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>Things I want
>External SSD
>Another Display
>Rasperry Pi
>Ball Mouse
>8GB of DDR3 RAM

I would like to hook up another monitor with live feeds of current events and market prices. That's what the Rasberry Pi with SSd is for, and then use the drive as a file server.I would like some more horsepower for my university computer with the RAM too (for working on massive .PSDs)

Anyone have experience with a similar project?
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>listening to music on YouTube
>License: Standard YouTube License
>uploader makes money from uploading music that isn't theirs
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stupid frogposter, kys
you probably listen to shit music anyway
makes what money?

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I accidentally deleted a huge text message chain on my phone. Is there any cheap way to get the texts back, or even to view them?
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gentoo is an instrument.
Do you even know who the CEO of Apple is?
ask the other person to forward you their message chain

Anyone own/know of any USB 3 thumbdrives with LED activity indicators? I require the LED for running live operating systems off USB and big file transfers (and also for ejecting, so you can be sure it's finished any activity before you yank it out).

I own the pictured Apacer one... AH352 USB 3.0
pros: cap fits on the back so it doesn't get lost, blue activity LED shines through the tinted (not black) case.
cons: activity LED is dim and only visible from one side

I'm going to buy two more of them and scratch the Apacer logo so I can differentiate between them unless I can find a different one.
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>and also for ejecting, so you can be sure it's finished any activity before you yank it out).
You're a retard if you're not unmounting them first because you dont know what cache is.

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Is it safe to set to false the following setting for Palemoon, Firefox, Waterfox, etc?
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No, your computer will explode
omg i just tried this on my laptop and the processored exploded. wtf mozilla? filing a bug report right now

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VS Code is such a piece shit. Way more fucking steps to do shit than using an IDE. Defeats the whole fucking purpose of using a code editor.
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1. You should install the official C# plugin. VS Code even recommends it as soon as you open a .cs file.
2. JetBrains has a .NET IDE called Rider
bump. im so pissed i forgot to fucking greentext
I did install that stupid plug in, then I had to follow a stupid video where I used the command line to make it work and now the piece of shit won't debug my code.
Is it better than Visual Studio IDE?

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LeEco got fucked.jpg
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What are some dick moves made by tech companies?
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apple killing off ports left and right
>leeco got fucked
link pls? Didn't leeco fuck over a bunch of customers with phones, and tvs?
Just Google what's in the op...

Lately I've seen quite a few controversies about tech corporations doing shitty things. As someone graduating with a CS degree this year, is there anyone I can work for without feeling dirty/guilty? Or should I just keep working fast food and give up?
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Welcome to the botnet.

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okay /g/, britfag here. i fucked up and instead of doing computer science, i am doing 'creative computing' instead. what does the future hold for me? will i be employable?
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>Creative computing
What the absolute fuck is that? Please be bait.
Have fun knowing your way around groundbreaking tools such as Adobe photoshop and Sony Vegas.

Have fun not being employed unless you learn on your own and keep up with the industry, too.
Sounds like some bullshit major used to shoehorn more females into post-secondary education for a quick tuition cash grab. Good luck.

So im on mac trynna install a plugin but i cant. went to retard mac forums instantly. theres like 3 security programs i got to overide manually. Fuck this.how the fuck does anyone get anything done on them..0 productivity.
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They don't, faggot. Not even apple wants to use their own fashion accessories.
Found your problem.

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how do you apt-get install gcc on a old version of debian if the apt-get servers no longer support systemd?
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wtf you need to go back to >>>/r/eddit
You sound retarded. You either use back ports (if exists) or change to archive repos (if exists) or use the next release repos and use apt pinning to make sure you don't fuck shit up.

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what distro does /g/ recommend for biomedical engineering?
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Ubuntu, to start. You're most likely to see that out there in academia and research.

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I just want to play Minecraft. Why the fuck you need to know my life history Nvidia?
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>life history
>their entire life is on and inside their pc

Go outside, you fat ugly virgin
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>at all
This is why you use GNU with Free open drivers (i.e. AMD).

Yes, you can play mineshit on GNU. It's just fucking java. Course, if you really want to be free, you'd play minetest, which isn't some bloated pile of shit written as My First Java 3D Program by some idiot running in Botnet Java on a fucking botnet Windows OS.

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What's the best price/performance hi DPI laptop that supports Linux?
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XPS 13. Even comes preinstalled.

I just had my first whiteboard interview.
The questions were a lot easier than I expected - easy to the point that I feel like I missed some implication...

Was it a trick? Did I misunderstand the problem? Did I miss some implied requirement?
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How the fuck are we supposed to know?
I don't know.
Is it common for whiteboard interviews to try and trick the interviewee with some *wink wink* bullshit?
Your potential company may be hard up for someone who even understands basic shit. I'd say its a red flag on the company, not you.

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