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do I get priority when I seed?
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Stop using proprietary hardware.
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Sent from my iPhone
OK no problem, but make open sores software that is at least as good as Adobe's first.

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Why do tech companies keep allowing degeneracy?

https://clips twitch tv/GentleShyManateeKippa
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fuck off, /pol/

So when are we getting SR-IOV on the consumer side? I thought the Vega FE would deliver, but it seems even this version of Vega doesn't have it. Dualbooting is such a chore and GPU passthrough is lame since either the host is crippled or you spend shekels on two similar cards.
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>So when are we getting SR-IOV

They need something to segment their consumer/"prosumer" and enterprise cards

Just wait for navi
Here'shoping never means two years.

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Has he gone too far this time?

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why would you make a new thread?
delete this and post it where it belongs

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>get into political argument, speak loudly

>sleeping laptop turns on for absolutely no conceivable reason
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Don't worry lad, that's just the intel ME activating the computer to monitor your conversation and transmit the data to the NSA.
>walk into view of webcam
>computer fans whirr up in sleep mode

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What's /g/'s opinion on startpage?

Even if they store and log everything, I'm still better off using that than directly exposing myself to jewgle, right?
I just don't want my search history to be linked to the profile jewgle probably already has of me.
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Hey guys I have been researching a computer and I was wondering if anyone can build me an $800 computer
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Do it yourself you lazy git.

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>he unironically uses a seagate drive

Enjoy your data loss, faggots.
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>1tb seagate drive
>the first thing it does is fail a SMART test
>500gb seagate drive
>unallocated sectors kills it
never again
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>1TB drive
>move rig gently across the house
>set it down and plug it in
>not even detected in the BIOS
>spend two days trying to get it to work before giving up
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>data loss
>he doesn't routinely back his data up.

What is a warranty?

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What are some good sources of decent cheap electronics?
Is it worth importing?
Should I consider going to an asian country to pick up cheap tat?
I know that various Asian countries have tonnes of cheap trinkets and electronic goods unseen in the west. What things should I look out for?
I live in the UK but feel free to post your own country sources
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First day on /g/?

Theres a literal thread dedicated to this shit >>61274801
Not necessarily Chink shit. I'm open to native companies that do cheap goods as well!

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Buying an S8. Looks like all of the cases on the market are fucking shit. Not too surprised seeing how it's a bezel-free display so any case will just look like garbage because it renders one of the main features of the phone useless.

I've never dropped phones or any electronics ever in my life, I'm thinking about just getting a skin on the back (hate smudges on the back). Should I invest in some screen protector as well or as long as I don't act like a retard, the screen won't get any scratches? Quick research shows that typical coins/keys are not enough to scratch it.
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They make a decent tempered glass screen protector for it now that matches the curve, I'd get that at least.

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>buy galaxy s8
>look at ram usage
>Face service constantly active
>every time i smile, it allocates 20mb+
>realize the service is probably spying on me and uses front cam to detect when im smiling, then it sends screenshot + app data to jews
>disable Face/Iris apps
>phone now runs 80% faster, you can notice it the moment u disable those apps

Is this what modern technology comes to? Spying every move u ever make and wasting 50% of CPU cycles on doing so?
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who the fuck keeps something so private on their phone they feel the need to protect it with an iris scanner?
I got the s8 a few days ago and it did not once cross my mind to activate that shit.
I only have a simple pattern unlock to prevent pocket dialing
Just flash LineageOS...Oh wait, it isn't ported to the S8 yet.

why is this allowed?
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support maybe ? maybe it's cheaper for operation
Too many people saying "Fuck it, it's easier to just pay, less hassle" and not enough saying "Fuck you, asshole, I'm writing my own and open-sourcing it!"

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What's the origin of the "it's for neckbeards" meme?
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that's fuking wrote on it
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