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what kind of tech will be necessary to make watching TV indistinguishable from looking out a clear glass window? will this be even remotely feasible in the next 20 years?

do we need more accurate HDR? glasses-free 3D? 10k+? what will it take? I've always wondered about this, TV still looks very... electronic. Is this even in the realm of what we're capable of or will it require huge breakthroughs in display technology?
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It's because there's no depth to a panel. You can never accurately simulate it.

Do you use a streaming box, /g/? Which one?

>mfw Roku Express+
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gramps you need to upgrade.
damn nigga get a new tv
>Streaming to that

Raspberry Pi with kodi for me.

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I just found a method allowing anyone to share and download files fully legally and in such a way that no government can do anything about it, ever. Should I sell the concept and get rich af?
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Only dumb people pay to pirate
But how? Everyone has to move to a tiny island where copyright laws don't exist?

Crackhead sells me a 2011 Macbook Pro for 30 bucks.

>i7, 4gb ram, 120gb ssd.
>no time remaining for battery
>no window snapping
>no middle click on trackpad
>no easy way to get to other folders, just documents
>statusbar disappears in fullscreen
>no way to disable dedicated graphics for battery

Why the fuck do people steal these?
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Found your problem.
>2011 macbook pro

No, THIS is your problem.
They're not bad machines inherently, but the 2011 models are notorious for their graphics issues as they age

>battery timer
you must be too retarded to know how to turn that on in the settings

>middle click
nobody uses this

>disable dedicated gpu for battery
I'll give you that one, but honestly the battery is shit either way

that about covers it

>>you must be too retarded to know how to turn that on in the settings
>It's just not there anymore my dude.
>>nobody uses this
>Middle click to close tabs or open link in new tab is much quicker than right click>close tab.

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Look at me son look me right square in the eyes. Ye know that forth is the greatest programming language. I rest my case y'all. Yeehaw
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Anons, give me recommendations for laptops to buy for an AutoCAD course I have this semester. Since it's my last semester I have a shitload of payments to do, so my budget is arround $280-$350.

I need something that meets the minimun requirements: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-AutoCAD-2018.html

Hard mode: I need it before the 8th of this month, I live in Texas so tell me where I can get one near me pls.
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buy a desktop, a toaster will suffice. WHy would you do autocad on a fucking laptop?
also autocad is completely free for students. if your school is making you pay for it then you are getting (((fucked))).
Any fucking laptop. They're all fine

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Let's face it, Youtube's on the way out. Where will the mass exodus migrate to?
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>on the way out
>implying anyone else is willing to lose money as a charity
>Let's face it, Youtube's on the way out.
No it's not.

>Where will the mass exodus migrate to?
Nowhere because noone else wants to or is even able to throw millions of dollars a year into the money sink that is a video sharing website. You might have little sites cropping up here and there, but there will never be any sort of "mass exodus" unless you can get some eccentric billionaire to throw his money away on an alternative.

Want to switch to Linux distro just to see what I'm missing out on. I've been using Windows most of my life but recently I threw a few distros on a thumb drive with Yumi and really liked Mint but what's /g/s suggestion?
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install gentoo
don't bother, it's a waste of time
does ubuntu have babes?

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I deleted my youtube adsense account yesterday because I made it years ago and I lied about my age so I didn't want to get in trouble

But now I'm over 18 and my videos have views

I wanted to make another adsense account but it won't let me

Any advice?
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Contact support?
ur cute anon
a bit dumb but cute
you can't make another account. it's one account per person. you're basically fucked. and NEVER admit to them you made it when you were a minor... you'll be immediately banned and you will lose your whole google account (gmail etc)

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Ring and Tox are still barely usable, is there anything decent out there?
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Wire on phone
non-free server

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The YouTube crawler which has been used to combat adsense, and protect anonymous browsing just updated their site today.

Previously view-able with just html.
Now it requires use of de-anonymizing proprietary scripts.

>HookTube requires JavaScript. Please give the site permission to run it in your NoScript or similar plugin.

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i don't care
This also comes at a troubling time when YouTube's policies and datamining are becoming very invasive.

They certainly aren't showing us a good gesture at this vital point.
Do you have any counter arguments why you disagree with me?

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$100 a woman came out with the new layout for YouTube. Only a woman could think this looks good.
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all me :^)
It's fucking retarded. This is the work of "UX Designers" who just graduated college and got the job because they're a trans-disabled black man-woman with AIDS
What's wrong with it ? My only beef is that it loads slow.

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Windows 10 is not secu-
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That's funny, there was a recent article about how easy it is to hack Windows S, which is supposed to be super secure.

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Did OP do guud /g/ or did I goof'ed?

I used to have a Heil PR-40 and a Mackie1202vlz 4 and a behringer multicom pro-xl mdx4600 but I sold it all top guitar center for a sad $215 :'(
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Please stop leddit speaking. You sound like a retarded child.
K but did I do guud or did I goof'ed?

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windows isn't blo-........
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Not on my VM
cached memory is good

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