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Does anyone run TempleOS bare metal?
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Anyone who does won't respond because they've ascended and see no reason to come back.
not even terry does
>Anyone who does won't respond
*because os/temple doesn't have networking implemented

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I have a bricked android phone, it wont turn on at all after I dropped it, is there any way I can recover the files I had on it from its flash storage?
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Depends on what got damaged. Try connecting it to your PC with a USB. See what happens.
I don't have a computer yet, I mean is there any way to recover the files besides doing that?
Well, you can't turn on the phone, so what exactly were you thinking you could do?

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What if the Internet was around during the 1700's to 1800's? Would it shape society a bit different?
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it was around.

lots of people talking to each other, sharing ideas, writing them down to preserve them, cats, etc. it was networking without computers.

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>dad hijacked the hentai harddrive
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Who cares, you have encrypted it. Right?
>expecting a frogposter to even know what encryption means
What is rot13?

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What is the best free VPN I can download? Every single one I've tried so far is either a phishing scam, marketing scheme or virus.
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>Every single one I've tried so far is either a phishing scam, marketing scheme or virus.
Duh. If you aren't paying, you aren't the customer, you're the product being sold.
You think VPNs are a fucking charity?

Be prepared to spend some money.

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What the fuck is this shit?
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The final form of the botnet
A bunch of shit all running Windows.
Does windows phone still exist? I haven't seen any new phones with windows

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If this is released at an i3 price point and not an i5 price point, AMD is in trouble.
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If we get 6c/12t i7s for the same price (yeah, that's what makes me worry) then I'm sold. However, the whole lineup seems rushed as fuck.
>tfw can't go r5 because 3000MHz RAM is overpriced where I live
It's all going to come down to pricing (and if the i5-8600K/i7-8700K is a housefire)
$150 unlocked 4/4 from Intel would become the default gaming CPU or cause a price drop on Ryzen.
Extremely interested in the performance of the new 6/6 i5's and I'll be buying the 6/12 for my own computer.
It's a purpose built 144hz box or I'd buy Ryzen, relax poos.

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download (1).gif
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I fear in the future you'll be able to find anyones identity through their online posts, even archived 4chan threads. I've said things here and on Yahoo Answers (and Tumblr) I wouldn't want attached to any non-anon.
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>Yahoo Answers
>/vp/ gif
I bet you browse /co/ too you cuck
These are the boards I've posted on 1+ times
/v/ or /vg/?
A very sleuthy human with access to a fuck ton of data might be able to figure it out with a lot of time
But a well trained AI might be able to pick out your posts quite easily

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All I want is a 16:10 monitor with good black levels. Is it too much to ask?
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I contacted RMS today regarding that post whether macOS is acceptable, seeing as it is UNIX. He responded.
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>he puts two spaces after periods
Only niggers don't.
And this is how you spot the newfag.

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LG G4.jpg
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Ok guys im considering buying this bad boy, it seems like the best budget option, should I?
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>Unavoidable bootloop due to motherhood solder joint failure
>No development
>No bootloader unlock outside of a couple of models

Terrible choice for a phone my famicom.
Oh shit, is there a similar phone I can get?

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lol wut.png
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lol what the fuck /g/? Is this guy serious? Tell me he's trolling, no way he's fucking serious right?
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Fuck off larper
You overestimate people.
go ask him, retard

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I've been away for a few weeks. What's the consensus on i9 and Threadripper?
Worth getting or nah? If nah, what's the best?
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"Worth getting" for what purpose? Threadripper is superior for everything you'd want 10+ cores for.
scientific computing and general multitasking (i.e. watching 8 porn videos at once)
Well, if you're willing to spend $800+ on a CPU and $200+ on a motherboard, then it probably is worth it.


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Intel is going to die a painful, horrible death in the not so distant future. Just letting you know.

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How is Ubuntu Budgie? Is it better than GNOME?
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No. It's literally, Gnome with tiny icons, the dock moved to the bottom, and some superficial tweaks anyone could do on their own.
LOL. The desire to be macOS is real.
Ubuntu Budgie is a distribution.

GNOME is a desktop environment.

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