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Forth is the most supreme mathematical thing in the universe. Languages similar to forth are blessed with working good and shit.

Trust forth to give you the most ultimate, supreme, and pure experience that you know is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Why choose any other langauge? I'll tell you why:

>if you want to literally suck ass

Otherwise always choose forth as your programming language, today. It's what deepok chopra would want.
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>Forth is the most supreme mathematical thing in the universe. Languages similar to forth are blessed with working good and shit.
That's cool. My favorite one is JavaScript
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die die die die die die die die die

I mean that figuratively
No, it goes like this.

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Sup /g/. Is there such a thing as a USB passthrough with a physical switch, so that something can be physically disconnected and reconnected easily? I'm asking for the purpose of making a webcam and microphone somewhat safer.
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I'm not sure this is possible. Some of the most powerful rootkits have the ability to bypass physical breaks in the connection. Best to cover things with tape.
just do it with a USB over IP solution
There are several chink shit that posses this ability, but I heard they are quite dangerous

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Why is ublock origin not working on youtube anymore?
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It does work tho
not for me on the latest version of firefox
It happens to me too.
Had to turn on pi-hole in order to disable ads.
Just wait til blocking lists get updates

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> be me, be final year of high school
>totally in to hacking and stuff
>started with simple ddos attacks on school website, then moved on to xss
> school site is not even protected LOL ez pz
> use xss toutorial i found on internet made by some guy with 100subs
> holy shit it works
> go wild no longer take down school website change all images to carrots and pineapples.
> watch school admins freak feel like a boss
> tell friends after one week when shit cooled down, random kid over hears
> random kid snitches, tells IT admins
> get called to IT office
> interrogated, deny everything and pretend i dont know what happens, they dont believe how ever they cant prove anything so i get off with warning
> fast for ward 8 weeks
> try xss attack again, rip doesnt work school got better protection
>keep trying for 3 hours give up to hard
> think of new idea use, all students are connected to saprate network to teachers, only have access to students network
> decide to shut down student network using some software i found online
> surprised when it works
>Next day at school take down students network for entire day
> IT admins flooded with messages from students and teacher saying internet doesnt work
> keep turning internet off everyhour of everyday for 2 weeks
> mfw IT department dont know whats going on
> now the IT department head starts an investigation start freeking, how ever keep going for the lols cos students cant hand up final assessments
> Now IT department getting serious, start suspecting the highest level cos we are the most probable suspects
> Fast forward three days
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> IT department makes brake through, idiot me forgot to turn on vpn
> they find that my ip address matches that of the router and all the school traffic has been traveling through my connection and been denyed access
> call me back to IT office, shitting my pants at this point, class mates already suspect me
> reach IT office play dumb as fuck blame, exsistant virus on computer
Note: i have like five anti-viruses on computer i take no riskes
> lie say i got virus from cracked anti viruses (plosible)
> IT department eat it up, like fly on fruit cake
Note: for got to say IT department is full of normies only the head knows what hes doing
> IT head comes to me, knows im shitting looks me in the eye
and says in a deep voice ok since you have a virus let me help you remove it
> Fuck, reluctantly agree; slowly input password into latop
> pc loads and he takes over luckly i had removed all hacking software from desktop
> look through desktop find nothing
> i have a bref moment of relife untill he opends control panal
> since i have so much random shit he dosent know what hes looking for
> starts asking me what each program is
> get three apps down see hacking software, askes me what it is
> awnser adobe driver, looks at me looks at program name says "ok" moves down
> keep BSing functions of hacking software for half an hour
> now come to obious hacking software cant bs this name asks what it is
> stunned, dont know what to say, his face i say its a hentai game
> MFW hole room when quite at that moment, like 8 people heard shit
> everyone looks at me and im so imbarasted at this point
> IT head looks shocked, ask me if im sure
> reply "yes i can prove it if you want"
> slowly dieing inside at this point

