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Vega 56 @ 1440P.jpg
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Consider the following. The RX 480 was -15% overall compared to the GTX 1060 at launch. With driver improvements it more or less equalled the GTX 1060 across a broad range of games and the RX 580 improved that still.

RX VEGA at launch more or less equals a GTX 1070 at launch with gains to be made in future driver updates. It uses ~30% more power than the 1070 though. But that is normal for AMD GPU's. Considering the price of the GTX 1070 right now it may be a good deal for AMD users invested in Freesync. The only issue is miners. Currently the hash rate has been confirmed at 30mh which is shit. But that may improve somewhat when miner software developers get their hands on the new drivers and see what they can do with them.

Overall being over a year late to barely match the GTX 1070 Vega is a flop. But for those of us with 1440P Freesync monitors (I was kinda forced to buy one two weeks back when my old monitor died since I have an RX 480) this is our only real option so I guess we have to suck it in and accept our fate.
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He was comparing it against a partner GTX 1070. Reference is probably a bit slower than that.
To me Vega 56 is a huge success. I only scrolled through techpowerup review but it seem that in games that are broken on AMD it is on par with 1070 but in decent optimized games its on par with 1080 or bit slower. Lets keep in mind that its a new architecture reference card with rushed drivers. I dont even need a video card but i cant wait to see how faster it will become due to non ref design, drivers and game optimizations.

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Why would anyone willing use Ubuntu MATE when they could easily use XFCE?

* XFCE can be made to look like MATE
* It can do much more than MATE
* It is not stuck in the past like MATE

Why wouldn't you use XFCE?
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>It is not stuck in the past
>Last Xfce update: 2 years ago
>Last MATE update: this year
You don't need to update perfection.
>Not just admitting KDE is the best DE.

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Do you have your VR legs? All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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First for Gear VR.
Echo Arena, Onward & Minecraft best games right now. Can't wait for PayDay 2 & Fallout 4
What is the best VR controller?

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download (10).jpg
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a thread died for this
Cum on it

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What's an older laptop that can be used for gaming? I'm trying to get my girlfriend an anniversary gift because her laptop is beginning to shit the bed and her only criteria is that it has to be able to play WoW Legion on either low or medium settings. Her previous computer was a 2012 Latitude running Linux but I think she wants Windows this time around.

My budget is pretty low but I get deep discounts on SSDs and RAM so all I really need is a laptop with a decent CPU and GPU, preferably about 3-5 years old. It runs just fine on my four year old MacBook.

What would you recommend for legion?
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anything with a discreet graphics card (730 gt or better) and 4+ gigs of ram

i recommend 1080p resolution
I would recommend you kill yourself.
Haha so funny 4chan epic win :^)

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Previous: >>61889560

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
FAQ https://pastebin.com/hrXxMHs9
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.

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>Finally adds the requested "NEWS" section
>Doesn't contain any actual news
It's the thought that counts, I guess

How can I find the exact location of someone's by using their ip? I tried the usual whois and other websites but the other person says it's not exact and it just leads to the tower
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That's not possible unless you work for the ISP who issued the IP.
Oh so the siginal can't be retraced to source?
Not unless you can hack the mainframe. Which itself is pretty hardcore.

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At least not so much to stop using all their services, right? because I registered in like 10 different sites to stop using it but now I see it's really stupid.
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Use adnauseam.
>falling for a meme
fuck off cia nigger

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great success.jpg
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>be AMD
>release vega a year late
>barely competitive with nvidias offerings
>uses more than twice as much power
>can't even buy them because of miners
Why are AMD so good at making bad products?
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Low R&D budget
Ryzen is shit too, don't forget that
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>bad products
>can't even buy them
I get that Vega 64 is a little underwhelming for gaming in some titles but come on now.

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> uncle who everyone likes
> always friendly and tries to help young men in need in the community
> everyone sees him as a saint for doing something so noble
> except I know why he really does this
> I come back from the army, time to finish college
> need a place to live while I look for an apartment
> uncle offers his spare bedroom at his house, rent free
> wow, thanks so much, you're doing me a big favor
> turns out it was me who was doing him the favor...I feel so ashamed thinking about this
> we're sitting on the couch, watching tv one night after dinner
> the show is getting good, I lean forward with elbows on knees and head in hands
> it started with a pat on the back
> then a back rub, ok whatever I don't mind
> his hand keeps rubbing lower
> then later his hand goes past the pant line, starts feeling my crack
> I'm like wtf, does he realize how far down he's gone
> so I slowly sit up next time his rubbing hand goes higher
> turns out that was his plan all along
> his hand goes down the pant line on the front side now
> his fingers come to rest on the head of my penis
> 10 seconds later, he does a bit more back rub, then the show is over and we go to our separate bedrooms

When it was happening, I just froze like a scared rabbit, like a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn't believe it was happening. A 24 year old man being sexually molested by a 62 year old man? I never heard of that before I thought it was always grown men going after little kids! But there was no doubt about what he did.

