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Any of you /g/uys planning to watch this sci-fi movie this weekend?

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Sci-fi and non-american? Too late to see it this weekend, but later yes. Thanks for the reminder
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5th element was great, I have high hopes for this
ahhh shit, i really dont want to support the girl character delavine or whatever the fuck.

but i need to see this, i wish it was made without her.

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why the FUCK is battery, SSD/HDD and RAM replacement not standard on laptops by now? When will companies learn you can make attractive hardware with removable internals?

Thinkpads and old Macbook Pros are the only ones on the market which are decently built and offer these options.
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Because the jew wants you to upgrade anon, not that hard to undersatnd
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>soldered cmos battery
>soldered ssds
>soldered cpu and gpus
>soldered ram
>not standard on laptops by now?
>by now

It was pretty standard, then apple thinness meme went too far

I recently took apart some shitty HP laptop from 2010 and was a bit surprised to find that it had a socketed CPU.

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What are some active tor imageboards?
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torchan is the only one i know, but you could always just search the hidden wiki or use torch

>no upgradable parts
>no games
>premium price
>no ports

Can someone tell me why apple are so popular? I'm really confused.
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People feel the need to conform to a brand because they are too insecure about themselves otherwise.
No one with a minimum knowledge of computing would buy an Apple device, for they are underpowered, proprietary, pretty cages.
>easy to use
>doesn't require a profound knowledge in hardware and software
>gayish appearance

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Describe /g/ in one image
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>Google makes Gmail, Maps, Android, Youtube, Google Play, Google Docs
>Microsoft makes Windows, Office, Xbox, Bing
>Facebook makes: ?????
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Facebook makes stalking tools
Facebook makes money. It produces wealth
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uncomfortable workplaces

>he uses post-T61 ThinkPads

You paid MORE to be spied on and data mined?
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>he uses post x60 thinkpad
god is that vista
i loved that piece of shit

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pc master race.jpg
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What are the benefits of owning a mac?
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Easy access to sex.
Homo-sex that is.

Also native platform to use macOS.
Not everybody is a gamer you fucking queer.
Now back to >>>/v/eddit with you.
It just werks xDDDDDDD

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If a document is in US English, why not use 5 bits for each character instead of 8?

0-31 means 26 letters plus
and whitespace. Quotes can be two apostrophes. Literally nothing else is needed.

All these years we've been cucking ourselves with extra bits for nothing. Think about all the space we could save.
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>wasting != not using it
You used numbers in your text, what about that?
> 6bit mustard race with escape chars.
> If
> US
> English
> Quotes
> Literally
> All
> Think
Find a thing that all these words from your retarded keyboard vomit have in common and why you could not write it with your proposal.

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gross new settings page on chrome... :(
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Na, I like it actually.
Kinda wish they wasted less space, all that grey on the sides just pisses me off

literally phone settings.

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Libretto a shit compared to the 90's LifeBooks
How much mem? I recently paid big buxx for the oddball 16mb module. Also picked up 4gb flash + adapter. Still to put 'em in.
How well do they run a gnu-linux?
Since all the batteries are dead now, can the batteries be replaced?
How is the heating? Does it keep cool?

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"Death to C, ++"

>Software engineer and TechCrunch columnist Jon Evans writes that the C programming language "gives its users far too much artillery with which to shoot their feet off" and is "no longer suitable for the world which C has built." An anonymous reader shared Evans' post:

>Copious experience has taught us all, the hard way, that it is very difficult, verging on "basically impossible," to write extensive amounts of C code that is not riddled with security holes. As I wrote two years ago, in my first Death To C piece... "Buffer overflows and dangling pointers lead to catastrophic security holes, again and again and again, just like yesteryear, just like all the years of yore. We cannot afford its gargantuan, gaping security blind spots any more. It's long past time to retire and replace it with another language.

>"The trouble is, most modern languages don't even try to replace C... They're not good at the thing C does best: getting down to the bare metal and working at mach speed." Today I am seriously suggesting that when engineers refactor existing C code, especially parsers and other input handlers, they replace it -- slowly, bit by bit -- with Rust... we are only going to dig ourselves out of our giant collective security hole iteratively, one shovelful of better code and better tooling at a time."

>He also suggests other fixes -- like using a language-theoretic approach which conceptualizes valid inputs as their own formal language, and formal verification of the correctness of algorithms. But he still insists that "C has become a monster" -- and that we must start replacing it with Rust.
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How do we oust these rats from the industry? They're going to ruin everything good that better men built before them. It's the same shit with front end frameworks getting worse and worse with the excuse that it's somehow easier to use, with a new one coming out every 6 months. It's just a big pile of shit and they won't stop.
Rust doesn't make programming safer it makes it worse by fooling the programmer into thinking their code is "safe" by default. As a result the quality of the software ecosystem takes a nosedive and everything turns to shit.
Thanks mozilla, you truly make programming worse that it was 10 years ago.
You pretty much have to call out their real agenda to oust them, put up public warnings about this organisation that's funded by Mozilla who are funded by the macarthur foundation, who in turn funds most SJW shit.

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>replaces all your shitty youtube mp3s with HD iTunes versions for free
>keeps all your photos and videos in sync across devices (even Windows and Linux) for free
>keeps all your data encrypted and doesn't data mine
>fixes your gadgets for less than DIY cost
And yet on top of ALL that, you also get:
>best in class IPS displays
>solid metal construction
>best virtual machine support
>best Linux and BSD support
>Windows 7 support
>best audio on the market
>access to the largest app and music store in the world
>American tech support you can text from your phone or tablet

I loved my T520, believe me I really did. But when it died to spamware and I tried Apple, I was absolutely blown away. I'm using the entire ecosystem now, even the pencil and TV and I can honestly say I am truly happy
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Nigger you could've installed macOS on your T520, everything works fine and while you'd be lacking the IPS screen you have a solid laptop instead of a fragile soda can aluminum piece of shit

why am i even replying
> I can honestly say I am truly happy

Since all you have to live for are trinkets that your master AppleĀ® permits you to purchase, why not just throw yourself off a cliff?
fake and gay
get out apple fagboi

>Being this poor to not be able to afford the greatest laptop on the market right now.

Top Heh
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>willing to spoend more than 1k for a laptop
These mactoddlers are hilarious.
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Enjoy your doorstop


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VLC is top dog again
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rip in piss
They realized their project was pointless when there's already a superior alternative
Was kinda getting comfy with aceplayer anyway. Can watch things in 1.5x and still have normalised audio.

There hasn't really been that many feature updates to MPC in quite some time, don;t see a reason why VLC would suddenly become "top dog"

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