> shit, shit, shit, shit i think to my self
> laptop battery start to run our 3% left, my saving grace
> no one has USB-C charger fuck yes
> saved, IT head look at me, he knows i did it how ever he just cant prove it
> asks me to come back after school and talk to him
> to scared dont come back, pretent to be sick for 3 days untill parents figure
im fakeing
> news of the hentai game sperad all over final year students, forever know as
tentcle boy
> Next week, hear IT head is retireing
> comes to me, says "i know you had something to do with that"
> continue to deny, IT head says to be careful i might get in truble next time
> final week of school every one freaking about exams and extended final assessments
cos of me
> IT head leaves, to celebrate by getting away with it i take down the school network
again LOL didnt learn a thing

I might pull something like this again in uni however im kinda scared for the police
to get envolved. well see, mybe i might come up on the news someday, hope not though.
share you stories here

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owo whats this
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What did our future AI overlord mean by this?
I will not let this thread go to waste
Fuck off pedo

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This is so tiring /g/..
What is a proper email client these days?
I am currently using the online alternatives... but i dont wanna have to log in to all the accounts seperately.

Ive been using Thunderbird for years, but 1 fuck mozilla, and 2 it shits itself after using more than 4 email accounts.

A quick seartch gives me many alternatives, but all paid. I'm NOT gonna pay for a email client in my life, Ever.

>tl;dr, whats a proper open source email client beside Thunderbird?
>read: i say "PROPER"
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idk i just use the defualt windows one

works fine I don't send many emails tho just read them

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Does anyone else think Fedora-linux should rebrand at this point? There's just no recovering from the awful connotations of this name now.
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It doesn't really bother me to be honest
Yes, but what do YOU think?
Same. It's probably hurting their word of mouth recommendations though.

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Whats the best BIOS?
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liber boot

liber killyourself you satanist piece of shit
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ibm basic.jpg
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IBM Basic.

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MacBook Pro 17 _2.jpg
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How come 17" laptops aren't in vogue anymore?
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because there's only 3 popular form factors
phone, 14 inch, desktop
They never were.
Desktop computers exist for a reason.
because ultrabooks are comfy for shitposting in bed. most purchasing decisions for a laptop come down to that believe it or not

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So I will have to boot into nux for a few classes this semester and I don't want to partition my laptop's tiny ssd any further. Is it viable to boot into linux off of a usb 3.0?
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delete your vidya manchild
Your mother looks nice on the photo.
I do a bit of .NET as a side gig.

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Which distro is the most comfy out of the box? I'm hearing a lot of good things about Solus.
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probably ubuntu or mint
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Manjaro with Gnome
red star

just picked these up. did i do good /g/ ?
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thanks for the collage blog, what OS is that?
>Gayman headset
At least the accent color matches. Its probably... Listenable. You could have done worse

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What are some non-computer related uses does /g/ have for aerosol cans (aside from getting high)?

>attach tiny straw to can
>place in urethra
>think it's going to be a bad idea, but why not
>hesitantly blow at full blast
>surprisingly feels tingly
>all the post-cum build up from god knows how long shoots out like a short geyser
>dick feels the cleanest it's been in years
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Bro, you're gonna get a UTI. Only sterile things should be inserted in the urethra, preferably only when medically necessary.

Feel free to shove non-sterile things up your butt though, the colon doesn't need to stay sterile.
>/g/ - Urethra stimulation and technology
>not taking a monster piss after wacking it
>not pressing against it from the ass to the tip to get the rest out
cmon man

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I'm just gonna drop this here

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Stop /pol/luting this board
You queers make Terry Davis look sane

> shilling progressive website
> /pol/
anon pls

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Did you talk to the professor beforehand, or did you just show up?
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Lmao find something better to do you worthless prick. Do you audit naptime at a daycare?
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You read the course description right? What else would you need to discuss, how many favours you'll need to do to get a C?

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