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>"What's with you faggots not starting new threads?" Edition.

>Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub (embed)

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Previous thread >>62288259
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I could use some good advice.
I personally love sound stage and good seperation, I love picking out all different instruments. I've never had open headphones, my roommates can be bitchy so I don't want them to hear anything.
So tell me /g/, do open headphones really leak that much? And if so, are there any closed or semi-open headphones that provide good sound stage and seperation? I would prefer something < 300$.
What exactly is the arrangement? If you have your own bedroom and will mostly be listening in there, open headphones should be fine. If this is a college dorm kinda situation then you'll probably wanna play it safe with closed.
Nah I have my own bedroom and most likely the door will be closed as well. My roommates could bitch at the very least bit of sound already though.
If open still seems quite ok, any recommendations?

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>almost every cheap laptop with a 1080p screen is also glossy
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>not buying glare protecter to keep you from being reminded how fat, ugly, and old you are getting

You are like babies.
It looks classier to cheapfags
>screen protector costs more than replacing the screen to a mate one
What did companies meant by this?

What's the best cloning software for hard drives?
Pic unrelated
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Librem5 crowdfund now has surpassed $200K
>what is that?
Librem 5 is a security focused phone.
I uses matrix services though you do also have the option of using a sim card
It will have hardware based killswitches so that you can cut off power to your baseband chip ,camera ,mic, etc.
That, aside from making it more secure also increases your battery life.
It also runs normal Linux instead of android(Though an port of lineage or replicant is not impossible).
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I've got nothing to hide
I've got nothing
except maybe your credit card info or your home address.All of which can be exposed through backdoors.

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My friend of 20 years is homeless and jobless, I want to be able to get ahold of him so I'm getting him a $10 Freedompop plan, I need to get him a cheap ATT smartphone too though.

Should I get him an iPhone 5/5c as everything else would lag like shit in the $75ish range?

Is the 5/5c still smooth?
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>Is the 5/5c still smooth?- 0 post shown.
I'm using one right now. Smooth as butter.
iPhones are for homosexuals which kinda makes sense since sucking cocks is frowned upon in normal human society. I wouldn't employ him for a penny an hour desu.
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Android is literally by gays for gays. Nickname for Android is Gaydroid inside of Google because so many gay ppl work on it. Stay mad, homophobe.

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So I've been using this pre-cracked/activated MS Office Pro Plus 2010 and it's worked all fine and dandy, until today I opened Word and it gave me this. Have they actually bothered to combat piracy, or is my computer acting up?

Have any of you seen this happen lately?
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Have you been installing any Windows updates?
Goddamn, this is /g/. Cracking this piece of proprietary software takes like 5 minutes and nobody will ever care.
Did you use KmSpico? If so it only works for 90 days before you need to use it again.

Then do it for op and upload it somewhere for him to download

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Am I too paranoid for refusing to provide my ID to book an AirBnB house?

Friends are pissed off. But I don't give a shit. Why should I provide a government issued ID to this website?
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>Why should I provide a government issued ID to this website?
It says it in the fucking image.
Get a fake id :^)
>normalfag wagecuck problems

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When did you stop programming for fun?
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When I got a job
I still program for ""fun""
What is "fun"?

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Or should i just do Primer?
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SICP -> Practical Common Lisp -> Haskell from first principles -> Type driven development with Idris
Youtube tutorials is the shit.
thenewboston is the shit

>comp sci class
>program in c
>o'reilly is recommended
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k&r is outdated
Who knows maybe it is better- k&r only 500 pages or so tho
I hope they're not making you read Practical C, which I can guarantee is absolute garbage.


Logitech has blessed us with a new trackball mouse. Thoughts, /g/?
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Too expansive
It's shit
Shit. It will destroy your thumb. Pic related doesn't have this problem.

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what cpu is this?
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A thread died for this
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Look how comfy the daily build of Ubuntu 17.10 is becoming. Ditching Unity was a great idea.
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but gnome sucks
install gentoo
How is wayland by default?

What's the situation for a Britbong programmer with 10 years exp like me who wants to move to Murrica and find work in the Valley?

Specifically thinking about the visa situation?

I'm thinking of visiting the country anyway as I have never been before and thought I might as well make it into a company-scouting exercise while I'm there. Please help, I don't want to have to ask the faggots on HN.
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Are you white?
fuck off we're full
Go fix your own country instead of flooding ours

redpill me on memephones
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The sound quality is shit. They're semi convenient. They fall out of your ears if you're running or exercising.
the only bluetooth headphones that work well. for some reason, no one else can make a decent set of BT phones.
>king nigger storing mutilated little white cocks

Why would an ad like this even be allowed? its a pretty disturbing subliminal message. What the fuck is going on at apple?

only a matter of time BLACKED becomes an official app on the dock.

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