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Do your part to fight fascism and the white male, buy an iPhone x /g/
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fuck "president" drumpf
Trolling major tech sites, say begin sexist almost all reviews new iPhone begins from men, because 50% buyer iphone are women.

They try so hard to insert niggers into their campaigns.

It's so obvious.

Imagine being a nigger and being a model or a part of an ad campaign. You'll never know whether they genuinely want you or it's just cause you have shit color skin and you're nothing more than a black token.

>The state of technology
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>apple made poo if it could make this instead
>we want the indian audience
isn't apple full of pajeets already
thats still shit anon

I don't see any reason that I should be forced to work with brown people in the tech industry.
These ooga booga niggers are lazy, don't know shit about tech, somehow managing to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on education like the leaches they are. Even in the workplace they manage to be a waste of time and resources because you have to explain everything to their chimp brains.
They need to go back to working in cotton farms or collecting welfare stamps so currency circulates, it's the only two things these types of people have been useful for. Better yet, ship them back to Africa so they starve to death with their species.
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You are unemployed and threatened that you have to compete. I pity your weakness, the white supremacy hegemony gives soft white people.
u mad whiteboy?
go ahead and something about it faggot

miss me yet?
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Did they kill SE? :(
I have you in my hand, why would I miss you?
Yeah I miss a cheap fast phone.
This is the only thing I want from apple make a phone like Iphone 6 with no features but with new proessor and with really low price.

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How do I git gud at git?
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By reading the sticky.
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man git
git help
xdg-open https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=git%20howto

Hey /g/ look what Kumar made
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>subhuman kumar
Say what you want, Indians don't know jack shit about theory of hacking but they put it in practice.
I haven't met hacker from my area who knows anything besides theoretical part.

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>live in upper middle class neighborhood
>stuck with AT&T
>recently can't even play vidya anymore because trying to do anything more than basic web browsing causes the connection to throttle for 10 minutes
Post your gripes here lads. There are rumors among the masses that we might be freed by Comcast, but that in itself is another hell.
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>civilized country
>no monopolies allowed
>250/25 connection with about 99% uptime
gg wp
I love Comcast, as far as what's available to me at least
> cuckmast and frontier only options
> frontier actually competes
> 100/100 for ~80/per month (with bundle)
> cuckmast would probably be twice that for less
> centurylink thinking about competing
> mfw actual competition happening
Feels good man

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>edge can't play webm-
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who cares, win10 is botnet.
Who actually gives a fuck?
Congrats, you just got functionality that non shit web browsers have had for years.
Keep that Microsoft dildo firmly in your ass though, i'm sure it'll pay off.

What HDD will last longer:

Running 24/7
On and off every 12 hrs?
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is the 24/7 one well cooled and stable?
if yes, then probably that one, but it's a reverse lottery.
on and off every 12 hrs.
its mechanical parts will degrade less

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Wtf is this shit. Its the same
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Literally what did you expect?
It's Apple. It's always the same or less.

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Greetings /g/!
Let's talk about DNS.
What DNS server are you guys using?
A lot of people are using Google, but at what point is it Private?
Also most ISP's DNS server block a lot of needed websites.
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I found this one guy in Switzerland and I'm using him for the memes. It's something like from memory which is probably wrong, just check on the opennic site.
DNSCRYPT with OpenNIC fallback
Will soon host own DNS servers that query the root servers directly when I stop being a lazy nigger


iPhone is here, lets get ready to change the werld!

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Android btfo'd forever

>Call something ultraportable
>Its 25x30
Are small laptops dead? Who the hell carries these bulky beasts to school or work?
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Get some help at /fit pussy
Imagine putting that into backbag
Fuck that noise

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post your battlestations of yore. let's take a trip back to simpler times

i'll start with my auxiliary battlestation from the mid 2000s
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what computer is that? an ibm?

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//60MB XML
For what reason would youwant to use node.js?
Who thought it would be a good idea to write extensions ("modules") in JS, when C is the norm?
What the fuck is wrong with the industry?!

I've talked to grown men advocating this shit, should get shot right on the spot desu
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Web 1.0 death squads when
show the code m8

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