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how do i extract apk files from android phone?

you know how you can download apk files from sites like https://www.apkmirror.com/

im kind of paronid about this kind of thing and on my blackberry passport in order to run android apps i need to sideload apks. I dont want to download some sketchy apps through sites like https://www.apkmirror.com/. I have an old android phone with all the apps i want to transfer. how do i extract the apps from my old android phone into apk files so i can install to my blackberry passport. My passport is rooted as well
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Buy a license of WinRAR and read the included HTML help file
Sd maid does this
Lucky patcher

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Anyone runs Win7 on X299 ?
I've built a new machine and I need to decide between 7 or 10 LTSB.
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ltsb or standard enterprise

you may play a dx12 game in the future
me on the right
LTSB all the way

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>New snapdragon beats an AX processor in benchmark
>APPLE BTFO I need this for my 1080p 10 bit anime on my phone

>New A11 literally blows every snapdragon out of the water, and likely even the next snapdragon
>Still has better battery life than the iPhone 7
>W-why do you need that much for facebook?

Every single time
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>10 bit
fuck off underage
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>W-why do you need that much for facebook?

>B-because Apple Botnet

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/g/ I'm trying to modify the user-agent header on my browser so on thismachine.info it doesn't show up with my real browser and OS.

I'm too much of a retard to figure it out myself, so I was wondering if anyone knew a website that listed examples that I could just copy and paste? There's one I used to use years ago but I can't find it anywhere.

Or else could someone give me a shitty random generic one like
>using google chrome
>on windows 10

thanks fa/g/gots
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>download user agent spoofing extension
>put in le data
>tip le fedora
>install le windows 10 updates
>remember to stop using le >le ironically
>kill self
liek cumment and skrubskribe

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What does /g/ think of Bing?
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Nice backgrounds, shitty browser
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Good for finding porn videos cuz google filters shit out.

Overly verbose shit that runs like PUBLIC STATIC VOID FINAL molasses and eats memory like it was nothing. Enterprisey af.
Fast and powerful but responsible for all the fucking security breaches because of shitty coders
Like C, but slower and with more Microsoft
All the fun of C with all the bureaucracy of Java. Get used to typing "if err :=" because you'll need it every other fucking line.
>Ruby / NodeJS
Web meme language that's slowly dying
Respectable, ubiquitous, but too fucking slow. No real multithreading because muh gil
A write only language
>Lisp (Common) / Guile
GNU meme language
>Erlang / Haskell
Neckbeard language that's not used for anything in the real world

All languages suck, especially yours. Prove me wrong.
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You forgot to mention that the mascot for GO is cute
what the fuck are you trying to say anon? C is the only language worth learning?
Funny how you skipped over C++. Also, if you're gonna cover meme languages, why not Rust?

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My college course won't let us pass if we don't write a "academic report" about building a computer and benchmarking it. How do you write academic reports about this shit? Fucking college is getting more and more ridiculous.
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Ask your professor about the required specifications of the report.
>My college course won't let us pass if we don't write a "academic report" about building a computer and benchmarking it.
What degree is this for? This sounds completely retarded.
What kind college for whizkids are you going into?

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I want turn this old shitphone into a free as in freedom GNU/Phone. I googled everything and turns out there is no way to install lineage nor replicant on it. Similar phones have installs for them but they are from pajeet sites that require you to answer a quiz before downloading installation files so they look sketchy as fuck. Can google spy on me on this thing? It is a Lenovo a369 with android 2.3.6 or something on it.
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Flash your own bootloader on it
Just TRASH it, its old and useless as fuck, get a cheap droid phone

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Why aren't you writing your code in Java or JS right now /g/?
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I defecate in a toilet.
Because I'm not at work.
Because JS is not Java

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What the hell makes W10 so bad at updating?

I have never seen XP or 7 require restarts or take so long on updating. It is fucking borderline unusable. What the fuck went wrong /g/?

And before anyone says it, I use my Chromebook with crouton as my main general purpose PC, only my gaymen desktop has Windows.
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>I have never seen XP or 7 require restarts or take so long on updating.
Checked her channel, that bitch is whining about adblockers now
>What the hell makes W10 so bad at updating?
According to you.

All everyone else is bitching about is the forced restarts, which you can easily prevent by restarting as soon as an update is installed.
Mine installs updates pretty fast. Maybe you shouldn't install all those shitty programs that slow down your system.

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Why is the android life so difficult ? Now I'm stuck with a shitty outdated and prone to virus attacks marshmallow OS. I'm on marshallow since fucking 2015
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Want good root/xposed support? Get a phone with good LineageOS support or don't even bother.
LineageOS doesn't support xposed you fucking nigger

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>New amazing iPhone X is here!
>Swipes, am I rite?
>Just swipe up to get to the homescreen, bro!
>Physical buttons are so $CURRENT_YEAR - 1
>So intuitive and fluid ohmigosh
>So innovative, too! Apple is reinventing the way people use a phone!
>That's a completely fresh idea, nobody else has done it befo--
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N9 was great, but I always find it funny how in the actual phone the bottom row of icons didnt just about fit and were cut off slightly, but they modify it for all the promo photos.
And yeah, all this bullshit about OLED displays finally being good enough for iphone...
N9 was so based
>Always on display with notifications and shit years before SGS7
>Double tap to wake years before LG
>Dual LED flash years before it really took off
>Top-tier AMOLED display
>OS that was truly polished and intuitive to use, iOS and Android at that time was nowhere close.
>Gesture based navigation years before iPhone
though tbf palm OS was first with the swipes

I miss my N9 dearly. I wish it was viable in 2011+6
Fuck Elop and microshit for destroying Nokia.

>Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Previous thread >>62394003
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Idol trash here.
What's your setup like, Anon?
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what's the thinkpad of headphones?
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Hello, requesting advice

100 USD max

Mexico City

Plugging them into my computer/speakers, normal headphone jack will do

>Type of headphone

>Open or closed
Closed, although no strong preference there.

>Comfort level
They should be comfortable for extended periods of use (several hours), although ideally not sacrificing too much sound quality.
Note: I have a somewhat large head, so this might be something to take into consideration.

>Sound signature
Probably neutral, I don't think I'd like to modify the incoming sound if I'm not knowledgeable in that stuff. if anything, maybe I'd take bassy as well.

>Past headphones
Panasonic RP-HTF600, I liked the comfort level but disliked the build quality (size adjusters broke fairly quickly without any significant force applied, had to just duct tape them to my desired size). Audio quality was okay but nothing impressive. I also previously owned very low-end Sennheisers, but I don't remember the model.

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Can anyone suggest where I learn javascript beyond the basics. I've gone through tutorials like these on codecademy but I can't find organized tutorials for the advanced stuff.
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If you aren't a NEET buy some courses on discount at Udemy (around 10$ on discount). The teachers are professional and answer questions in the comment section. Don't buy anything from Anthony Aliciea or whatever he is called. He is a hack and teaches like shit.
You read "JavaScript: The Good Parts."

It's very preachy, but it's the first step to advance from novice JavaScript programmer.

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>I worked hard to have my name written in the sudoers file
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I have two tamagotchis.
I don't program for a living, but still learned how to do it anyways for fun
I can install Gentoo.

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