloaded geforce, and then cuda drivers. They didn't ask me for shit. Why did you lie to me /g/?
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Perhaps you confuse nVidia with Razor
>Perhaps you confuse nVidia with Razor
No /g/ told me that I had to make an account to download "nvidia" drivers. Well I have an nvidia gpu now, and I didn't have to at all.
if you use the goy auto updater you have to

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How we fix the shiny key problem?
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you cant
1. Buy laptops/keyboards that are not bargain bin shit you fucking poorfag.

2. Wash your fucking hands. Especially after masturbating you fucking monkey.
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masking tape and sharpy

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I'm thinking about buying an SSD just to install a few games on (I'm sick of 7 minute load times in Warhammer Total War and with the sequel on the horizon it's a tempting proposition). I'm tech-illiterate so I basically have no background knowledge whatsoever, and a friend recommended buying two smaller drives and setting them up in a raid 0 configuration. He says this is faster than one large drive. I've done some cursory research and most of the sources I've seen claim it's not worth the hassle and potential risk, however they're all between 1 and 3 years old so perhaps things have changed since then. Should I use the dual-drive setup or just buy one, and which drive would you recommend? I'm leaning towards the Samsung 850 EVO, which appears to be popular and very well reviewed.
I'd be buying either two 250gb drives or a single 500.
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I would recommend avoiding raid , normal ssd speeds would be plenty fast since you just want to game .

i would reccomend a samsung ssd but that's only because it's what i use and i know they worked for me .

this is a good one


godspeed frog-o
>I'm tech-illiterate
Don't use raid its not worth the headache, risk, and extra cost. Yes it's faster but if you don't know what you're doing, just don't. A Single SSD will work just fine for you. Buy a 500GB drive and don't cheap out. I use a crucial MX300 but an 850 EVO is also just fine.
single 850 evo

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Alright /g/entleman, here's my master plan. I desperately need a backup server. I don't have the funds to drop $7k on a proper build, so I'm doing it the poor man's way.

Mediasonic ProBox 8 Bay = $270
6x x 3TB @ $54 = $324
cheap SSD = $90

Server is Synology DS216j from a few years ago. I'm going to put some headless linux distro which supports ZFS on it. The probox will connect to the Synology via USB3.
This is all JBOD. I do not need performance.

The server is going to be attached to my router, and I'll access it from my desktop via local network. It will all be encrypted with VeraCrypt.

Any major flaws in this?
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Use dm-crypt or LUKS.
Vera is unnecessary and doesn't integrate well.

If you grow out your beard you can run a ZFS root and discard the value and single point of failure of the SSD.
>Use dm-crypt or LUKS.
I mostly picked Vera because it's what I'm using on Windows, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as it's encrypted.

>If you grow out your beard you can run a ZFS root and discard the value and single point of failure of the SSD.
I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.

Why would the SSD be a point of failure?
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>6x x 3TB @ $54
>he's buying refurb disks or some other cheesy shit
Why don't you just right click on your data and hit delete if you don't value it at all.

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/h/ here
>be 23
>born as a spic american
>have 0 experience in programming
>put in an application at a tech startup in silicon valley
>cv has a brief history about how i grew up in a poor family and fought my way to success
>company is literally bending over backwards wanting to hire me as an intern at $24.00 usd an hour 40 hours a week with an advance payment option and full benefits after 30 days
should i take it lads? im computer retarded
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You will be immediately fired if you have <no> skills.

>What is console.log()?
do you.
i literally told the recruiter i have 0 skill whatsoever
he doesnt care, he wants to hire me

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How do you use boost asio to build a website in C++ (I'm using c++ because I want to spend less money on servers)? I don't get how Asio works in the context of web dev
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Wt toolkit
if you're on linux, async model is kinda wankery, since there's no actual async kernel model for sockets or non-raw FSs.

reactor model (usually based of epoll) is a more natural model there.
Wait so if I'm getting you right Asio is supposed to be making asynchronous servings of the site with different users coming on?

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so I've been awarded a grant from my county to get four IT certificates. I don't think they knew I was white. In these classes I'm the only white person.
One Nog
>did not know who steve jobs was,
>did not know what a smart board was
>did not know what linux was
>did not know that you could access cloud files from almost anywhere in the world
>did not know what a command prompt was
>was dumbfounded that programs could be launched from a command prompt
>laughs at literally everything
>speaks ebonics
>might be retarded
This is the future of IT, /g/. These are your future managers. These people may be in charge of maintaining your computer's security
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>smart board
I've got MSc in CS and I don't know what that is either
Or maybe I know, but I don't recognize the term
Think of a whiteboard turned into a tablet. It's an expensive meme.
It's one of those white boards in newer classrooms that allows you to write on it like a tablet.

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would /g/ rather use a 5k monitor or ultra-wide?
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Why not both?
the 5k apple monitor is 8-bit shit and not a real 10-bit IPS

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