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The guy who put this piece of shit laptop together should have his head smashed in, the wifi keeps failing every fucking minute. WTF were they thinking. I wish i could afford a trip to China and smash this laptop on the CEO's head.
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>if i could afford a trip
if you cant afford a trip to china then you can't afford a nice laptop either
I have that laptop and it just works. I hope you're not using Linux.
Should've bought a thinkpad senpai

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I got the $850 dell inspiron 7000 gaming. It has a i5 quad core,256 gb ssd and a 1050ti. I bundled it with a mx anywhere for $40 off and had a $100 student discount. I threw a $90 2 tb firecuda drive in and now I have a solid gaming laptop and price matched a red ps4 controller for $40.
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just buy a thinkpad and save money for a gaymen dektop; gaymen laptops are useless
Is this what Dell clandestine marketing looks like?
>gaymin in laptops
>take his laptop to gayme on his class
>complains about failing classes
American education

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>Get drunk
>Suddenly have an urge to purchase expensive electronics
How do I stop buying too many storage devices /g/?
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Install Gentoo.
But why would you want to stop buying more storage..?
Donate to a charity you cunt

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What are the disadvantages of a hard drive with helium compared to air?
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The rotational velocidensity is reduced afaik
less air friction = manufacturer able to squeeze more platters into there, increasing effective storage space

also this >>61747068
reducing rotational velocidensity has a nice impact on the music you store on the drive.
You're computer will be slightly easier to lift.

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100 bucks on amazon. What do i get /g/
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A rope and hang yourself
a gun to shoot yourself
Das capital

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Have you ever gotten anything tech related from a pricing error?
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Yeah, bought 25 PS4's @ 65 euro 1.5 years ago. Had to go to court because retailer was being a tard, but wurf in the end
Did you still got your ps4s or did they took it?
Paid for one HDD and got two, once. 2 x 300GB Maxtor disks with IDE back in the day.
Also, the people in the USA scamming Dell out of U2414Q or whatever they're called. Have those two 24" 4k screens on my desk as main screens still, good stuff.

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If I can get a 1800x for what everybody and their grandma is charging for a 1700x, would you guys still suggest going for the 1700x?
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Might as well get the 1800X if you can get it for the same price as a 1700X.

Are meshnets the future of the net? Where it's basically p2p and not subject to government interference.

Idea seems schway as fuck.
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It'll probably be blockchain based(ie you pay to deliver packets the more you pay the greater the speed), I wouldnt mind since it would be cheap af.
a blockchain system depends on free flow of data to function. if data transfer is itself a scarce resource, it will break down.
go back to your lain circlejerk

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You are one EMP blast away from everything you hold dear being taken away from you. How do you feel about that?
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Civilization is one giant meteor impact away from certain doom.
If an EMP occurs next to my house I will have bigger problems than saving my animu collection
Why hasn't this happened yet? Is it really that hard to create an emp? I guess it's to smart. For mudslime terrorists

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Best way to clean my mechanical keyboard?
Please help guys, I'd like my beautiful keyboard to look like new.
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help a bro out
take the caps off. individually clean them and lay them out in qwerty layout on a table. clean you board and then put em back on.
>cleaning your keyboard
enjoy your weakened immune system

/g/, build me a full desktop tower

running currently i5-4690k,16Go ram, sitting most of the time at 75% load.

budget 2500$, no monitor
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Fuck you
>sitting most of the time at 75% load
Get a Ryzen 5 or 7, it sounds like you really need it.

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Why are HDD manufacturers super autistic? Why can't they make drives that don't fucking die? Every brand is shit, Seagate is the worst, WD is the second worst, HGST used to be good until WD bought the company and Toshiba is pure fucking shit.

Why can't one manufacturer make one drive that doesn't die? How fucking hard can it be? You don't hear often that motherboards die, you don't hear often that SSDs die, you dont' hear often that GPUs die, you don't hear often that CPUs die. SO WHY DO DRIVES DIE SO FUCKING OFTEN? WHY ARE THERE 9000000 MODELS OF THE SAME FUCKING THING?

Seriously, HDD manufacturers are autistic and it's a fucking monopoly.
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>you don't hear often that SSDs die
>you dont' hear often that GPUs die

>and it's a fucking monopoly
How can it be a monopoly if theres dozens of manufacturers and SSDs as an alternative to HDDs????
because HDD technology is not that great, moving parts will wear out and break eventually
A """common""" issue for GPUs is their coil whine, which is not the same as the component dying by itself you fucking retarded worthless ape. Do you work for a HDD manufacturer? Come out clean you shill.

>SSDS dying, ever
Okay you're a HDD manufacturer.

>How can it be a monopoly if theres dozens of manufacturers and SSDs as an alternative to HDDs????
Because you and your people work together under different names. A very common Jewish scheme is divide and conquer. Google it.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61738037
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0th for javascript
C++ is a cancer that plagued the software industry with brainlets that
1. Are too dumb for C and actual memory management
2. Too much in denial that they are brainlets and be much better off with garbage like Java
Continue shitting on C++ Pajeets ITT


>People laughed when ThyssenKrupp, a company synonymous with elevators, announced it was developing one that goes every which way. Who'd ever heard of such a thing? Everyone knows elevators go just two directions: Up and down. Some took to calling it the Wonkavator, after Willy Wonka’s wacky lift that goes sideways, slantways, and longways.
>"There were some doubts," company CEO Patrick Bass says with just a bit of understatement.
>Put aside your doubts. After three years of work, the company is testing the Multi in a German tower and finalizing the safety certification. This crazy contraption zooms up, down, left, right, and diagonally. ThyssenKrupp just sold the first Multi to a residential building under construction in Berlin, and expects to sell them to other developers soon.

>Multi ditches the cables that suspend conventional elevator cars in favor of magnetic levitation, the same technology used in high-speed trains and the proposed HyperLoop. Strong magnets on every Multi car work with a magnetized coil running along the elevator hoistway’s guide rails to make the cars float. >Turning these coils on and off creates magnetic fields strong enough to pull the car in various directions.
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>You can see why developers might be eager to install such a thing in their megabuildings. But the real selling point lies in Multi's ability to facilitate far more elaborate or complex buildings. Until now, architects have had to design around the elevator shafts, which can comprise 40 percent of a building's core. Multi could allow them to install elevators almost anywhere, including the perimeter.
>Bass sees a day when buildings are less self-contained, and more connected to the surrounding city. “You'll no longer see this hard division between how you get to a building and how you are transported within a building,” he says. You'll still go up and down, but also sideways, slantways, and longways.

tl;dr me, does it still only move on a 2D plane or can you actually install 3D rails? Because >>61746394 only shows a 2D layout
This technology should enable architects to create more futuristic and challenging building designs since the elevator shaft has always been the limiting factor in non conventional buildings. Not to mention elevator pully systems occupy 40 percent of skyscrapers space . This is an important innovation, and the most significant step towards creating more interconnected urban centres. Just imagine hoping on to one these elevators from your cyberpunk condo and in a few minutes, you're at a train station.

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Will GPU prices ever come down again?

I feel like even with mining-specific cards the retailers won't reduce prices because of the demand.
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bumping for hope
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incoming miners.jpg
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No, crypto-rape is the new normal. Welcome your new mining overlords.
Are there any specific GPUs used by miners?

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