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what i should use now, i dont want use the VLC CPU killer

i want use my .m3u s and my other streams in peace

Someone has a better option?
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Just because a project like this isn't being developed anymore, it doesn't mean you can't still use it.
Why fix what isn't broken? I'll still be using MPC for a long while yet.
>if it works, don't fix it.
Almost all bugs have been wiped out. There's no need to update.

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What do you guys use?
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>0 replies

There's your answer
Currently OpenMediaVault and a VPN server at home.
Gmail drafts.

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Is compression at the limit?

Seems like there hasn't been any advancement at all for the last decade.

Weren't we supposed to be storing petabytes of data on crystals the size of a pin head by now?
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It requires increasingly complex statistics to push compression further in a manner that's still practical. The other thing you're talking about isn't so much a matter of compression, though. That comes from us rubbing up against the laws of physics. We can only make the physical structures which store data so small before they lose fidelity over the long term. To push further we need to use different materials and methods.
Dude just use middle out compression
Further compression of storage methods gets horribly expensive fast.
This is why HVD died off pretty quickly. The DISCS alone were 5-digits!

Compression of data, likewise, gets horribly CPU-intense the harder you try and push it.
We're getting pretty close to statistical compressions limits.
Beyond that, it is hard brute-force compression which takes considerably longer.
We're literally speaking "every file is in Pi" method. (see PiFS)
A useful tiny file in PiFS would be well up in the millions of iterations.

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>His text editor isn't Turing complete
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Vim's not gay.
>he thinks turing completion is a good thing
Alright emacs user, go home and write software in elisp, since its Turing complete.


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What's the best food to eat while using technology and why is it curry?
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Extremally spici pizza is the best encoding food
Prove me wrong
If it's the superior japanese curry, sure. Hold the apples plz.
chicken, bacon, jalapeno and fresh tomato on a white sauce. count me in.
>inferior nip curry
>not SUPERIOR Korean curry

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Good thing I use Unity
I use Unity thing good
Third post about this today. It's already been fixed.

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enjoy your house fire
>not using the orange accent Noctua
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does noone outside of germoney know ekl alpenföhn olymp? its dope. almost beats noctua, definitely if you consider the price.

Okay, this might be the wrong board for this. But does anyone want to point me in the right direction on how to track a phone call? like you know, put a dot on a map in a rough area where it came from.
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You need to have access to the back end of a telephone carrier. Ideally the one associated with the caller. That's it.
and by back end you mean access to user data for the company?
Stop stalking your boyfriend/husband already

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Is there any way to use chrome without sending all your data to google? Getting tired of firefox shitty addons that break everything.

Currently can't see images if i open them from the direct link
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Stop using the broken addons then you idiot
No, privacy is important for me.
disconnect your computer from the internet and then you can use chrome and it wont send anything to google, guaranteed

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"This may take a while"

How fucked are you, /g/?
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op here nvm i figured it out
Not at all since I use Arch GNU/Linux
How do you even get that ? I have used Windows 7 for about 4 months now and I haven't been asked to update once.

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What ssh banners does /g/ use to scare away the skiddies? Have you come across any that were well written, plain funny or actually gave you pause before continuing on?
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What the fuck is an ssh banner?
Just a thought, but most trying to login won't even see it because it's just a script running in the background.

Post your ssh banner, /g/.
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Are you for real
Care to post the text?


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>tfw banks require nonfree javascript to check balance
>tfw all websites require nonfree javascript to make transactions
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Proof that free software is useless.
Feels bad man.
Most banks you can do the same tasks by calling and many small websites will let you call in orders.
I call in orders at the cubical.us all the time.

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Hi! I just published my first app and I am looking for feedbacks.
What the app does is to enable users to post anonymously within the daily topic, which gets reseted every day.
I am looking for feedbacks, thanks!

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.modestapps.oneboard
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What a terrible place to advertise an app ;)
I'll write a buffer overflow exploit just for your app senpai :^)
I like this idea OP.

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> click on the captcha in chrome
> instantly verified

> click on the captcha in any other browser
> you have to click on image multiple times because it doesn't work half of the time

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This is on purpose.
change your user agent
Login to google and try again.
It doesn't matter what browser do you use

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