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>His software is more closed than his mum's legs
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At least my Dad doesn't get fucked in the ass.
He does every time he loads up his DRM ridden programs, you shitskinned sack of numb nuts.
I intend to leave a legacy, the standard of which was set by God when He created the Earth, and Man, in His own image. Anything less is not worth mentioning.

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How can I learn kotlin?
I'm noob to android application development.
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how about the demo, nigga
Install intellij and get the kotlin koans plugin.
It helps if you're decent at java.

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions.
Take at least 10 seconds to google first.
Old Thread: >>61187789
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why should I learn how to code? what are the benefits for me? Can I make money? Is it to late?
Why am I so depressed?
>why should I learn how to code?
Programming is a skill, in the same that cooking or surgery or piloting a spacecraft is a skill. Learn it if you want to acquire that skill.

>what are the benefits for me?
You can get a job as a programmer. Also, you can do your own programming projects.

>Can I make money?

>Is it too late?

>Why am I so depressed?
Probably spending too much time thinking about missed opportunities. Think about all the positive experiences you have had, and all the good things you have in your life right now.
It's fun and you can make cool stuff
kill time and make neat stuff
Unless you have a degree, the chances are very low. Maybe Bountysource can get you some quick bucks, but not a living.
idk, but learning how to program has a 50/50 chance of helping. It might make you worse.

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Lifelong Android user considering buying an iPad Pro 10.5". I read that the Google Pixel (similarly priced) will be supported for at least the next two years - though support != speed/stability.

What would be the expected lifetime of a new iPad? To a tolerable amount of hiccups.
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I work at a university that circulates iPads to students. We are getting a few New iPads this year, but right now our main circulating iPad is the iPad Air 1 that was released in 2013. It runs iOS 10 just as snappy as if it was brand new, and will be getting upgraded to iOS 11, taking it through to 2018, meaning it has at least a 5-year support cycle. I think you could expect the same from most iPads going forward.
iOS devices are going to be updated for longer. The thing is, Android devices work alright without being updated, and the updates themselves are less forced - some updates have been hard in iOS devices.

Things might be different for the Google Pixel line though, as Google is trying to be more Apple-like now.

Right now, I'd go for the iPad Pro.
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sup losers. like my new SSD? sad you dont have one?
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in my mobo got yall mad
This is the peak of autistic design.
holy shit

Ive been having a huge issue with this RX 480 8gb strix card for the past 6 months and should have returned it when i had a chance but im past that now. Ive been trouble shooting everything i can but i cannot get the card to stay stable. From underclocking, to over clocking, to maxing fan speeds, reformatting, DDU and fresh drivers, uninstalling 3rd party programs, using third party programs i cannot for the fucking life of me get this card to work.

Any game. any triple A title, and low end game. it will run some days flawlessly no problem, and other days(most of the time) it crashes after 5 to 10mins in the game to a grey screen or a rarely a black screen with frozen sound and i have to hard restart my computer to clear it. when i come back in Radeon settings has crashed and set my wattman back to defaults. Ive read articles that AMD has fixed these issues, ive read and tried others people fixes nothing is work. I originally started with a Phenom x2 965 and a ASrock 970 board with 8gbs of DDR3 ram and i now have a i5 7500 an Asrock H270x and 8gbs of DDR4 ram and its still crashing. I have a 600w PSU which should be more then enough to pull all of this. Ive looked into A GPU BIOS update and they havent put on out for this card. There was an article posted last year that the card was pulling to much power from the board at a 150w over the 75w limit the PCI slot allows but this was supposed to be fixed in drivers last year. I open GPU-Z today and look and its telling me my card is pulling 130w from the board. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. ive done into bios and tried to find a way to under clock this but i have nothing. Im stuck at the moment because i have no money to buy a different card and honestly. when this card runs games like it should its fucking amazing. I really dont want to be out my money i spent on it so i guess im posting on here to see if anyone of you have any insight on what this might be and how i can fix this.
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I'm not reading this post.
>RX 480 8gb
Sell it for $500 and buy a 1070
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> Claims to love freedom
> Posts in a closed source taiwanese woven baskets forums that connect to shady domains instead of the free as in free speech Reddit
What can I do to minimize my dependency on closed source software?
Do like Stallman and get somebody to shitpost for me so it's technically not my freedoms that are being violated?
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>free as in free speech Reddit
Must be a troll this nigga can't be serious
>free speech Reddit
literally what
>Free speech
I can't even make a small joke or sarcastic remark without someone getting offended or getting myself banned.

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Was 2007 the year where the Internet really changed?

The NSA launches their PRISM Internet-spying program
The Big bang theory debuts, popularizing "geek culture"
Tumblr founded
Facebook and Reddit report significant increases in traffic
Myspace reports a significant decrease in traffic
1st Generation iPhones launches, allowing millions of people easy access to the Internet
Twitter gains massive popularity after a marketing campaign at SXSW Festival
The Cake is a Lie
Keep Calm and Carry on
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I think it all changed with the Patriot act.
What really did the internet was iPhones.

>iPhones put women on technology
>Women download apps
>Women branch off on to the internet, but only the simple part that they understand how to use (twitter, facebook, tumblr)
>Women eat up social media like crap since it helps give their useless existence validation
>This creates insane bubbles and circlejerks (SJWs)
>Women eventually start to shit up the entirety of the internet

To be fair though, you have to throw in monetization in there as well. Money ruined the free press just like its ruining the internet.
how old are you idiots

sure it's gotten worse but that's been the general trend since at least AOL

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>embraced the botnet on my phone and flashed gapps
>now everything works perfectly
Really makes you consider
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Oh good, you're no longer chained down by FOSS
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Is Ryzen better than i7?
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which i7
>Is Ryzen better than i7?
Now give sauce
The best one from both sides.

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Arch dropped GnuCash without a thought.
Dropped Arch without a second thought.
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Wth is gnucash
GNUCash is a shitty finance application
This is why they dropped it

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What does /g/ think of spotify?
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it plays music
>using spotify

enjoy your botnet
>Using spotify
It's like you want you rights to be violated

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Why is Ubuntu such a bad distro of Linux with GNU added?
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It's not bad at all, though.
sides have ascended

Sorry /g/ bro. I am looking for feedback from people know good software.

What's your favorite programming language? Mine is HTML
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Shitty bait
Why is this bait? I didn't say I only know HTML, I just said it's my favorite to program in

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>Install a Windows update
>Boot back into Windows
>Sound doesn't work
>Windows managed to forget all of my options and settings
I thought Windows "just werks"? This shit never happens to me in GNU/Linux.
Thank fucking god I only rarely use Windows
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>actually updating windows
>actually using windows
>Not reading update notes

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