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What port is this between the FireWire and ethernet?
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Mini displayport.
Display port.
The Stargate

Since too many people use Firefox bc they think it's safer (this is false if you don't tweak) I'll recommend what you should do in about:config

beacon.enabled to false
media.peerconnection.enabled to false
loop.enabled to false
toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled to false
toolkit.telemetry.enabled to false
toolkit.telemetry.unified to false
datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled to false
datareporting.policy.dataSubmissionEnabled to false
browser.send_pings - false
browser.send_pings.require_same_host - to true
toolkit.telemetry.server - delete
browser.selfsupport.url - delete address or replace with '' '''
network.prefetch-next - to true
webgl.disabled - to true
dom.battery.enabled - to false
network.prefetch-next - false
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled - to false
browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.enabled - to false
browser.safebrowsing.enabled - to false
browser.safebrowsing.maleware.enabled - to false
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google will still track you by the searches you do
facebook the same

everyone will. your ISP knows what you searched for.

we will find you disgusting pedo privacy nutbags and we will hang you
Taking security advice from an anon on an anonymous forum.
Ahhhh... yesss...
>webgl.disabled - to true

I've been running Gentoo on my home server for the past three years now but recently have been considering moving to a variant of BSD. What would you guys recommend? I'm looking for something that is lightweight, prioritizes security, and supports virtualization.
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Windows Server 2016.
I'm looking for a Unix/-like environment but thanks for the input.
>recently have been considering moving to a variant of BSD
Why tho? What's wrong with Gentoo or other Linux distro?
I mean, if you want to feel "special" then go ahead install OpenBSD, but if you want to actually do things, stick with Linux.

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Firefox policy is transpare-

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I'm not getting any google related activity on my addons page with 54.0.

All the requests come from mozilla.net and mozilla.org.

Another reason to use adblockers.
ublock origin won't be able to stop that in Firefox 57

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What is the best virtual burner? DAEMON makes you pay for it now, unless an older version has a non-paywall for it. TotalMounter has ads that pop up every 10 seconds that makes the same noise as if you are clicking through files. I'm at a bit of a roadblock here.
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piratebay - alcohol 120%
Burner? I guess you just want a cd drive emulator:
imgburn you fucking tards

also post in an existing thread you dumb cunt >>>/g/sqt

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I desperately need your help /g/

After many years my trusty MX518 is finally going out of commission. But I need an equally good mouse at a similar pricepoint.

What is the MX518 of the current day?
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says right there in your picture
>I can't read
But is it actually as good as the MX518 is? I know Logitech has been bullshitting around a lot, so I can't blindly trust that a newer version is actually any good.

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What do you guys recommend on computer desk? I'm leaning towards Ikea but I want a second opinion. What type of desks do you have?
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That looks, comfy.
I'm thinking about doing a countertop desk with one of these Ikea countertops and a bunch of their legs.

Anyone have experience with such a thing?


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>shit hair
>dad 30 year old t-shirt
>meals were cheeseburgers, coke and donuts
>spent the weekends creating new software, hacking public phones and sharing hacker code
>didn't care about racism, didn't want jews to control software
>wrote code on free time to distribute freely on university to fuck up with corporations

>working for google to shut down free speech is ultimate desire
>can't write a single line without baby software
>think twitter is a sign of evolving civilization
>starbucks and gluten-free vegan meals
>spend weekends sharing Soros funded organization material to fight racism
>Would work to jews for free if that helps destroy patriarchy
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maybe mods won't delete this one eh tourist
>supporting censorship of stuff that triggers you

>everyone was doing Java (regular software) or C/C++ (tech industries)
>to get a job you need to work overtime and slave to some people in suits
>hackers were either lefties, anarchists or just individualistic techies

>many high quality languages and frameworks, you can work with almost every language you like
>work-life balance is a thing, companies give you money to do sports and free meals for long- time motivation
>hackers are either muslims, fascists or work for some gobberment

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1500884736264 (1).jpg
2MB, 4032x3024px
Jej, stay pleb
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why in the world do you need 3 laptops? not even a poorfag genuinely curious
i've got four laptops and five desktops or some shit now

it's nothing special
>one as desktop replacement
>one to work on the go
>one to shitpost everywhere i go

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What's with the linux circlejerk here? Windows seems perfectly fine to me.
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are you on dial-up? updates are pretty quick for me
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Better question:

What's with all the Windows shill threads that all popped up at once?

Did r/windows10 stage an invasion and no one spoke up?
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Are Maxnomic worth it?

All these cheap chairs on Amazon look fucking shit; I get the idea that you get what you pay for.
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Look for second hand ergonomic chairs that failing businesses have to sell
>Look for second hand ergonomic chairs that failing businesses have to sell

I want something new and sexy

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Should I learn Perl?
All the flavour of the month frameworks except node.JS seem to be dropping dead, but Perl seems to have weathered the wear better than even PHP.
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For text processing it's unbeatable. I don't use it for very much other than that anymore, though.
well perl is not a flavor of the month framework but it's an old language that was beaten by python because perl code is understandable
No, it's an unmaintainable mess.
I mean, it's so bad and outdated its author started a complete rewrite 17 years ago.

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I really, really miss PDAs /g/.

Why am I not allowed to have a pocketable Windows Computer WITH A FUCKING STYLUS.


I miss the 100k++ apps built specifically for that platform.

I miss the courage developers had for pushing the desktop experience onto such a small screen.

Today they don't fucking do that. You stupid fucking app developers, yeah, you are stupid, stupid low IQ pajeets who can't write code worth shit don't know what it was like 10 years ago.

If I saw snapchat 10 years ago, and was told that that would be the future of mobile software development, and that their company was at one point worth $20 billion, I would've offed myself.

pic related. it was Microsoft porting full blown Windows 7 to a phone. can't run their x86 emulation project because Jewtel won't allow it.
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this is now a pda/pocket pc thread.
hey, remember when even Windows Mobile phones ran android before android even came out?
just get a galaxy note you dumb shit.

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Im a guy who doesnt know alot about linux or computers at all, which distro should i choose to get started?

it should maybe also be able to play a few steam games :)
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fuck off, we're full
Ubuntu is probably your best bet. Either xubuntu or Unity will be fine for you.
lurk more


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This guy goes to your GitHub and makes fun of your code.

What do?
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Make fun of him for taking a break from his zero-effort richfag life to make fun of me.
Tell him I can't reverse a binary tree
At least I am not a Jew.

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