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so whats safer...
downloading from torrents or downloading from websites like zippyshare or other similar sites?

obviously from a trusted site not just some random torrent or link to a movie from a weird site youve never visited.

my best friend was contacted by his internet provider because his roommate was downloading movies. never happened to me before though.

where do you guys download all your stuff from?
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private trackers
i always see the private tracker threads but i dont even know what they are.
they're some of worst people on /g/ and the threads are circlejerks and shitposting

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fucking boomers.webm
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What are some illogical and/or dumb tech related things baby boomers do?

>always unplug electric appliances when not in use despite them not using any power on standby
>buy a $2500 4K HDR TV to watch 480p TV channels
>buy super thin tech like tablets or phones then put massive thick protective covers on them
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>not using any power on standby
Confirmed bait. Or you're just retarded.
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>always unplug electric appliances when not in use despite them not using any power on standby
>not using any power on standby

>not convert their kernels to use imperial instead of metric

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Can someone please explain to me the appeal iPhone has to tech illiterates? People are still lining up to buy the pieces of shit even without a headphone port or they just buy last year's version if they find out.
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It's a luxury, premium product.
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Or rather just apple technology in general since the new macbooks have an awful keyboard and touchpad.
Conspicuous consumption.
See also Veblen goods.

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RX 560? Basically equal to the 1050, only difference is power consumption
Wait for Nvidia Volta GV107 GTX 2050 Ti
RX560 2GB

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I need to reinstall Windows because it broke. I had Windows 7. Should I go for 10 or should I just put 7 on it again? Is 10 still pure shit or has it improved according to you?
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Meh, stay in 7, I wouldn't call it straight up horse shit but it just doesn't feel as good as 7 was.

Can't believe shitcrosoft hasn't addressed the stupid amount of bugs you get when you hook up a 4k monitor.
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install gentoo
I do have a 4k tv (although I still don't watch much 4k content) so thanks for the warning.
Guess I'll stay on 7 a while longer.

Btw how easy is it to get 10, not the entry level version, for 'free' now? Still much more complicated than 7?

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Why are thinkpads the more popular business class laptops when Elitebooks are the better choice?
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because x220 and t420 are literally the best and comfy notebooks out in the wild
wish i was cool enough to own a thinkpad and code it up with some g bros

Why the fuck hasn't it happened yet?
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because linux sucks
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chrome os.jpg
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happened a while back m8
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Stupid Questions Thread
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how the fuck do I change my wallpaper in cloverOS?
So why do flash games run like trash these days?
That's a linux distro right? Use feh --bg-center filename
There are other options in the feh manpage.

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Pretty close to buying an xps 13 (with an i5, and 1080p non-touch screen); talk me out of it /g/.
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poo in the loo rakesh
>talk me out of it /g/
dont do it
don't do it you dont want to and 13" is fucking small

Hey /g/ is it possible to build a pc where an n64 is LITERALLY INSIDE THE PC?
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ye build your own custom chassis
you could put an N64 inside of the PC case and then run the cables through the slots

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61574212
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I prefer on-ear.
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What is the second best headphone behind the HD600?
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What if I do also enjoy edm and the occasional Kanye track?

Recently, I've been getting super into Yunomi's stuff. Will I still enjoy it?

data cap hate thread.
just got this notification about my data usage. i'd rather live anywhere other than fucking here.
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Find a place with a local ISP that aren't jews and go live there.
There's hardly any place left in the US that doesn't have data caps.
The ones that don't have shitty speeds.
I live in rural SC with a local ISP (home telecom) that runs fiber to the home that gives 50mbps for $65 and gigabit for $150 with no cap, even after using several terabytes a month, no throttling

Rust or Swift?
Which language do you think is smarter and generally better.
inb4 apple/mozilla haters.
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> Rust or Swift
Pajeet detected.
Neither, I hate Java like the plague but it's still miles better than those two piles of shit.
Rust is far more versatile. Swift, albeit much better for productivity, is practically nonexistent outside Apple's platforms because the open source community doesn't care enough about it to write useful libraries.
That said, I still wouldn't use Rust in most cases. I'd rather write an equivalent Go program in 1/4 of the time.

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What is her problem?
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Literally who

No I don't want to look it up
Burned coal. Low IQ is contagious.
burn the coal, pay apple the toll

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Apple does it again, I'm impressed.
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Sorry, explain for a layman.
Apple is joining this gay little fad of making shitty screens just so their annual refresh has an actual difference.

Just buy last year's device, as per usual.
Why wasn't applel first to go bezeless? Even $90 phones are bezelless today

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