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buy my phone
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>no headphone jack
Post feet.
Stop being a faggot and then we can talk.

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Is there currently a working method to fake the gps location on android tinder?

stopped using this app 1 year ago or so because I did'nt want to show my real location. I think before version 5.x any random gps faker was working fine - newer builds did prevent suchs methods.

Is there currently a way to fake the gps location on tinder?
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if you're on android it is trivial once you get root.

on ios, you're best fucking around with an emulator
rooted device is available.

is this shit any good for learning to code?
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Not as good as Kloss's Kode Kamp.
good for learning basic syntax and bare fundamentals, not much else
Too easy in my opinion.

Take a look at GrokLearning. I don't remember if it's for students only but it's great for learning Python and HTML.

Android thread/Post em
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You've got to be a literal faggot for not using uBlock Origin.
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Sup /g/, need help finding an Android YouTube player that:
1. Can sign in with account - must.
2. Has background play - highly preferable.
Any recommendations (no newpipe).
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YouTube Red
And does not require play services.
OGYouTube is literally the only one

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>he buys high end cards
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>Linus cuck tips

I had some respect for Jay now he is an asshole going into this shit show

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FiOS webM.webm
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Why do flyover's choose to have such shitty slow internet?

Further, why do they think we city-dwellers should pay for it?
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Fuck off richfags
Get the fuck out of my board
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Back to /ck/ with you

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Give me your tech procrastination lockdown ideas. How would you stop yourself from visiting certain websites? Or being distracted in general?

Normie shit like an extension that blocks websites on one browser and only if you use the domain name and only if you don't right click or start in safe mode or 500 other workarounds won't work. Not being a retard is a curse.

>host file (normie tier shit if you can't lock down access to it)
>custom crippled browser
>>veracrypt system partition with login script that immediately opens what you're supposed to be working on and closes all processes and removes all hotkeys that would allow escape, monitors for windows like "open file" or "save" or "browse" and closes them immediately, then punishes you with a screamer
>locking yourself in a room with keys in a timed safe for 24 hours with no internet access
I currently do the last one but it's not a practical solution when what you're procrastinating from requires the internet, like any real project would.

This is an issue that affects all of us and most be solved.
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>locking yourself in a room with keys in a timed safe for 24 hours with no internet access
how do you urinate?

try not being an ADHD retard
>he hasn't heard of piss bottles
ADHD doesn't even exist, it's just a catch-all excuse diagnosis to placate and take the money of parents who can't reconcile their perception of their child as a genius with the fact that the retard is failing at school.

Some people train themselves to have self control, others don't. That's the only difference

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Yes goyi.. anon, use the debotneting script you found on internet on ou.. the windows product licensed to you for personal usage to block windows from calling home. It is most definitely working and its even open source!
This will not cause you to broke ToS in so many places and allow us to """expand""" and """enhance""" the albeit little intrusive, but otherwise harmless and not incriminating telemetry collection to FULL ON RAGING active surveillance and deep drive inspection for other partitions and personal data collection for the purposes of (((theft prevention))). You will most definitely not enable Microsoft to circumvent many international and especially European laws of customer data handling and privacy laws since you did NOT just broken every single item of ToS accepted by you for using Microsoft's work product.

Happy hacking brothers. Shalom!
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I don't think this is how this works
Law > TOS
only on fundamental human rights, even then sometimes not.

>law says free speech
>ToS of private business says no hate speech
>ToS prevails.

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Stop calling everything a botnet.
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Stop posting frogs.
Stop breathing.
shut up, you botnet
this thread is botnet

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Because Ruby doesn't even know what Ruby is yet.
Its performance is also horrific.
I'm lazy
I'm not a woman

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'Cooler Master Seidon 240V V3 AIO Water Cooling Kit, Quiet, Compact 240mm PWM Fan'

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Good luck with that 3.6ghz OC

It won't work?

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Stupid Questions Thread.
Use an internet search engine before posting ITT.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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What's this green button on the GitHub site for? How do I use it to install mpv on OpenSuse Tumbleweed, which has git installed by default?

Can anyone recommend a online music store that lets you download the music you've bought an unlimited amount of times?
How do I save periscope videos? There's a good q&a educational video I need to save.

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Anyone studying at KTH here?
I have a question for you...
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I do
I'm trying to log in to prog dist to reactivate my matlab but I'm having trouble logging in.
It used to be that you had to enter a domain with the username, like "UG/username", but I can't find what the domain is.
Could you see if you can log in using just your username and password?
In that case I'm doing something else wrong.

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