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It's a feature, right? HAHAHA

Not even Microsoft is that retarded
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I can't wait till the day systemd gets ported to FreeBSD and OpenBSD
Thanks Red sHat

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Some updates have failed to be installed reverting changes.
>Regular updates are a bad thing
You installed from an SP1 DVD, didn't you?

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> First off, I’d suggest printing out a copy of the GNU coding standards, and NOT read it. Burn them, it’s a great symbolic gesture.


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Thanks OP, reading trough Gnu coding standard right now and will use it on my next C project.
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>GNU software save for a few minor projects works at intended and some of it is even multiplatform, where it also works
>linux kernel is still a broken, bloated and largely insecure piece of shit that gets worse with every version

really tabulates my indentations
> The Linux kernel isn't cross platform
Are you actually retarded?

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Let's talk about Terry Davis, as I'm shocked I hadn't discovered this guy much sooner than I did. How do you all think he became the way he is today? What vlogs/streams of his do you recommend?
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A bump for the prophet
What happened to him? His website is all different and his old YT channel is gone.
I'm not sure. Last I heard, he got banned from streaming pretty much everywhere he'd been doing so. It's a shame, but he still does vlogs on the new channel.

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>to continue listening, please drink a verification can
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>Dolby wants you to pay money for a eq and some filters
I'm not a genius but this fucking retarded shit right there!
Does it acctualy sound any good?
Isn't proprietary software just great?
Does it work on GNU?

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Everything without a price is out of stock. Even my local vendors are being pilfered
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Why would you need any of those graphics cards anyways? overpriced garbage that serves no purpose.
>he doesn't know
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I don't even understand it. Bitcoin miners have moved on to custom FPGAs/ASICs. Who are the sad fucking retards that keep buying out worthless GPUs to compete with the Chinese?

Hello /g/
OnePlus 5 or the Samsung GalaxyS8?
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Galaxy S8

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i like systemd
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I don't like memes, period.
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me too
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780Ti fried itself and I don't wanna wait until August for the 580 to be back in stock

Did I just jew myself? I really wanted to go AMD+FreeSync, but holy shit man the miners just bought every single Polaris gpu in existence
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>780 Ti owner buying Nvidia again
>not learning lessons
Freesync depends mostly on your monitor and too often it's way too specific to work (works only between 70 and 100Hz etc). As for 1060 it's a good card but it's probably gonna be badly beaten by AMD alternatives in the future when dx12/vulkan becomes the norm. Don't be a waitfag though, people who were complaining about $50 above MSRP prices of Pascal got cucked badly with the return of mining craze. Waitfags never learn.
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>he bought amd

>shitton of updates available
>net upgrade size:
> -12MB


My system gets smaller and faster with every upcoming update.
How do you even live with your 15GB desktop environments? I couldn't handle that bullshit for one day. And god knows what spyware they could've just bundled in your bloatware :^)
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kek, I love how debian and ubuntu broke the erlang and some c dev packages because they are stupid but they work flawlessly in arch, these distros are made for idiots man
Good luck when you need to print something or hook up your laptop to projector.
I bet you can't even connect your phone properly on it.
Arch developers are fucking geniouses. They don't give priority to user-friendliness, stability, backwards compatibility (although they DO care about those things - look at how detailed the Arch Wiki is and how most of the stuff from the official repo Just Werks TM) - the only thing they care about is the quality and simplicity of the distro.

They will break things, if neccessary, just to make things better, faster, more efficient. I sense a lot of similarities to Terry A. Davis' stance towards TempleOS.

Arch is literally the closest thing to God's OS we can have in Linux. (yeah its linux fuk off stallman)

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I've got a Latitude D620 and a D630.
I've spare RAM and lager batteries for them, but I have no hard drives.
What is the best model to use?
Can they compare to old Thinkpads?
Is it worth to buy a SSD for one of them?
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>620 = /trash/
>630 = max it out, then = /trash/
I have also a spare Kingston SSD, forgot to tell.

>max out

so... not worth it?

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>constantly shitpost about Java and pajeets on /g/
>end up getting a Java job
Is it karma?
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If you also shilled Rust and shat on C for not being "type-safe," then definitely.
But does that mean that if I shit on C I'll get a C job? I'd prefer that
It's karma when you realize you're a really crappy Java programmer and that guys like me with 15 years in the business has to clean your shit up

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Windows "ricing" thread. Not actual ricing, more of debloating and/or optimization. Currently W 8.1 user, get it to this point. But thats more about my autisma - how far can i push it? So, is there some resources online to read about specific win components, and what they do? For example, I dont need any stuff about printers, wifi, local networks.
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>Not actual ricing, more of debloating and/or optimization

and yet you fags defend this malware
already done all of that, im not talking about services. There is a bretty good piece of software, Autoruns. There you could see all the shit that is loaded up on windows sturtup, like shell extensions (open with...) and could be disabled/deleted from sturtup.

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Clean Install Edition
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I wanna buy a new laptop and I narrowed it down to 2 options and I wanted to ask /g/ for help to choose between them but I don't see a general thread for that and I feel like it would be a shitty thread if I made one just for that , wat do ?
Best Gui backup for Fedora? Trying my best to stay on the official repos
But there is a Thinkpad thread? You are buying a Thinkpad, right?

Idk if I want to go with the T60/T61 or the T400. Preferably want a 16:9 screen but if I can get something a lot better with a 4:3 screen then I'll be fine with that.

Just need a cheap laptop to run arch on as I'll be doing some travelling.
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you don't need a laptop, you need a psychiatrist
Install gentoo
first of all >>61214553 this
if you are going to travel you don't want something bulky, get a 12" model like x200, x200s, x201...

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