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type* name;

type *name;

not allowed:
type * name;

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those of us with a clue have already moved on to superior
name type
>pass by value
yea no
type* name is the most logical. the type being declared is "pointer to type" so it makes sense to group them together. the second one is acceptable. the third one makes me want to vomit all over my keyboard.

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they are shit right?
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Humble give good deals, if you don't want to pay you can pirate
Why does this keep getting posted?
I don't believe people are actually this interested.
shill pls go
If I see these threads in the future I will link directly to downloads for the books.

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/mkg/ - nothing to shitpost about edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)

previous thread: >>61686302
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but seriously using the GENERIC ALPS KEYBOARD instead of the wintoddler keyboard, the wintoddler hurts my brain to type on, the keys are all in the wrong places
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i would hope so

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>still no 32 core deskop CPUs
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Fucking frogposters, I swear.
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Dual core ought to be enough for everyone.
i like frogposters

Is it bad if I'm having a hard time discerning Opus 192kb/s from lossless FLAC?

I'm testing with this 24-bit FLAC demo and I just can't really notice any significant difference for the life of me, especially one that would justify me personally using FLAC for anything other than archival.

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I uploaded the two files to mixtape.moe:

>Source FLAC

>Opus 192kb/s
Play 128kbps mp3 through my earbuds, can't tell difference from flac.
Burn cd from flac and cd from mp3, and play on a good stereo, your granny with a tin horn stuck in her ear can tell the difference.
Now delete this thread and leave /g/ forever.
>converting a gif to webm

fuck you, you fucking cocksucker.

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libopus 1.2.1
Jun 26, 2017

This Opus 1.2.1 minor release fixes a relatively rare issue where the 1.2 encoder would wrongly assume a signal to be bandlimited to 12 kHz and not encode frequencies between 12 and 20 kHz. This only happens on a few clips, but it is good to update to avoid a potential loss of quality.

There are no other changes compared to 1.2. Please report any problems.

Source code: opus-1.2.1.tar.gz

Update from the pretty newly released 1.2 to 1.2.1 to avoid killer samples /g/entoomen

Also It has been a while since your last backup,safeguard those waifu pics.
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flac doesn't have this problem.
Flac is lossless
FLAC is good for archival, but Opus is practically transparent at 192kb/s -- good for listening, and saving space and bandwidth. :)

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Is the "free software is communism/socialism" opinion the most overrated one on this board?

Heck, calling anything by the name of communism seems extremely overrated that I'm quickly getting sick of it.
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The narrative behind linux is pretty much communism
you can release something for free just for fun or you just don't care, or you can release something and start screaming that everything should be free
there are many freewares out there that are just free without spreading political agenda
considering that whenever free pops up on /g/ there's linux next to it, hence the frequency of communism
Pretty much no one is of that opinion. Anyone with half a brain realizes that companies are the driving force behind most open source software. The biggest contributors to Linux are Intel and Red Hat.
Much of the Free Software Foundation is openly pro Communism. People aren't completely wrong is making the connection between the two, though not all open source software is "free" software.

The notion that software shouldn't be harmful to users is a good one. Who wouldn't support that? Then you get down into what the FSF actually means by this, and you see that believe that you have to give up all property rights, you can't regard any of your creation as your own, and you're actually compelled to make it available to everyone else to use as they want, completely for free. The concept of Free software isn't against selling software, Stallman will tell you all day long that you can sell your product, but he still says in another breath that you need to make your code available to others for free.

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albino niggers are the worst

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It appears 90% of users here are kids who just installed their first linux distro and picked up a python the hard way pdf, are only interested in buying useless shit, call each other names, and generally don't know shit about science.

So is there an imageboard for polymaths like myself?
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If you have to ask, I doubt anyone here will invite you.
You need to go down the alt-chan rabbit hole to find a good board. I'll get you started. Do some lurking and you'll reach some of the best communities online.

I like that they have Ω and λ boards

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redpill me on let's encrypt
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Free SSL, what's not to like
Free *verified* SSL. You don't need a company's approval to use SSL, it's just a big scheme to rake in money.
Use it with HAproxy

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Shocking news today as it was revealed AMD's ThreadRipper CPU's will ship with only two of it's four dies active. The other two advertised dies are simply spacers so that the IHS can sit on the two active dies with equal pressure. What this means for performance is unclear at this point, but it is likely that ThreadRipper will not perform up to the standard of AMD's advertised spec.
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This is terrible and anti-consumer. Not only do AMD simply glue cores together, but they have attempted to deceive their customers into thinking TR is 4 dies when it is only 2.

I was thinking about buying TR, but after this news I'll be buying an Intel 7900X instead.
Nice try, Shlomo.

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>Harshit, a Kurukshetra resident and a student of Class-XII (IT) stream of GMSSS, had recently passed out. On July 29, Chandigarh Administration had announced that he had been hired by Google for a monthly training in graphic designing worth Rs 4 lakh. The announcement was widely reported in the media. Later, when queries were sent to Google, the announcement was found to be incorrect.

>The school principal and two teachers submitted their written statements to Brar on Wednesday. They also gave him a purported letter of appointment (that Harshit had shared with Deepkiran on WhatsApp), Harshit’s picture with politicians honouring him and his family in Kurukshetra and the web link through which he appeared in the online interview. The teachers also submitted a snapshot of Harshit’s Facebook page on which he has mentioned his location in California and workplace – Google.


>“Harshit got a phone call. We did not believe it at first. I kept telling him it could be a hoax. He shared the information with his school principal, who further released a press note, which led to media coverage, ” Bharti told Hindustan Times.


Poo in da loo thinks he got hired by Google and goes around telling his parents and school then it turns out to be a hoax so now hes in hospital on a hunger strike because he hasnt eaten in 2 days !!

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>Rs 4 lakh
Is that English?
>Rs 4 lakh

Currency. It's about $6000 USD

Thats some harsh shit.

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Do 'anonymous' bitcoin wallets exist?
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Yes, it's called the bitcoin wallet.
Oh the one that is registered to your hardware and tracked via blockchain?
Quit being dumb

>Apple invents something
>/g/ hates it
>Google copies it
>/g/ raves
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>inb4 I was only pretending to be retarded
fuck google.
For the record we hate both Jewgle and Aplel equally.

this fucking disapearing comment box glitch is pissing me off, already updated chrome last night, that didnt fix it its still happening

i know other anons repsonded to the thread saying it happened to them

which theme are you all using (should be tomorrow obviously)
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I've just ended up installing 4chan X

4chan x is autistic as fuck

i like the default layout also i have no problem with clicky-captcha i dont wanna fucking type shit
4chan x
it's literally better in every aspect
also redirects you to the archive if the thread is 404, same goes for pics (it's good when fag mods delete something high quality)

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