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Raven Ridge when?

I want to build a media center where I can also play some games, Zen + Vega seems like a good combo.
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Desktop APUs won't be here until next year. A12-9800 Stoney Ridge is all we're getting this year.

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>his ram isnt overclocked to at least 2400mhz

enjoy your gimped system
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Serious question: how is increased RAM frequency noticeable?
ey bb that cute anime girl face made my penis hard
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>bought 3200DDR4 ram
>mobo cant go over 2200mhz

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Always wanted to get into cybersecurity so I'm starting classes on Monday. I'm decent at coding and know plenty about computers but I know next to nothing about networks. Anyone else who's taken these classes have any tips? What should I expect?
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So did google effectively steal the daily stormer domain name? Is that legal?
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stop spamming new threads, nigger
They are operatives for Google. Controlled opposition.

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Speccy thread!! :^)
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Shitty comps 4 lyfe
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Got the temps under control. Might try to grab a 1050 TI low profile but that comes with power issues. Either case modification or CPU undervolting. Probably more trouble than it's worth. Everything here runs under 235W full load.
Get a GT 1030.

hello nerds

does anyone i have a guide to protecting my information online (passwords, etc.) for idiots such as myself

vpns, password managers, whatever you use or should use
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hey fags wassup

use https sites and remember all your passwords in your brain

we're not /g/ - tech advice faggot
fuck off

should I be using an hdmi cable or mini displayport? I've heard conflicting opinions.
this is my monitor
DELL U2415 ([email protected])
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I hear DisplayPort is superior as a spec. I doubt it'll matter for you.
displayport if you want 144 fps. HDMI can only goto to 60.
I believe with that low of specs, it doesnt matter

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What the fuck is the point when 90% of the eepsites are down?
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>using the addressbook
seriously don't use it it's full of dead links
or use inr.i2p's alive list
Aren't old sites pruned? There are some that haven't been seen since 2015...
some since 2008 even
squatting is common because people come back to i2p after long periods of being offline.

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Welcome to 1984
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Have you ever seen the people who run snopes? They look like they haven't bathed in a year and take turns raping their cat.
2bh if a rich Jew offered me $500k to piss off nazis, I'd take it.
and yet they are a useful tool for democracy according to mozilla globalists

I have a server, Don't know what to use it for. Looking for something profitable.
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Host a video game server. Hope you have a good ISP.
murder for hire site on tor.
no for real people will actually give you bitcoins and you don't have to do anything.
Already did game servers, Too many out there.

Is what they say true, is 4GB really not enough for some people?
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You obviously don't do anything productive on your machine if 4gb is enough to run your work load
Anything primarily text based would fit fine. Novelists, lawyers, medical file keeping, NAS systems, are none of those use cases "productive" to you? I assume by "productive" then you just mean video editing.
Gaming, watching anime and doing some random "look at me I'm a power user!" thing is not what I would call productive.

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This shit has always given me issues. Now I can't collapse it all the way to the left to make it disappear.
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Classic Shell.

Doesn't cause issues with Windows 10?
Nope. I use it.

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I have a soldering iron, wires, cutters, know how to do soldering and wiring work. Know resistors and shit, but I have no fucking idea of what shit I could make.

Does anyone have any suggestions on going deeper into electronics then just repairing shit you own?
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build this shit
Start making radio equipment. Transmitters, receivers, detectors, etc.
I doubt anon has hundreds of $$$ they want to burn on a TB303 clone.
That being said, I've wanted to build one of these for months, planning on buying the kit a couple paychecks from now.

So I cracked the screen glass on my Oneplus One a week ago. The screen itself still seems to work, but is inaccessible due to the cracked glass.

Do I need to buy an entire glass+display replacement? Or can I just buy the replacement glass?

Never done anything like this before, so I appreciate it /g/.
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In Shenzhen, maybe. But here you're going to have to buy the display bonded to the glass.
Great, I mean I can buy the glass+digitizer for ~$35 or the glass for $7. There's no way to bond it myself?
lmao kys cuck

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>Redo is mapped to ctrl+shift+z instead of ctrl+y
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>Redo is mapped to ctrl+y instead of ctrl+shift+z
Copy and paste mapped to Alt+C and Alt+V
name one program that does this

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