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how do using linux will protect you from the NSA?
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NSA is eternal
It doesn't.
Learn English pajeet.

/g/, how do i fix this backlight bleeding on my laptop? What's a good laptop that doesn't have this?

pic related is my XPS 15
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>LCD monitors
fock outta here with those normie memes
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worst of hell.png
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what have i done

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Holy shit I've seen the "firefox is faster than chrome" meme for YEARS and it was NEVER true every single time I tested except for now, I've been using nightly for 5 days now and it's so much faster and responsive than canary it's unbelievable, I don't know if it's because I activated that new feature or not but if you haven't tested it, do it
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t. shill

Also just think how fast things will be when more servo components get integrated :)
>his brain can't handle epic maymays
Chrome will be perfect for you.
I would sacrifice those milliseconds of speed for my old addons working again. If I wanted no add-ons I would already be using chrome.

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I just finished my build, what do you think?

Please post yours too, I want to see what /g/ is running.
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Why not wait till Monday when Coffee Lake gets released?
Don't buy that evga version of the 1080 they have serious cooling problems (Google it) i had to return mine. Get the ftw instead

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hey /g/. i live in an area where there's literally no programming jobs i can apply to so i've resorted to working remote, but the thing is i never get a reply back when applying places. i've tried upwork and linkedin jobs, applied to dozens of positions and never heard back. no BA degree in computer science so i might be getting rejected because of that, but i was hoping i'm just missing something crucial to be able to live off my hobby. i'm in the web development business if that changes anything
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> dozens of positions
Sometimes you have to apply to hundreds. Keep your chin up and keep at it.
> i live in an area where there's literally no programming jobs
Is relocating a possibility? It's easier to get a physical position.
> i'm in the web development business
Having a decent portfolio and a GitHub helps.
bump for interest, success stories, reasons to have hope

I also eat ice cream every day.

filename thread
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Sneeddragon formerly Chuck's
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mexican standoff.jpg
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Sneed's Feed and Snapdragon Seeds

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I have tried to find an old Thermaltake Xaser series case's but can't find of the older model's. Is there something rare about them? Although I have found it hard to find cases from the similar time period.

Image Related
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Yes, the world came to their senses and burned them all in 2009. May we never mention it again.

I have one. It has some damage to the swinging door, the plastic window is cracked, and I lost the key, but it's not locked shut.

Lost some of the tabs for fast mount&unmount HDDS, may not be able to find the inner fan door (was piece of shit, like an extra layer inside the case with fans on it)

If you want it, I will donate it to you to kick off my www.salvaged.tech project
These cases were so cheaply made but I love them for some reason. My soprano was objectively the worst pc case I ever owned.

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Based Steve.
Nice to see Steve clearly lay out that core overclocking basically isn't working on Vega's launch drivers.

As I've been saying, all you can get out of Vega on the launch drivers is to set power target to +50%, overclock the memory as much as you can, and then undervolt as far as you can. Until these overclocking bugs get fixed there is no reliable way to test Vega core overclocking performance.
That's what I thought.
There's no way people hit 1980mhz on Vega.

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How the fuck do you get motivated to learn another language?

I really want to start swift but I just cbf
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For me it's a mix of building personal projects I care about and actually scheduling time to study.
necessity. dont change languages until you are an expert at your current one.

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My browser lagged out a couple days ago and since then I keep opening a shit ton of tabs to test it out, things turn out fine, but the feeling resurfaces and I keep checking. This is stressing the fuck out of me because I get the itch to do it again and I just keep wasting so much time doing this it's driving me insane. Anybody felt something similar? How do I feel peace from this
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That's very unrespectful, shame on you.
Not my original creation. I'd be lying if I said I don't find it amusing but that doesn't mean I have no sympathy about his death.
>tfw you realize gnu/linux is shit and finally end it all
he had the right idea

If you were given the chance to choose one of these which would you get?

4 cores

8 cores (actually a 4 core x 2)

Both have the same benchmark of processing bytes (rendering/mining/etc)

It wouldn't matter, right?
Or would it be better to choose the 8 core setup simply because it would make tasks/running programs like chrome, faster in comparison?
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I dunno, everyone's telling me that the future is in more cores. I still hold 4c/8t as the thumbs-up standard. Some would tell me that those thumbs are up my butt for such a low standard.
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How can the 8 core be both just as fast as the 4 core and faster at the same time?
Well I forgot to say, they are

8c/8t (the same as above, but x2)

and both have the same cpu benchmark

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What's the best power bank ?
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The cheapest reliable one. I think $1 per Ah is a good target.
Anker power core 10000

Why are you not playing with it now???

Is the most fun i had in programming since a looong time, when I started learning Delphi.
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people learn programming languages... for fun????
Yes. Programming is a mental game. The plus is that you can be productive with it too.
Well draw me in anon. Why should I learn perl 6?

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Stop calling everything a botnet.
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4chan is a botnet
Windows is a botnet
Google is a botnet
Botnets are the future.
Fuck off, botnet. Saged.
Shut up you fat botnets!!!!!!!!!!

4chunnel broke af for anyone else these past weeks? My settings don't stick, style reverts after selecting a different one. Tried Firefox and Chrome with addons and without and it won't work.

4chunnel a shit why
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install gentoo
Install gentoo
Just realized I'm getting MITM attacked

It wasn't connecting over HTTPS despite HTTPSEverywhere, I have to manually enter https:// and then my styles and settings are back

Someone is MITM my 4chan connections

How fucked am I

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