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>the state of applel

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I used to work in one of those phone repair places in the malls.
We had a cardboard box filled to the brim with dead iphone batteries, I was just waiting for the day it caught fire
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Yes, buy Galaxy Note 7 instead :^)
When the note 7 started exploding, samsung issued a recall

Waiting for Apple's RN

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first time posting in /g/, so if i sound like a newfag then there you go.
I have this older latop, lenovo g570, and since i'm going to college soon I need a laptop to bring with me, so I figured why not this one. it currently runs an older version of linux. my question is, if I replaced the hard drive with a small, cheap ssd, would this thing run like a chromebook? it's currently got 4 gigs of dr3 ram, and oddly enough an actual cpu socket, so I can upgrade that if I need to as well.
I just need to to be as fast as it can be for taking notes and browsing inter net, that kind of stuff. What would be a good ssd for me to get sub ~$60
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What CPU is it? SSD's are always the best option for laptops.

As long as your CPU isn't dog shit it should run just fine.
cnet tells me that it's an Intel Core i5 (2nd Gen) 2410M
make sure you check what your specific model has, cnet reviews a review model but you may have a different configuration
download speccy, read specs

anyway, processor upgrades for sandy bridge pga
Core i7-2640M is your best option, its still 35w like your i5 so it wont get any hotter or anything
Core i7-2860QM is your highest possible reasonable upgrade, its a 45w quadcore so it will give great performance but its going to be toasty
Core i7-2960XM is 55w and will be too much for your laptops cooler unless youre running it at 100% speed 24/7

C was designed in the 1960s, when colonialism was still rampant, and that is reflected in the language design. C ignores array bounds just as the imperial powers ignored the boundaries of tribal societies. Rust can free us from syntactic oppression, and provides "safe spaces" for everyone's data regardless of their culture or previous gender.
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>Rust can free us from syntactic oppression, and provides "safe spaces" for everyone's data regardless of their culture or previous gender.
Exactly, this is why it's garbage and shouldn't even be considered.
What's your point?
I hate sjws
Sorry, not all techies are racists like you.

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What's a good distro to use for i3 DE?
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parabola gahnoo+leencoks-leebray

its a WM not a DE. and any distro. but if you want the performance and power consumption benefits of a lightweight WM you need a lightweight distro.
debian is fine

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Thoughts on my new thinkpad.....
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keyboard is kinda garbage, otherwise the hardware is nice in the formfactor
What is that, OP?

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Post /g/ memes here
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made me cry of laughter

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You're asking me to choose between vomit, shit and diarrhea

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So I have understood from our community that our content is troubling some of you.
Please do ask me anything /g/
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Fuck off cuck.
Why did you remove your balls?
How many sheckels do nvidia and intel pay you per video?

Please help. All I have is a number...
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Kill yourself.
should have sent the money as a USPS money order, fagtron. then it's a federal offense if they try to scam you.
which ICO anon?

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What's the oldest component you currently have in your current PC build?
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Everytime I buy a new computer I take the parts out of the old one and smash them against the floor of my basement and leave the case in the dumpster across the street.
A GTX 750ti

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Is there any technology that can make me taller? OR at least look taller?
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Losing weight
Shoes with like 1 inch soles
Medieval stretching torture devics
heeled boots? stilts? stilt boots?

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>its news when there is a vulnerability for linux

You realize this is a good thing right? There are so many dozens of gaping holes in windows security that nobody even reports on it anymore.

it doesn't get comfier than this
Windows users are appropriately paranoid, while Loonixfags don't even know what they're doing.
>a woman

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How accurate is this meme? Is it really that much of a joke? I know people who have said it, is it even possible?
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>is it even possible?
Yes. Just pirate facebook. And you'll have access to the connection logs. Just search for the IP of the user.
You could send them a link you control and log the IP that clicks it.

All of what I am about to post will seem like a lie but I can assure you it is not.

>Have h100i v2
>it makes a lot of noise and I fear it will leak
>hear hard drive dying as well
>order a new cpu cooler and new ssd and hdd
>they arrive
This is when the fun starts
>Take gpu out of the pc
>no problems
>unscrew all of the bolts holding the h100i in place
>last bolt falls away and its stuck in place
>try and wiggle it around
Its not happening
>have to pull quite hard
>it release
>I cant see the cpu
>took in horror as I see the cpu stuck to the fucking h100i
part 1
pic coming as well
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Retarded frogposter.
part 2
>look at the cpu with all of these bent bins and think about ending it
>instead I decide to unbend the pins
>so I get this thing I bought a while back
see pic related
>I go pin by pin and realign all of the bent ones
>Line up the golden corners
>wont sit right
>push it a little and theres a click and it sits perfectly
>I spend ages cutting myself on the new heatsink and install everything else except the new ssd and hard drive because I want to make sure my pc still works.

part 2
part 3
>I press the power button and it works
>I am so happy I check some boards on 4 chan and everything seems okay
>I then reboot
>it wont post
>the ez debug on my motherboard is saying there is a problem with the gpu
>unplug the gpu and take it out its pcie lane
>theres some thermal paste on it connector I scrape that off even though its a tiny smidge but that does nothing
>must be something else
>check everything else until I come to the realisation it must be the cpu that is having problems
>I take the cpu out and see thermal paste in the holes the pins go into and on the pins themselves
>I get some toilet paper and clear out the socket and use the end of a flat head to clean the pins
see pic related

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Let's settle this once and for all.

In the year 2017 (2018 soon, don't forget that, tick tock), is the T420 a dinosaur laptop?
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Yes, get a T430
I have an R61, though.
Should I buy a new laptop?
I'm fine with my t420, thought I would prefer a better screen and battery life. Probably I'll just buy the retro when it is released.

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