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just wait
literally what
wtf slash gee

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Could Weaponizing Net Neutrality really stop the Content Provider mass purge? How would we even do this?

Vid related: https://youtu.be/le2R2Ps58pQ
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Why the fuck would we want to weaponize it? Also fuck off /pol/lack.
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0.14 bitcoin deposited into your account
Where did /pol/ come from this? Wtf are you talking about?

How can I change the icon back to this?
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Be Brave, Faggot
For real though, this shit is going smooth as hell.
But I STILL need the aesthetic icon.
Time travel.

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1. My rig is more expensive and more powerful than your rig.

2. My rig has more cool lights than your rig.

Thank you for your time. These points are non-negotiable.
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nice reflection fatass
you do realise people here use shit like quadro cards right? quite a few people already posted their threadripper cpus. you with your mom's money aren't compared shit to them
your body also has more fat than mine does, go have a fucking heart attack, lardass

Does anyone here have any experience with the Kardex Logitools web administration tool for Kardex Remstar storage systems?
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Sounds totally proprietary.
Yep. We have these expnesive pieces of shit at my job and they add the material information by hand. I really just want to upload a csv file with all the information to it and be done with it.
I worked with those, never managed them tho. I remember the security sensors being a real bitch

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>setup a virtual machine with a vpn
>download malware
>sniff the network packets
>extract the login details
>gain access to thousands of megabytes of keylogger data

Where do i report this kind of shit to get the motherfuckers in jail /g/
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>thousands of megabytes
fuck off snitch
>download malware
>sniff the network packets
>extract the login details
>gain access to thousands of megabytes of keylogger data


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I bought some cheap PC speakers which are bit too bassy. Could I put in a capacitor to cut down the bass?
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Just EQ it down.

Nah, I want to do it at the speaker level.

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I'm often afraid to tell others that I ask questions on Stack Overflow. A good programmer should be able to solve the problems by searching for solutions independently, right? I feel like if someone knows I ask questions on Stack Overflow, it could leave a bad impression that I need somebody to help instead of being able to solve the problem independently. Is that true?
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Maybe if you're a turbo autist. It is perfrctly reasonable to ask a question for the rest of the world. In fact, asking questions and starting helpful dialogue is even better than powering through something until you get it.
it depends what kind of questions

if it's easy shit then you're bad

but sometimes it saves a lot of time when you're working with something arcane or poorly documented

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>intel BTFO Ryzen GOAT
5 minutes later
>fucking jewtel, the CPU market desperately needs competition
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Who are you quoting?

No, not another gaymen CPU thread.

Anyone here uses raspberry pi for home automation?

I am thinking about buying it and slapping some relays on it, so i can control stuff like lights and speakers. But i am not sure if it's worth it, since the old light switches are pretty fucking convenient.

So, anyone using it and feeling like it is a massive improvement to their life?
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I might consider it if I had stuff I even wanted to automate in the first place. I know a guy who did a whole house system and at the end couldn't figure out what the point even was.
got an old unix greybead for an uncle, dude connected some relays and a pump to automate his greenhouse watering. it's been working like a champ for a couple seasons now
>couldn't figure out what the point even was.
Thats the problem, it looks so fucking tempting and fun on paper...
but when i arrive home, i just slap the light switch to turn the light on and then sit fown and hit the button on the computer to turn it down.. shifting this over to buttons on my smartphone touchscreen seems like a completely pointless extra... the only advantage is that with wall switches i can't use them remotely, but who the fucks needs to control lights and shit in their house when they are at work and such

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Why don't you use superior ChromeOS?
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Because "WeSendEveryFinderSearchToApple homOSeX" or CryptoMiner 10 at least have real applications.
>Pure autism: the post
Shit version of GNU/Linux with 0 customization and software to install

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I'm very new to programming (studying enginiggering) and I was wondering if there's a way I can practice writing for loops. (preferrably in python or R)
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Blue board motherfucker. Enjoy your ban.
It's censored
Doesn't mean it's automatically SFW, faggot.

Why in the living fuck hasn't anyone designed a laptop that you just snap you're phone into?

I'm thinking a laptop case but instead of a motherboard there is a little holder/wireless charger for your phone. So it's like a dock that charges the phone/connects to the blutooth keyboard and plugs in the hdmi screen.

Does that make sense?

Laptop with everything in it except the keyboard is bt, display plugs into usb hdmi out of phone, wireless charger or just charge through the hdmi.
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Motorola atrix.
They have. Several times.

First off the "plugs in the HDMI screen" is not as simple as you make it out to be. You're going to need special software at the least and you'll inevitably face manufacturer/model support issues like the phone fitting the "dock."

Too much mobile hardware is junky and would provide a poor user experience in this form factor. When the hardware is good enough, one faces the question: if you're already carrying a screen, keyboard, probably a battery, etc., why the hell not just carry a real laptop at that point? Even good hardware is limited to the mobile OS experience. So either get a Chromebook which is more of the same or get a computer with a full-fledged OS.

This is why these ideas keep flopping.
But couldn't you just root a phone with Linux and then you would have a real laptop with days of battery life since there's no motherboard or guts you could put a huge battery in it.

Could be cool i think if done right.

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Vim + make + GCC
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emacs + cmake + clang
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Atom + Electron + Node

I've noticed Mister Metokur has uploaded videos related to recent /g/ threads in the past. Is he a /g/entoomen?

What do you think about D.A.D?
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4chan is not another link aggregation website. le reddit is over there ---->
Maybe you missed the point
Well, I didn't click that shit, if that's what you mean.

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