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what cool shit can i do with an rc car controller and motors?
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This is the kind of question that gets you put on watchlists.
give it back

Is your wallet ready?
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They got that right
Yes, for raven ridge
This is how desperation looks like

im afraid of linus' death.
do you know how tightly he controls the linux kernel?
even if he isnt actively developing it himself anymore he sitll oversees and approves every commit.
do you know how much bullshit he protected it from?
theres honest-to-god feminist "coders" that wanted to change the master/slave model. also idtots that wanted to implement subpar code into the kernel itself.
he has been the sole vanguard in protecting the kernel from retards and those that mean it harm.
what happens when he dies?
who will take over his role?
linus is a rare breed he doesnt buckle down to pressure, tells retards to fuck off and does not listen to stupid ideology.
does he have a prodigy?
a successor to take over his work?
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fuck man now I'm afraid of his death
Linus actually doesn't "oversee and approve every commit", that would be impossible, he has various people he trusts. In his death Greg Kroah-Hartman takes over, he's the obvious number two.
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look no further

I want to buy my mother a used laptop for casual internet use, PDFs, documents, book reading, YouTube, and most importantly - no fucking viruses. I've narrowed it down to two choices, a used Macbook Air 2008 for about $150, or a mint condition S7110 1400x1050, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, T7500 dualcore Fujitsu Siemens.

Both have pretty much the same battery runtime - about 2 and a half hours, which isn't really an issue, since it will be used as a desktop, just in bed. They're both fairly lightweight, with the Air being much lighter, but sporting a way smaller screen which isn't good for an older person.

If I were to get the Fujitsu, I would definitely need to install Linux on it as to avoid problems with malware, which is the best distro for that, and what browser do I install?

The Fujitsu seems better value for the money, desu.
She has only used a Nexus 7 and Android thus far, knows pretty much everything (copypasting, sharing, updating apps manually, etc), do I just run Chrome OS on this for Google integration? Can Chrome OS even run Android apps like YouTube?

What do I do /g/?
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Could get a 13" or 14" Chromebook too.

Install elementaryOS, since it's just Ubuntu with a pretty skin. Install Chromium (apt install chromium-browser) to give her the Chrome experience she probably recognizes from the tablets.
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>no fucking viruses
>Macbook Air 2008 for about $150

you can get a 2013 thinkpad for less than $150, but you'll want to also buy an SSD to make it usable

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>NYT Opinion
is where I binned it

>David Brooks
is where I set the bin ablaze
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I thought the same but I read it because I'm not a cuck who ignores things because they were written by a racial or ideological group

It's actually surprisingly balanced for a NYToilet piece. Really well written and above my expectations for them.

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This is the funniest image ive seen in past few weeks.
This shit is so retarded.

>facebook: oh look my scripted bots are transferring data
>facebook: oh look, it's not in English, because I'm a retard looking at a tcp capture

new heights of autism for zuck
looks like normal pajeet posts

I want to use a computer as if it's the year 2002.

What websites/search engines do I use that are lightweight, don't shove ads and javascript on you, and can run decently on a T42 1400x1050 IPS Flexview laptop? I already use this for watching 4:3 TV shows, movies and anime, and it works great considering the age.

What websites do I use for news? Are there any mirrors for websites such as reddit, 4chan, local playback for youtube, and Wikipedia alternatives? Which Linux distro should be used to maintain maximum comfy and debloat?

Please help me achieve my dream, /g/.
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Why did linus get so fucking cringy lately?
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amd sponsorship
YouTube counsels its partners on how to maximize impact on the site. In part it's an honest attempt to help the channels attract advertisers because the site obviously gets a hefty cut. However it's also more of a veiled threat. Play by the rules or you'll mysteriously get left behind by the algorithms which drive site suggestions and search ranking.

why do apple ios devices have glass screens? they crack a lot and its getting expensive for me to keep repairing them. are there any 8-9 inch android tablets with non glass screens and retina display resolutions?
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Do I keep my current knowledge if I restart at 10?
Stop dropping your phone, retard.
Red. Fuck that blue shit.

Also how would a non glass screen work?

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Why can't Lenovo make a good numpad like Asus?
>keys are half width so board offset is greatly reduced
>nestles nicely with the arrow key
>provides convenient macros for programs, such as AutoCAD which requires the numpad for navigating in 3D space
>I can type numbers all day like a dream

I get that having the keyboard shoved to the left corner of the laptop is horseshit, but if a Thinkpad had a numpad with this sensible design, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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Those fuckers can't even place the ctrl key in the correct spot.
>keys that are already on the keyboard
>stupid meme
>I only use my computer for shitposting

what's the difference between bump order and last reply
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basically nothing
not all posts bump threads, newfag
thanks trips, why not, is it per board?

python was a mistake
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The wheel was a mistake.
Fire was a mistake
it's better than fucking perl

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User Scripts (including opengl shaders):
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Chroma test. Which is subjectively better??? Ive no clue how to judge chroma quality.
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SAO 2.png
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Oops. Meant "objectively" better.

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Looks comfy desu~
What a fucking dump.
its really not
thank you

can i ask why thinkpads are so popular here like why does everyone seem to use them?
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They're cheap, durable and has more than enough power for watching anime and posting on 4chan
in my country we throw them for recycling
this and they're also really comfy desu

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