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>here's the fix ;)
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;( feels bad
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>just upgrade your graphics card

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can you tell me why is this piece of shit so fucking expensive?

bad hardware, shit outputs, awful peripherals

what is the point?
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For Apple to make money off of professionals who can have other people pay for their equipment. Also the wealthy consumers out there.
status symbol
>iMac 5K 2017
5K display + quad core CPU, 8GB of RAM and a dedicated video card which isn't really the best but the thing has multiple thunderbolt 3 ports.
>ANY 5K display on the market:
>1.2k+ USD
The 5K iMac is only a couple bucks more expensive (200~400 ish) and comes with everything.
It's a pretty good value actually, you're just retarded OP.

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My ASUS laptop with windows 10 kept giving blue screen and restarting itself, I was gonna format it but it gave blue screen again and now when I boot the laptop, the ASUS logo appears and after that it's just black screen. No mouse cursor or anything. What do I do?
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You crossed the line from stupid questions into pure tech support. We're not Geek Squad. Your problem could have many possible causes and needs troubleshooting.
I'm recording game footage now and have the bitrate set to 60 mbs. When does a higher bitrate not become a big deal at 1080p? I'm thinking of cutting my recordings to 30 mbs because 11 GB for 30 minutes of footage sucks to upload to jewtube.
The line varies depending on the use. Uploading to YouTube is one case where the line is very, very low. You could easily get away with 1/5 your current bitrate.

Try making some samples and see for yourself.

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Are you upset, anon? :^)

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Wtf am i doing wrong? i only hear random ass clicks and only hear an actual human voice when listen to 162.550
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also if i need to have tone, direction, X, Y and Z all perfect to ever hear another fucking soul.

Then it seems it would be impossible to scan and have everything perfect to find another human being
You know all those random threads where they give you a set of coordinates?

That was a ham radio.
The ones where one brave anon heads out to find the body or whatever.

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i'm the admin of a twitter bot that tweets when a happening thread gets posted on /pol/

currently a "happening thread" is defined by a few constant conditions: we compare a threads replies-per-minute to the current average replies-per-minute on /pol/, and if a threshold is passed and held for a certain amount of minutes, a happening tweet is triggered.

i'm planning on rewriting the bot's happening classifier to work with machine/deep learning.

i want to feed the bot a huge amount of historical board data and make it learn to recognize happening posts the second they get posted.

since a single post might contain too little data (it might be just a "IT'S HAPPENING" with a link to bbc), we need to go a step further and capture entire board constellations.

usually a happening will contain several threads about it, and we can use that constellation to train the classifier.

the features are thus gonna be board constellations and the labels will be threads that turned out to be happenings, which will probably still have to be defined as it currently is, i.e. high replies-per-minute for a long time.

anybody with basic experience in ML wanna join?
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this is an interested project, but since you're a fuckboy from /pol/ I will have no part of it.
*nods approvingly*

> the absolute state of chinkphones
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This is exactly why I carry my phone in my purse and never in my pocket
Unabomber legacy goes on:
- Hey, dumbfuck, you've got message.
- Boom! Just a prank, bro.

I have the opportunity to travel indefinitely. I'm thinking of spending ~2 months in each place.
Problem is, I have no one who wants to do this with me. I know no one, I'm completely alone. Living this lifestyle won't be as fun without a buddy.

How do I find someone who will accompany me?
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I'm here along for the ride. 22/m 5'8". Are we going on a Boat Trip?
Traveling alone is a great experience you should try at least once, it literally forces you to meet people

>current year
>he isn't using palemoon

What the heck are you waiting for?
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the next year
>not using google chrome canary
Its like you want to suffer
>>he isn't using palemoon

Funny, I'd say
>he's not using palemoon
I guess it's just choice.

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I ain't into this like y'all so I really need some insight. Is this a good build? any improvements needed without wasting that much more money?

Also, I know this build is kinda outdated but imagine we are in 2012
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What the fuck are you even doing?
A 3rd generation intel ?????
At 235 bucks ????
Are u retarded anon

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Why does Google need all these permissions to add 2+2?
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Just uninstall Assistant
It's for using assistant. Why not just use the calculator app anon?
My iPod Shuffle from 2010, barely bigger than two CMOS batteries, had voice control with no internet integration. Pretending you need "muh cloud" for basic speech to text is a fraud.

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I guess I'll start one of these. Can we get some O'RLY books in here?
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good place to learn programming:
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Privacy plugins thread? I've done about:config and changed my settings there but I'm looking for some additional plugins for privacy. I'm currently using Ublock, Privacy Badger, and Https everywhere. Problem is Privacy Badger, and Ublock break 4chan for me. What plugins should I use instead?
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Are you using ublock or ublock origin?
ublock is outdated and broken now
ublock origin
i only use ublock origin. no need for badger thing. just remove it

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Since /g/ is filled with Intel/AMD shilling and shitposting lately, let's try something a bit different.

Friendly /hedt/ thread. What kind of setup do you have (or plan to build) and what kind of work do you typically do with it?
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I'm looking to build a system that allows Linux host, Windows guest with GPU passthrough.

That would be pretty sweet. Would need 8 cores, 16Gb RAM (minimum) and a GPU for both Linux and Windows.

It's a minefield of information though to find what I need.
Nobody needs moer than 4 cores, don't pretend you do because you fucking don't, you're just shilling to make AMD's crap relevant when it's just crap for general and normal work 99.99% people do.
Then why does Intel make 6 core i5s in next generation?

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can I have 4TB of disk space in this thing?
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ask your local tech support


fuck that's great, lad

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