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What is Microsoft doing?
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I've got this problem where Windows 10 asks me for my username and password every time I turn it on. The thing is, I want some kind of user verification at boot. So I enabled Windows Hello, set a fingerprint and pincode. But that still doesn't work and it keeps asking for username and password. It's annoying I need to fill in the username aswell. This computer is not domain joined.
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give it back jamal
Download windows tweaker and look for remember last user and check it. I think shutup10 provides this function aswell.
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I like the subtle reference to the pic related
For the unenlightened: It's a dadaist artwork called "Artists' shit"

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What's the best BitTorrent client on iOS?
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>torrenting on ios

Tim Cook allows that?
>one /g/
>party rockers start playing

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>What seems like a very well organized mass-RMA fraud is seeping through the cracks over at Amazon. In a very short period of time, two users have so far reported receiving a fake Ryzen processor and both have indicators of being orchestrated by the same person(s). While Amazon did offer both of them refunds and even a gift card, these type of scams might turn away first timers who want to try the PC-building experience and even lead to damaged motherboards in some cases (which Amazon will probably not cover).



>buying Ryzen processors
>returning Intel Processors

This year is a hell on Intel's life! kek
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It's happened before. This scam is older than dirt.
foan cooler > watercooler

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wtf man
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@cock.li is the only email you're ever going to need.

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>no Ryzen 7 OC power consumption figures
dat misinformation tho
What units is this

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Since I do not know where to ask you have to help me.

I have an JAVA EE app and I need to use websockets to recieve data but im not allowed to spwan threads inside an JAVA EE app so I cant just open and keep a connection inside a bean. How do i solve this.
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Why do Indians always write Java in all caps?
Pajeet go back to your books
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hey g
i was thinking of stupid but cool and maybe useful shit i can put in a future place and i was thinking of just setting up a tower or two somewhere near the center of the place or something, then wiring up monitors, keyboards, mice at 3-4 different places in the house, like living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.
probably gonna live alone for a long while & it'll be something to work on for shits and giggles anyways.

what do you think and how do you think it could be done? im not much of a computer dude but i have my head nicely around electronical installations.
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Yes it could be done. It easier and cheaper to buy a used shitty computer and simply ssh into a good one. Running video, mouse, keyboard, and maybe audio to many different points would get expensive or be unusable because of the cable length.
Don't forget the bathroom. You need to put all that poop time to valuable use. On adverage people spend a year on the toilet. Don't let that valuable time get flushed away.
just get a tablet faggot

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I want to create a website / app one day

while I have some experience with coding
I have no knowledge of how each expense would compare for a tech company

for example, FB/YT
(closest to the sort of site I would want to run)

of the following expenses
how would you guess they rank in terms of size or % of total costs?
(doesn't have to be both FB / YT, just one is fine)

>research / development / acquisitions

ik you'll probably just be guessing, which is ok
I'm just interested to hear what you all think

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in case I didn't properly explain myself,
here's an example of what i mean

Snapchat - guessing the order and % of each expense

>R/D and acquisitions (40%)
Since they're getting their asses kicked by FB / all their various acquisitions,
they're probably shovelling most of their money into buying up new technologies that FB doesn't have (yet)

>bandwidth (20%)
~9000 snaps a second, but since SC scales down any files you send
it's probably not costing them that much

>wages (15%)
no real clue honestly, they're adding a lot of features lately so this is my best guess

>storage (5%)
because the content is so short lived I'm guessing they're spending practically nothing on this

>marketing (1%?)
Never seen an ad for Snapchat but they're probably spending a little money here and there

this isn't a comprehensive list of expenses,
I'm deliberately leaving 19% for other misc expenses I didn't mention

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creativity & individuality, you bland loser
For the love of god - while ago in the company I work for I've seen a faggot ( probably literally ) with mac apple sticker in lgbtqaqwrey colors stuck on thinkpad.
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>muh nnnnnnjjooormieeees
I wouldn't call anyone who plasters his laptop with all that bullshit normal.

What's the best tiling window manager for Windows?

I'm using Aquasnap currently, however I have some apps that open child windows and it doesn't tile it over the parent window. Considering the rest of my work space is normally tiled it drives me nuts
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Hi /g/ I rarely post here and I wanted your advice. I'll be having my interview at Nokia this coming week and I am torn between the two, Technical Writer and Software Engineer (C++/Java). Is Technical Writer a good career to pursue? Or is it a dying career? I enjoy creating documents, design and etc. so there's that.

Thanks /g/!
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Technical writing sounds boring as fuck. Go for the software engineering position

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Which VPN to use /g/?
If I would have to choose from either
IPVanish, NordVPN or VPN Unlimited, which one should I choose if I want to use the BitTorrent traffic over it?
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Doesn't matter, you will be blocked from posting on 4chan on all of them.
I use PIA, no problems so far.
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Good, cheap, easy to use

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In the year MMXVII how do you get into non-x86 personal computers?

Specifically laptops, like Stallmans now-ancient MIPS Lemote Yelong?
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bretty sure he uses a thinkpad now

wish you could still get lemotes though :^(
anything non-x86 is locked down junk that can't even remotely compare.
there is no reason not to use x86.

>muh free BIOS

fuck off, firmware is found everywhere, and you dont have access to the source. the BIOS is just the motherboard's firmware.

i wanna see all of your librebooted thinkpad's storage without the integrated proprietary firmware.
You're assuming a lot of things here, kid. Perhaps I just want something exotic.

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I'm following a asp.net tutorial and it is my first time ever writing code to interact my first ever database in forever and this happens, anyone knows the fix?
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There's a problem with your code.
Are you running SQL Server (or whatever database provider you're using) locally? In case you couldn't figure it out, this error means you weren't able to connect to the SQL server. When it's a remote server, that may mean a network issue. If it's a local server, this may mean you're not actually running your SQL server or you haven't included the right connection string to talk to your database instance.

System.Data.Entity.Migrations; is that Entity Framework?
stopped reading right there

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