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Speccy thread
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Just got a really good deal on 16GB of DDR3 RAM at Staples, of all places. Paid only $60 for two 8GB sticks of PNY DDR3-1600, which should serve just fine.
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on air

I have a question /g/

My brother really wants to study programming at the university. He loves computers and everythlng about computers. The problem is, he doesn't know how to program. I mean, he has some C/C# knowledge, put he couldn't practice much because of the heavy education system where we live. Can he learn how to program at the university?
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do read yes good put thing screen yes click yay!

Excuse me while I block this one ad
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Are you going to post this every single day?
Have you considered killing yourself for making all of these shit threads when you could be doing something productive?
are you going to stop giving him (you)'s and just report him?

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Have family over to visit for a few weeks. What's the easiest way to set up my PC so that I can give a user access to only what I want them to have access to? Basically how do I hide my porn, torrents, etc. with the least amount of effort?
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>not having VMs for suspect content
Forget gentoo. Install some sense.
Set up a guest account, you should be fine if you home folder in enrcyped
dual boot to a fresh install of windows

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Are programming languages easier for english-speakers?
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>he doesnt know
Clearly not Rhahitkummar
I think so.
Ableist af.

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ways i can make my techonology cuter? besides decals on hardware and cute girls in the wallpaper
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make a custom case speaker to make anime girl noises when your PC boots up
why don't you just hang a big sign around your neck asking girls to stay as far away as humanly possible.
Kawaii uguu sound effects~

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Seen these iBuypower PCs at BestBuy.
Anyone here got one?
Are they any good?
Am I better off building my own?

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It's black and red, and there's a lowercase "i" before the name, what more do you want?
They usually have garbage psu and motherboards. But sometimes you can price it competitively compared to building on your own.
For it to work?

Seen a Ryzen build and got me wondering.

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>4k 4k 4k
>ffoooouuuuurrr kaaaaayyy
Is your phone 4k yet /g/?
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>XZ Premium
Try again kiddo
my phone is 1440p and all its been is a massive battery drain.
4k on a phone must be even worse, can't charge the phone while you use it.
My phone has a screen DPI over 300, why would I need something denser pixel wise?

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I work a dead end programming job with no prospects of advancement maintaining 30+ years of technical debt. 8 or more hours of my day are logged to JIRA, 5 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year. If I go below 80% productivity, i'll be written up. If I don't nominate at least 1 person a month for employee of the quarter I get written up. If I'm more than a couple minutes past 8 AM, I'm written up.

I keep applying for new jobs, but they want years of experience with newer technologies. I build projects using those newer technologies and put them on GitHub, but unfortunately not a single fucking recruiter or hiring manager even looks at the fucking thing, they just look at my current role and responsibilities.

What the fuck should I do? I don't want to commit suicide, but I don't want to continue living either.
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Maybe you shouldn't have gotten a job doing something you hate.
I enjoy programming. What I don't like is maintaining legacy code and being micromanaged to death.
You just said you want to kill yourself because you hate writing code.

That's pretty extreme, memes aside.
If you really hate your life this much, drop out and move somewhere else and start again.
I hope you at least have some rainy day fund to fund your journey.

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>tfw you're obsessed with converting your entire life to be exactly like the people in Apple's marketing and advertising
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This is pretty much anyone who owns a macbook
Which is? Waiting in line and going to starbucks between releases?
Being a fit, rich upper middle class hipster. Also gay but I was gay already so...

Why are internet ads so shitty? Are they even trying to sell me something?
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"Sponsored content" aka cuckbait.
Nothing more enticing to click than the World's First Sexy Game Ever Made For Men Only.
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>seeing ads

Hey /g/. Where to download a clean Windows 7 Professional iso?
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Download x64 Ultimate.
Thanks anon. Long live Windows 7!

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So now that Moore's law is dead, how will it affect the economy? Doesn't a huge part of our economy depend on it?
I'm really worried about this

> Hurr Moore's law isn't dead
Yes it is. Educate yourself
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>Doesn't a huge part of our economy depend on it?
What the actual fuck are you talking about?

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The economy already invented planned obsolescence, your hardware will slow down coincidentially at the same time when the next iteration of your hardware comes out.
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This already happens to iPhone users.

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What should one look for when it comes to getting a monitor that does not rape your fucking eyes after long sessions.

Which types of panel is the best for your eyes? (TN, VA &Co or IPS &Co)

Which screen coating is best? Light, Medium or no coating (glossy)?
True 8/10 bit or x bit+FRC - does it matter when it comes to eyestrain?
What PPI/DPI is the most comfy? Are larger than 24" tiring for the eyes (big light source)?
Does gamma shift (TN/VA panels) matter? does it affect the human eye's ability to perceive the image?
Is PWM actually bad for your eyes or is " Flicker Free" just marketing crap?
Is IPS glow that bad when used in a dimly lit room?
How important is accurate color representation if you're not doing color critical work?
Is a high contrast ratio (>2000:1) good for your eyes or bad ?

So many useless consumer threads. How about shit that actually matters, your fucking eyesight.
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One that supports Night Light filters.
Most monitors have a low blue light feature nowadays. Plus theres RedShift/f.lux on the software side.
Sitting at a proper distance, having the brightness set correctly, and having the room brightly lit will all help. The type of monitor doesn't really matter.

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Name a better theme/icon pack combo.

Go ahead, I'll wait.
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Mac OS X dark theme / Mac OS X stock icon
Breeze + Papirus
adwaita + adwaita

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