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So mining has made my current graphics card worth aprox. 3 to 4 times what I paid for it. I decided to see why and got into mining the other day and set up NiceHash. With my CPU and GPU both mining I'm making about ~15 cents a day. By January I'll have about 27 bucks if I ran my gaming rig all day and night. I thought Ethereum mining was supposed to be good for this kind of set up. How does anyone profit from this at all? Even if the card was regular priced you wouldn't make your money back on the card until ~2 years had passed. Am I missing something?
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they are hoping for the coins they mine to increase in value

when bitcoins first started to get shilled on /g/ they were a couple cents each and not even worth the electricity
Ah, this makes a lot of sense. Thanks anon. If this is the case should I abandon nicehash and focus on something that doesn't pay out in bitcoin and instead pays out in ether or is NH really the best way to go about it?
cryptocurrency is a hot mess right now
most of the people you see shilling it on /biz/ don't actually mine, far less normies.

the state of the market is far gone from how it was in the early days when everyone would mine a little with their excess processing power.

most "investors" treat it like a virtual commodity or stocks, buying, selling and holding it
any mining of worth is now done by specialized setups and large operations. Gone are the individual home miners. nobody even mines on their PCs anymore. GPU and CPU mining has long been replaced by ASIC miners (usually large chinese run operations)

>tfw fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme
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it's not a meme if you render otherwise it's an extreme meme
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missed you man. glad youre back. fuck the cuck mods
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Post your favorite workstation setups.
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for fucks sake here we go.
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>found IBM Model F 122 at recycler
>took home to hose and pressure wash
The keyboard itself is in remarkable condition. The only "problem" is the oxidation that has occurred on the front of the keyboard. Bought an adapter and now I'm typing on it. I thought you guys would be interested in seeing before and after pics.
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Nice catch anon,

Hey Anons, can someone explain me the pros and cons of having a VPN ?
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muh implied privacy

can't shitpost
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Your ISP cant spy on you

It costs money
Why would you use Tinder through a VPN? Every reason I can think of has better solutions (unless it's blocked in your country)?

Any changes?
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My Wifi drivers not working with anything higher than 14.04

Using arch now and everything works fine.
Mmm the other day I discovered this happens to me too.
Funny because they do work in the Live ISO.
Please be in London.

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hey /g/ i'm currently looking through wireshark

Despite that i'm not using any software that uses network connection...Why is my machine connecting to external IPs?

what causes this?
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Looks like your ISP to me.
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If your on Windows, its software checking for updates and MS making sure you're being a good goy
Just do a whois on the IPs

Should Danes be ashamed?
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C++ and PHP are excellent.


Does anyone have an updated link or version of this image?
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I'll bump, because I'm a huge faggot currently cleaning my desk from choking on my new 11 inch dildo.
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Hoy many of these do i need to pirate and how hard is it?

My understanding is that headphone users are poorfags who can't afford a good stereo system, or live with their parents, or have annoying neighbors (usually it's some combination of these three factors)
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maybe when you can't play that hard techno at 90db at 3am because your cat is sleeping
What is that?

It looks like one of those flir cameras on the nose of an apache
This is such a stupid question. This is like asking if there's any reason to use a stool instead of a chair.


>These are your hipsters developing Botnet 10
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too many whites wtf
>Surprised hipsters are developing for a mobile phone that out of the 1% of the global phone market is just 10% of that 1% bracket.
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How can I become a hacker?
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It's something you're born into, you are very deprived and have a horrible life so you spend all your time in online communities and eventually you find your way down a rabbit hole and spiral into an irreversible path without redemption. Then finally before you know it, you've stolen thousands of dollars from innocent people and this is the only life you know and your only friends are just a name in IRC and you can never speak to anybody in the real world about it because you know the implications and the laws you've broken and how everyone will think you're a dangerous psychopath.

Stop talking and start listening.

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>Early internet
>Be careful about where you share your personal information online

>Current internet
>You don't want your OS, your programs, your phone apps, and your websites to know everything about you and have access to all your data for sending home? What are you some conspiracy nut?

Why did it change?
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Corporate interests
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There was once a time when humans lived in constant connection with the Spirit World. From ancient Shamanic traditions, we know of rituals used to propel the primitive human consciousness into the Spirit World to obtain knowledge, guidance, and to commune with ancestral spirits. In the modern and technologically advanced present, our sensory input is overwhelmed with what is classified by many people to be ‘real’. This usually comprises of advertisements, propaganda, and pervasive attack from all sides, by known and unknown assailants. These mega-corporations seek to control and dominate the human race. Through government-funded black projects, clandestine operations to eliminate resistance and indoctrinate state-supported dogmatic systems, and disinformation via mass media, they are effectively cleansing the human ability to discover himself through journeying not with his body or mind, but with his spirit. These aspects of spirituality have either been completely ignored in pursuit of material ‘ideals’ perpetuated by state media or perverted by so-called ‘new age’ interpretation from those who have no knowledge of the innate nature of a human being, who fail to grasp even a basic concept of the Spirit World. Other systems of control also exist, specifically in the sphere of technology, which is now so heavily embedded within urban society. There can be no doubt that along with the development and expansion of the Internet, new forms of communication and interaction with the world around us has developed. No sooner have such technologies emerged, than government and corporate agencies have sought control over it.

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>claims to be a technology enthusiast
>uses Windows 10
>A closed OS with no configuration options and NSA/FBI spyware explicitly outlined in the terms of service
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>claims to be a technology board
>does nothing all day than discuss what OS other people use
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haha install gentoo ganoo loonax on your 20 year old thinkpad with pastel i3m anime waifu dank pape play anime soundtracks on your riced out ncmpcppcppncmpc++ while you shitpost about michaelsoft bindows 10 botnet with your riced out firefox fork wow such technology enthusiast so patrician haha wew lad absolutely CIA niggers

Is there a way to see hidden download links on forums that require to sign up, reply, put thumbs up or you know, stuff like that in order to see links
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Sure, you just sign up, reply, put thumbs up or you know, stuff like that.
what a qt
image saved

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