Now it makes sense why he's always so interested in helping young men in need. And he's been doing this for at least the pat 15 years! I can think of 4 other young men he's helped out in the past, each one he let live in his spare bedroom for a period of time. Now that I think of it, one of them went to a psychiatrist for a while, although I never knew why. I think I now know why.
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I have avoided being around him in private ever since then, leave early come back late, which was easy: catching up with family and friends now that I'm back, looking for work, getting college / apartment stuff worked out.

I found an apartment, application approved, and my move in day is two weeks from now.

But this career molester is thought highly of in the community.

I DO NOT WANT ANYBODY TO KNOW I WAS SEXUALLY MOLESTED BY A 60 YEAR OLD! People will never look at me the same again, I will always have that label in their eyes.

I say / do anything even slightly negative:
> oh he's struggling because he was molested

I work hard and make real achievements:
> he's just doing that to compensate because he was molested



I am a soldier and I'm still a man! I can run away and move on with my life, but he will continue to prey on unsuspecting young men.

These are my goals:

> he is arrested and found guilty of sexually molesting
> he does some amount of jail time
> the entire community knows the truth, his reputation is ruined

What is the best way to accomplish this? I feel that, if I don't have evidence, then it becomes my word against his, and everyone thinks he's an angel, it would be very hard for people to believe the truth.

Do I contact past victims and convince them all to testify?

Or do I set up hidden cameras in his house, allow one more person to fall prey (may god forgive me) and then use this undeniable video evidence to put him in jail? That seems like a surefire way to accomplish my goal, but I could see the court / lawyer be like, "oh but he didn't know he was being recorded, that's invasion of privacy, so this evidence can't be used". You dumbass, this is video proof of an evil man and you have the gaul to cry about invasion of privacy!?

Here are the details I have to work with:

>60+ baby boomer, he knows so little about technology
>I have wifi password
>wifi is always on, he’s afraid to touch it for fear of breaking it
>I have access to his 2012 Mac desktop

> there are three rooms that need to be watched
> If I place a pinhole camera, how can I record audio?
> the devices need to connect to the wifi and transmit to my laptop, so I can monitor and store evidence
>before I act on evidence I get, I can return to his house when I know he is at work and remove all the devices.
lol u got raped u gay now

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Whas the best headphone for a poor fag with 100$ limit?
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HD 558's.
those philips one or grados. sennheiser is a shit meme don't fall for it.
Save your money, and just get a pair of Koss Portapros for $20 shipped (Mods are mostly free).

Daily reminder to not buy into the jewish agenda
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Why would I not buy the better phone? Should I downgrade to shitroid or windows instead?
pixel (the only Android line that is worth buying) is dollar for dollar the same price and will be obsolete and more worthless than the ishit in 2 years because google says so

as for hardware they're the same locked down shit at this point. There isn't even the advantage of serviceable components
are there windows phones out there still?

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/g/, Was the internet really better back then? Before mass smartphones adoption?
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I think it's pretty comparable. Just less bloated. But then there was more Flash everywhere.
It was objectively shittier, uglier and slower BUT you had to be more creative to gather good information and to create attractive content

That made the whole experience way more adventurous and social since you interacting with humans and sharing experiences really helped

Nowadays you can always explore the web in a similar fashion (and you definitely should if you are looking for facts / reliable information) but there is so much content and most importantly so much copies of the same content that it's somewhat harder
life as a whole was better back then. that makes it seem like the internet was better. speeds were atrocious but the internet felt more.. personal, I guess. now it's so lifeless and filled to the brim with retards. in the past, there were idiots no doubt, however they came in much smaller numbers compared to today when everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone. 01-03 is the era I wish we could go back to.

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As an engineer, I simply don't have time to learn any more than necessary.

I'm tired of google maps taking so long to pull up, and auto-zooming to street level when all I want is a simplified line drawing that shows real time traffic data on the major highways.

What do I need to learn programming-wise to make a desktop widget that does that?
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Android? IIRC there's a widget called "Traffic (shortcut)" which you can place. Tapping it brings up a simplified line drawing with real time traffic on surrounding main arteries.
>What do I need to learn programming-wise to make a desktop widget that does that?
that's not important. do you have a source for the real time traffic data that you could use?
>As an engineer, I simply don't have time to learn any more than necessary.
you will fail as an engineer with this attitude

>What do I need to learn programming-wise to make a desktop widget that does that?
electron + google maps api, or bing maps, or openstreetmap, or mapbox, or leaflet, or umap

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I just tried out freebsd, openbsd, trueos, and ghost bsd. Why do they all suck so much? I'm sticking with Arch.
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If BSD for you sucks, then it's because you either have no need to run it or simply don't understand it
TrueOS and GhostBSD simply don't work worth a shit besides on select few hardware.
Because you didn't try out Dragonfly BSD

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