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>/g/ rightfully hates consumerism and brand fanboyism
>refuses to use anything but ThinkPads™ and swears by GNU/Linux™
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>I take memes literally
>/g/ is a monolith
theres a difference between liking a brand because of quality products and liking it for itself.
I will gladly abandon my chinkpad and Gahnoo plus Linux when a more repairable laptop and more powerful and free OS become available.

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So this is the power of /degoogle general/

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smells like falseflagging
Hello bot.
Good. Free speech doesn't include poison like communism, commies don't enjoy rights, they hang.

>decide to replace 14 year old cheap chink modem
>buy brand new Asus dsl modem/router
>can't even detect to my dsl line

What's a good, reliable, secure dsl modem/router?
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I have no clue, send me in the right direction, buddies
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most police stations and even government agencies offer free training courses but they come with a ~1 year commitment to being a volunteer analyst. If you can deal with the like 10 hours a week you need to spend to fulfill you can just call them and tell them you'd really like to be a hacker, mention that for example you're trying to break into a neighbors wifi or something (but be funny about it lol) and they have tons of courses avail! H4ppy h4ck1ng :D
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something about admiting a felony to the police doesn't seem right, friend
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Anons right. That's what I did and I'm now a hacker for nasa wifi. They pay me to try to hack their wifi and what not. If you go some where just say you want to hack nasa at a government building they will help. Trust me.

Guys, I got this issue with my cellphone guys, I bought an Xperia E5, I will be direct, the mic is not working if the cellphone is in normal use, but it works while I am on speaker
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So I currently have a lenovo ideapad 500 acz with a failing power jack. It is a DC30100UR00 cable and its pretty hard to find. So I'm wondering if it would work the same if I install a different model but with the same kind of port. What can you tell me?
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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>62183195
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>build quality
Post your headphones anons

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I know a lot of lains lurk /g/ so can anyone tell me what the fuck is happening at lainchan.jp? kalyx and a bunch of mods and admins got fired and they merged with that weeb suicide cult Systemspace and some Russki cyberpunk imageboard from tor.

>checks FAQ
>literally 75% of the entire fucking staff gone
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lmao that didnt last long
Is .jp or .org the shitty one?

Anyway the boards seem dead and are just 4chan clones anyway. Can someone come up with a more unique simple image board solution that isn't a full blown social network?

Not every single new board needs a /random/ board and other garbage
You need a garbage bin to keep the retards in

can anyone give me a link to that one /g/entooman's site that streaming anime music in flac ?
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No fuck you

Can you guys help me fix a black screen after updating windows 10 with uxstyle?

I fucked up!

Is there a way to change the theme through task manager? Running a new task or something.
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install gentoo
Start PC and press F8, if nothing happens and it tries to boot normally then keep shutting down the PC by holding the power button. Keep rebooting until you get to the automatic repair, then you can access a list of options to help repair your PC.

Use the command prompt option and then run explorer.exe from your main hard drive. Navigate to the UXStyle patch that ruined your system and rename it to sethc.exe . Rename sethc.exe in the System32 folder and place the UXStyles in it. Reboot the PC and at the login screen press shift 5 times and then the installer for UXStyles will appear, simply uninstall it and then reboot your system. Delete UXStyles from system32 and rename the original sticky keys to sethc.exe

t. person who didn't listen to the warnings that uxstyles would not work on creators update and did it anyway, then had to fix it with 0 help

How does /g/ feel about the agile methodology? Do you use it at your work? Do you think it's good for developing software? Personally I find it gimmicky as fuck
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In this thread we discuss PCIE passthrough on a Linux host.

If you've been doing this for some time, how good has performance been/ how stable is the virtual machine? Any particular hardware combinations that you've had luck with? What distributions do you use?

I'm hoping to get this type of system up and running by the end of the month. Currently waiting on funds for a second GPU. Plan is to run Fedora as my Linux host with another ssd for windows.
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Bumping for interest
Pooooooo in the...awe ok I've got two 980ti's and id like to hear more as well about someone that's done this
I got it working using
I7 3820,
Amd HD 7770(host)
Nvidia GTX 970(guest)

The two biggest problem i ran into was audio, and keyboard/mouse.

Audio out of the hdmi on the video card was slow and glitchy. I ended up using a usb sound card 10$.

I was using a software for keyboard/mouse over network. When windows would UAC, or programs ran as admin, it would freeze the k/b and mouse.

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>dude just build it yourself XD lmao
>dude just use Wix lmao
>dude Wordpress lmao
>dude the OTHER Wordpress lmao
>dude squarespace lmao

Every single option is a fucking money racket, why is writing a site and seeing the results previewed beside it not possible? I just want to learn and build FFS
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Sorry you're retarded anon.


>dude just build a victorian XD lmao
>dude just buy your own furniture lmao
>dude pools lmao
>dude the OTHER pool manufacture lmao
>dude construction lmao

Web design is literally your imagination. Use the framework that allows you to express your vision in the most practical form.

And using WordPress isn't web dev. It's literally pajeet-tier skiddy shit.

Also use Python Flask.

Modern web CMSes (wordpress, drupal, joomla) are unauthenticated remote shells with blogging capabilities.
That's my point, what are you left to do aside from buy a fucking server and shell out to self host?

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>when someone tries to talk to me about the new hip language of the week
>when I see it posted on /g/ too
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I learn to code just so I can get one day a comfy job that I also could do from home.

I don't love coding but dont hate it either.

How good do I have to be to become a small code monkey to earn a living?
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Practice makes the master. Whenever you ever feel really tired in the future, take a long vacation, don't skip it.
Thanks for the advice

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