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Humor me /g/. Let's see if you are all talk or not. You always talk about iPhones being so horrible. Well, my iPhone 6s+ just broke, Im furious. I need a new phone. I only own apple products, but I will give your other shitty phones one try, IF they can meet my requirements.

>waterproof (not having my next phone break the same way)
>high quality camera with decent control over focus and brightness (an app to make this possible is find)
>the camera must be high quality enough to make YouTube videos in 1080 30fps
>can download Pandora music app on it
>if compatible with iTunes, that is a plus but not required
>can listen to audio of YouTube videos with phone on standby
>can download most app/games from the App Store is a plus
>want it to be bigger, a size similar to a plus iPhone
>cheaper enough from the iPhone 7+ that it's worth breaking apart from apple instead of just saving up

A phone like this exist? Cause if not, I'll assume you guys just shit on Apple when you have no real alternative.
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Here's the thing, cochise, all of that is easy to get EXCEPT for the camera, and itunes.

The big thing android manufacturers that want to be cheap... cheap out on, is cameras.

But then, you get pretty cheap phones with high specs despite their cameras. The OP3T is a good fit in that regard.

Otherwise, get an LG, Pixel or HTC phone. Avoid Samsung. They're the McDonalds of android.

Already disqualifies all apple trash.
The camera on the iphone 6 is shit m8, i know this because i have an iphone 7. Get a galaxy S7 edge, the camera will be considerably better. I used to have the note 7, traded it in for an iphone because i wanted to see what the fuss was all about and have nothing but regret. The S7 edge and note 7 share the same camera if i am not mistaken. Has wider aperture, better colors contrast imo (this is subjective), and takes unbelievably bright shots in low light. And the amoled screen will blow your mind.

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The kiking intensifies
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Fuck. I was just thinking about switching to unlimited
This was leaked I don't even remember how many months ago. Almost a year. That they've finally instituted it is no surprise, except for how long it took.
Good. Watching anything higher than 720p on a 5 inch screen is a waste of bandwidth.

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What do you guys do with your old hard drives?

An 8 year old 320 GB HDD does seem like it has much use to me and who would even buy it? Throwing it away seems like a waste too.
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I use them until I hear the click. I don't leave uneaten food on my plate either.
If I had a reason to make a NAS I would use them, but as it stands I just take them apart to harvest the magnet and bust the platters.
Cold storage. Load 320 GB of compressed whatever you need archived onto it and leave it in a closet.

Is mega the best normie/botnet/buzzword like cloud service?

Disregarding stuff like syncthing or web page storage services.
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normies don't even know what mega is, lmao

I've given up on sharing through mega links anymore
>it's not working can't you upload to dropbox?

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lets just stop with the ryzen meme and using theoretical fringe usage as a reason to justify its purchase. given all the instability with mobo firmware, ram usage, cpu bugs, ect...

the i7-7820X at $600 is 1% faster than the 1950x at $1000 and subsequently every other ryzen cpu underneath

the nearly 3 year old skylake i7-6700k at $300 is equal to the threadripper 1920x in gaming speed and $500 cheaper, the newer i5-7600K at only $230 is 3% faster (both intel's are also faster than every other ryzen except 1950x)

the nearly 3 year old skylake I5-6600K which is going for $200 new is faster than every ryzen CPU except the 1800X by a mere 3% and 2x the price...oh by the way the i5-7600k for the same exact price as the i5-6600k is 5% faster than the 1800x (only used the 3yr old architecture skylake to drive the point home)

as far as the R3's the i3-7350K for $130 is only 1% slower than the 1300x and 8% faster than the 1200 for just $20 more and the i3-7300 for just $10 more is only 2% slower
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>he didnt buy a 6700k when it was $200

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Can you take an internet connection, then put a router on it, then keep putting routers on it to make infinite networks?
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Hypothetically, sure. Infinity is a lot though. It's almost a trillion.
Yeah you can. Shady isps do shit like this to share connections between customers. Fucking bastards.
you'll run out of ips at some point

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Is there any way to remove systemD from ubuntu?
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Install Devuan
Then put all the Canonical bits on top of it
No I'm not asking for systemD free distros. I'm asking if you can physically remove systemD from an Ubuntu install
I know but my answer was better than your question.

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what rss feeds do you use and for what?
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News because I hate how modern news websites are laid out, and YouTube channels because it's a super quick way to check for new content.
i'd use it for bandcamp if they didn't drop rss support

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>have the very latest Octocore behemoth ultra overclocked 50ghz liquid nitrogen cooled elite edition Android device with 128gb RAM, and display capable of near instaneous refresh rates at 10,000FPS a second
>still feels janky scrolling the home page

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You forgot to upgrade past Android 4.4?
>have the worlds best desktop pc
>firefox still lags on youtube
>have a shitty 2015 moto e with LineageOS
>everything just werks

Can someone recommend a program that doesn't cost $60+ ?

I have tried multiple freewares, and right when I think I can recover my data, I get a popup window to buy it for an outrageous price.

This last one I tried said it allowed free recovery of pics, but vids required I buy it. I only wanted my pics so I thought everything was OK. I let it run for 4 days straight trying to recover the data, it just finished, and I placed the finished folder on my desktop..... It was empty
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>>>62055846 (OP)
You know, I searched multiple times for freeware, and that one never came up for SD Recovery... Its almost like the search engine didn't want me to find it
It's worth a try. I recovered 75% of a 1TB drive full of photos I accidentally rsynced corrupted copies on to.

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Captcha got updated yay xD
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What the fuck, it would be so easy to write a software to do this, why do they insist on torturing people
they are writing software based on your inputs
Yeap, that's exactly what I meant. Okey then

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>the charging socket on my tablet finally died

Well fuck me I really liked this tablet. You can't get something like it for the same price anymore. It was my no1. shitposting machine with Clover installed

How's the chan browsing experience on a Windows tablet? An exercise in frustration?
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Fix it.
Buy a new port and replace it.
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>using "shitposting" in a positive sense
Go to ifixit and find a repair guide. Worst case scenario you break something, best case you fix it.

Either way you learn something.

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>Company IT Director deploys mission critical webserver
>Windows Server 2008
>Some API in a box running on Apache passing through to IIS7 doing sql replication
>SSL v2 and v3 enabled
>Db passwords are stored in plain text and in some cases hard coded into web application
>Given strict instructions not to mess with the config
>"It just werks"
How bad is it going to hurt when we get raped?
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How can you work for, let alone trust people who do shit like this. Have some self-respect. Wageslaves sometimes.
Abandon ship, or stay and grow dead inside.
Tell them they're fucked, quit, do the raping yourself, then heroically fix it all for exorbirant "contractor" prices.

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Why is it so unhappy? :c
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This is a shitpost of the best kind
Upboated :^)
This is an anime of the worst kind

stupid supernatural harem anime bullshit

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What's your answer to this?
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Why would you upgrade the OS on your phone?
It just gets slower with each new update.
Name the last time any software RAN BETTER after installing an update.
Name the last time any software FREED UP SPACE after installing the update.
Its ways consumerist whores who make these threads.

I'm on kitkat and everything just weeks.
Meanwhile windows 10 doesn't even have 50% windows userbase and is losing to 7 which is older than android. If it doesn't matter on desktop it doesn't on mobile phones. As long as you're using 5.1+ you're fine.

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