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Apart from it not being able to find something what does it not like?
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Solus being shit, as per usual. Gentoo doesn't have this problem.
>Solus being shit, as per usual. Gentoo doesn't have this problem.
You can only have problems like this if you have a working operating system so no shit
Solus' includes are retarded as it seems, works fine here on Manjaro

I started my computer and found all my shit zoomed out like this..

Someone pls halp
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you must be 18+ to post in here
Zoom it back in.
press ctrl+0 (that's a zero, not an O)

I'm spoonfeeding you because I pity you. Also, switch to Discord from Skype, it's the lesser evil.

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Are these phones basically same?
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I have a Mi 5 and i wouldn't recommend it. The build quality is awful, the screen is kinda blurry and the camera is dogshit. Oh and also you have to wait for around a week to unlock the bootloader.

/W4RR/ Dialy Wait For Raven Ridge Thread

What are you guys hoping to get? We soon got some SKUs appearing on Videocardz.

Any news or new info regarding them?
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Nobody cares about RR anon, please delet
Keep getting cucked by Intel then.
RR is the most uninteresting product ever, and we already know how it's going to pan out - not well. make a navi meme thread instead.

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>can't even opt out with chrome/chromium
Nice try, shill.
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>To do that, we are planning to run a new SHIELDstudy that tests how we can collect additional data in a privacy preservingway.
>collect additional data in a privacy preservingway.
>collect additional data
>in a privacy preservingway.
it already does
see: telemetry, optional usage reporting, firefox health report

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Who /hackerman/ here?
>be me, college sophomore
>excellent bandwidth at school
>laptops are connected through wifi
>unhide characters and view network password
>network switch is a fucking bird's nest, no cable management
>it's mounted to the wall in a shelf
>buy a raspberry pi, put it in a black case
>power in beside the switch, 6" ethernet cable into a port
>glue raspberry to the cabinet below the wires
>remote connect from my laptop
>it actually fucking works
>so far torrented 710GB of free shit at spaceman speed

I figure eventually they'll clean the tech room and find it, but it'll be far too late by then. The anime is already on my desktop.

Only catch is I have to keep blowing my nose near the switch as cover to eject the anime USB
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Why not transfer the files over LAN?
if u get caught u shud kill urself like the leddit man
He works at google now numbnuts

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Do you guys know how to increase performance in Windows 7?
I want some kind of program or some set of configuration to increase performance by configuring system files or something like that or just a program or a set of settings that can make the visual experience of Windows much more shittier so my Pentium 4 won't freeze my PC so often
And yes, I have considered switching to Linux, I will do it some time but not now
And no I won't install Gentoo because I don't want to compile it
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install gentoo
it's also time to give up on your p4, save up $0-50 for a c2d at least

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>everyone quits working
>the free market kicks in
>AI research and automation is accelerated one hundred fold
>robots do 99% of all jobs
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>everyone quites working
Way ahead of you.
>everyone quits working

I think you might have some trouble with this step
not if we sabotage everybody.

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Ryzen or Threadripper CPU and an Nvidia GPU is the only thing that makes sense these days.

Where the fuck did it all go wrong?
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> Where the fuck did it all go wrong?

> not installing gentoo

>nvidia gpu
why? i would grab an XFX 4x0 if i could
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More expensive, shittier performance, lacking features, nigger-tier support.

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Post your gear

One keychain:
>Corsair Voyager 128GB
>8GB Xubuntu Live
>folder of Windows Programs
>folder of Linux Programs
>folder full of operating systems

>Kingston DTSE9 64GB
>Windows 7 live
>folder full of Windows 7 Drivers
>folder full of Windows Programs
>Windows 10 ISO, just in case

>Samsung Whistle-USB 32GB
>8GB Xubuntu Live
>free space
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Run a FTP server so you don't have to horde programs on yourself like an idiot

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If RAM is just temporary memory, why cant you use a hard drive as RAM to have more than 1TB RAM?
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You can, which is what swapping essentially is. The problem, however, is that disks are a lot slower than RAM, by a factor of several hundred thousands.
You can, it's called swap memory and it is slow. Remember the nvidia 3,5 gigs of ram scandal? Like that but even slower
Why dont you use a SSD then?

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The next global Ransomware attack is almost here. Are you ready?

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never heard of it or it happening to anyone. ever.

this is fake shit spread by the cia so the press can blame russia. isn't it?
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>born too early to experience cute anime schoolgirls nanobots

just fuck up my shit up fampai
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y u n

Does anyone know of a good Linux distro that is a mix between ease of use and customization? I used gentoo but got less work done due to system maintenance? I was thinking manjaro though it has systemd and no lvm support.
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Maybe Sabayon or Calculate
> I used gentoo but got less work done due to system maintenance
Why though? Was your computer not sporting enough RAM to upgrade in the background while you work? Was the CPU super slow so that program updates aren't done in a short time?

> systemd
Is actually helpful if you want fast startup & quick diagnostics.

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This has been bugging me. There are many alternatives for google services, but the one service that we should be worried about is DNS. I can see companies in the future selling DNS services as some kind of "Gateway to the Internet" type shit. IPv6 can change this to a certain degree, but a lot of ISP's do not support it. In my case, I had to set up a 6in4 via HE. What can we do to take back control? I did switch to OpenDNS until I discovered they were bought by Cisco. Now i'm using HE's IPv4/6 nameservers. Any ideas? If there are any DNS experts please chime in.
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Are you too inept to run your own resolver?
Pirate party DNS.
Easy, killer. Save some pussy for the rest of us.

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Where are the Android x Oreo promotions Nabisco?! Give me prizes and fun Android shaped Oreos!!!! RRRREEEEEEEEEE

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You should already be boycotting Nabisco for moving their oreo factories to Beanland
No thanks. Factories in Mexico and unhealthy shit.
Oreo is a well-known racist term.
When will Google apologize and fire those responsible?

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