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How do you carry your technology?
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I don't, I lay it on my desk along with anything of considerable cost that I bought with mommy's pocket money and take a picture of it for /g/ in EDC threads

Is that a fannypack for fat people?
Guess that's why every item in EDC threads appears in mint condition.


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Hi all,

This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.

Last time: >>61517666

The latest:
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1080 +10% performance for $400

Can overclock close to a 1080ti if you don't mind pulling 420W

Screencap this
Yeah somebody screencap this so we can point and laugh when Vega is actualy released
Yeah, about that...
Defintely GP104 level.

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Is automation going to be the end of humanity?
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I hope so.
Not with that much waste. I kek'd.
Is that from the chick that makes shitty robots? Apparently she does this because she loves starting projects, but is never motivated enough to do the last 10% to make it good. I know those feels.

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions
Take at least 10 seconds to google first

Old Thread: >>61541116
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How should I name my wifi? It's really hard for me to think of a name... :,(
Also is 1Gbps internet a meme? Just got mine, I can reduce it to 300Mbps if I want to pay less, but honestly 20€/month isn't much...
name it: "I like my women like I like my coffee"
She cute as fuck.

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>parents tell everyone they know that i'm a computer genius
>can't even code just know how to use programs
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Welcome to 2017 where just being able to browse the internet without needing any meme anti virus makes u a leet haxor
It means their illiterate and they want to use you for stuff
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>people think i can code
>all i do is copy and paste stuff from stackoverflow

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I live in Germany and want to buy a certain smartphone on Ali Express because here it costs 150 EUR more. What are the pitfalls? I see no reason to pay 150 more. Meanwhile, it is straightforward to find international versions of my smartphone of choice on Ali.

Sorry, didn't find a stupid question thread.
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Also Germanfag here
Just make sure it's a seller with good rep. I've ordered tons of Stuff on Ali Express, and while it takes weeks to arrive, it always did and exactly as described.
You could have asked on csg.
They've a whole wiki on buying chink shit.
It might be a bad idea. The versions they make for the domestic market are often sub par in comparison to the export ones and frequently contain dodgy substitute components that might or might not meet the intended specs.

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> Buy Ryzen within weeks of availability.
> Lame box

W-Why have you forsaken me AMD?
They never recovered me as a customer. I will always be AMD.

why did you chop mommys head off?

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> Firefox Marketshare is ‘Falling off a Cliff’

> Blames Google
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Well if they weren't constantly having to play catch-up with chrome they'd be more popular!
>Droping addons compatibility
>SJW and PC infestation
>very late in how the browser handles ram (multi process)

yeah its not like Mozilla itself, it must be google right?
let them die and just watch the show
>blaming another company for having a superior product
>not blaming themselves for acting like holier-than-thou faggots and producing an objectively inferior product
Only a symptom of the problem. They're filled with faggots.

I have been drinking around 3 cups of coffee every day for the past five years and now have traffic light yellow teeth no matter how frequently I brush them. My only choice is to bleach them or gradually remove the stains using an electric toothbrush.

Does anyone on /g/ own an electric toothbrush?
What brand/product do you recommend? Oral-B or Sonicare?
I'd like to spend less than $150.
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Use a straw and use hydrogen peroxide
Can you use a straw with coffees?
Sonicare is a step above other mechanical shit, which just sort of rotate their heads back and forth with a motor--sonicare uses an electromagnet to vibrate the bristles *really* fast, comparatively. It's enough to blast shit right out from between teeth. Makes your mouth feel insanely clean, but it can feel pretty rough on your gums at first.

Also, you gotta change the heads fairly regularly, they lose stiffness and don't clean effectively, and you don't really notice until you swap them out and feel the difference. I've also had bad luck with the cheaper generic heads, they often don't fit snugly on the handle and buzz loudly/etc.

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Are programmers smarter than sysadmins?
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depends on the individual
There are code monkeys and there are retards that are just running one liners from senior sys admins or worse, one liners from Google search.

Like >>61550718 said, it depends on the individual but at the end sys admins do actually code (bash, python, C) to speed up their tasks while experienced programmers also dabble in sys admin stuff to create and maintain their dev machines.
What if the sysadmin is also a programmer?

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What's up with this listing? GTX 1080 for $50 buy-it-now? And it's not just one listing, there's a bunch of them from various sellers with good feedback.
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I looked at this video before I made the thread. This guys says it was from one specific seller with bad reviews. This is not the case.
You can sell a bunch of cheap shit like cases and fidget spinners to get good feedback.

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What are you working on, /g/?

I am working my way through this tutorial:

Just started yesterday and finished lesson 1 and 2. Webm related - it's a blinking act LED
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Just ordered another three for the NAS I'm assembling inside my asshole
Fuck SJWpi. Filthy commies.
Nice, how do you power them? How much storage do you got?

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Anyone bought a Data Hub for extra usb slots?

Not sure if I should just get a cheap Amazon basic one, Anker 10 slot, or Sabrent 4 slot.

I checked out reviews for all of them and they all seem to break in a couple months.

Amazon and Anker ports 3/7 die withing a couple months and I heard they screw up with wireless keyboards/mouses which I don't have.

I just need a couple more usb slots since my computer is far away.
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bump for you op
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I've used unpowered USB hubs for 5-10 years now, and never had any break on me. Not sure about 8-10 slot ones, though.

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The future Roomba vacuum will be collecting data from inside your home and selling the detailed map of your living quarters to one of the 'Big Three' which is Amazon, Apple or Google.


The Roomba robotic vacuum has been whizzing across floors for years, but its future may lie more in collecting data than dirt. That data is of the spatial variety: the dimensions of a room as well as distances between sofas, tables, lamps and other home furnishings. To a tech industry eager to push "smart" homes controlled by a variety of Internet-enabled devices, that space is the next frontier. Smart home lighting, thermostats and security cameras are already on the market, but Colin Angle, chief executive of Roomba maker iRobot Corp (IRBT.O), says they are still dumb when it comes to understanding their physical environment. He thinks the mapping technology currently guiding top-end Roomba models could change that and is basing the company's strategy on it.

"There's an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of the home that the user has allowed to be shared," said Angle. That vision has its fans, from investors to the likes of Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Alphabet (GOOGL.O) who are all pushing artificially intelligent voice assistants as smart home interfaces. According to financial research firm IHS Markit, the market for smart home devices was worth $9.8 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow 60 percent this year. Angle told Reuters that iRobot, which made Roomba compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant in March, could reach a deal to sell its maps to one or more of the Big Three in the next couple of years.

Amazon declined to comment, and Apple and Google did not respond to requests for comment.
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>company doesn't realize it's sitting on a cash cow
>blows money on shit people don't want that won't help anybody, increasing the price of an already stupidly expensive product
>no price improvements over time because need to fund fucking garbage tech nobody cares about

I don't understand why companies like this can't just iterate little improvements every couple of years, while mostly focusing on price reduction. It would be so much more profitable. Just make fucking better Roombas at a better price and everybody would buy one.
>connecting such devices to the internet
No thanks. I don't even allow my TV access, because it's literal botnet.

What's the cheapest laptop that can run WoW so I can farm gold tokens at work?
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Latitude e6420
A free one.

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