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Why does this software not get more praise than it does?

I've been using it since GM5, and it is amazing how simple this makes it to create games.

One source file can export to Android, iOS, HTML5, Ubuntu, Tizen (lol), MacOS, Windows, UWP, and others.

If you are making a 2d game (or limited 3d) why would you bother with anything, but this?
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Using GameMaker to develop a game is like using KidPix to paint the Mona Lisa.
True, but is there really anything that cannot be done on it?
Making a game that doesn't run like complete trash for one.

Making a game where the logic isn't directly tied to the graphics.

Making a 3D game.

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>The most powerful programming language is Lisp. If you don't know Lisp (or its variant, Scheme), you don't know what it means for a programming language to be powerful and elegant. Once you learn Lisp, you will see what is lacking in most other languages.
-Richard Matthew Stallman

What's your excuse for not using /ourguys/ language?
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Because i don't want to be unemployed
Is that his fucking fat peeking trough his shirt?
Because I like my type system.

I'm trying to learn this language, IDL, but have found out that without having specific exercises to work on nothing sticks. I've been trying to find a good book to learn from but all i've found have been more akin to reference manuals and a short packet of tutorials half of which are so outdated they don't work anymore. Can some benevolent nerd recommend some good books that have problems to work out?
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IDL the language used by astronomers to crunch data? Do you need it for a job?
NumPy is a much saner choice nowadays, or J if you're looking for an array-based language.
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yeah, I'd prefer python but I'm working on data analysis and there's too much work in IDL to easily switch. Unfortunately I have next to no experience using pointers and structures so I want a better foundation for IDL before jumping into the deep end.
Sorry, can't really help you there. The closest thing I used was PDL (IDL-like DSL in Perl), but I quickly switched to NumPy because lack of documentation was slowing me down.
Usually the best source of fresh information for old legacy languages are mailing lists or newsgroups.

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Post apps that just werks

> Wikipedia apps

open source (available on F-Droid), clean, no autistic options, fast and stable as fuck
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Hello there! You seem to have used the term "open source".
The term "open source" was created by a group of people that did not want to be associated with the free software movement. When I say "free" software (which is one of the alternatives preferable to "open source"). It's not about price; in that case I would say "gratis", or "free as in free beer". It's about "freedom"! This is what the free software movement is fighting for.
So what is "free" software? Free software is any software that guarantees the user the four essential software freedoms:
> 0. Run the program as you wish.
> 1. Study the source code and change it so it does what you wish.
> 2. Redistribute exact copies of the program.
> 3. Distribute your modified version of the program.
Some people decided that they wanted to restrict the user; but being able to study and modify the "open source" code is not enough! This is directly hurting the cause of the free software movement because it takes away the sociological "freedom" aspect of free software and turns it into a technological one.
So for those reasons I ask that in the future you use the terms "free", "free/libre" or, if necessary "FLOSS" (short for "free/libre and open source"), though the latter should still be avoided.
This text is part of the public domain. It may be freely modified, distributed and otherwise used as the reader wishes.
Literally botnet.
I'm really impressed with the amount of shit you can do Tasker.
Not FOSS though, and battery can take a hit

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So I'm building a cheap gaming rig for my friend, It's an old IBM X3400 I got for free and I was going to add in a GTS450 that I also got for free my problem is 1 it only has PCI-E 8x and 2 it only has molex and I need a 6pin is it safe using dual molex to 6pin and is running a 16x card in an 8x slot safe?
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You're using an old server as a gaming rig? Why?
It was free
1. Riser (PCIEx1 -> x16)
2. Yes, it's relatively safe.

Whenever I want to use my laptop, I need to plug it in to the wall charger, and wait one and a half hour before I can use it.. I can then plug out the wall charger and use it as much as I like, but whenever I turn off the computer, I have to repeat the same cycle. It dosent matter if I keep it connected all the time, whenever I turn off the computer or put it to sleep or hibernate, I have to repeat the exact same cycle, which is really frustrating as I use this computer for schoolwork.....
Anyone else had this issue? Its an ASUS N550JK.

I've searched high and low, and some people suggest removing battery to drain residual eletrcitiy from the motherboard by holding the power button, sadly this is a computer i use for school usage, and i cant go around unscrewing the entire bottom everytime I have to boot up my computer (this pc has the battery inside the cover, not on the cover)

if g cant help im fucked
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>not asus
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I had this laptop and it was the worst laptop I've ever owned. Had it for a year before the cable for the screen connector cable to the motherboard stopped working. You might just have to trash it and use the school library computers like I did until you can afford a new one

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Hello, I have a thief who keeps stealing my lawn mowers, I have no garage so I have to keep them behind my fence. I was looking for a tracking chip of some sort to implant into one of my mowers, to catch the shithead. Any suggestions?
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wrong picture imported
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>integrating your lawnmowers into the botnet
Kill all niggers, then you don't need any fancy gadgets.

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What is the secret behind this code? gjhxw45ipr43iuiu3334'4FR24
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>pepe is a dead meme
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Looks like you bashed your head into the keyboard.
The colons don't make sense either if it was some kind of crypto message.
I may would try running the GIF's frames through steghide but it's not worth it really since its' a pepe afterall.
Btc? Hidden service?

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Hello there, /g/, I recently changed my educational goals and I now want to get into IT-Security. But as of now I am waiting to enroll into university, but I thought that I should prepare myself in order to excel in those classes. So here is my request for you:

What ressources would you suggest someone who is going to study cybersecurity? Any youtube channels, books or other media that you would recommend? I want to know as much as possible about this subject, before I enter university in the summer. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Just go for cyber related qualifications, such as CompTIA Security+, CEH, OSCP etc.
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Not my list but copied from some kind soul a while back...




















News/CVE releases:
























go away pajeet

your kind is not welcome here

those are some well crafted memes right here

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>use free and open source software
>spend 10 hours configuring it

>use proprietary software
>it just works

Muh freedom is nothing compared to shit that actually works and looks good.
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>buy Korora Penguin GNU/Linux notebook from ThinkPenguin™
>everything works out of the box
>not even a minute wasted configuring anything
Using it for years, only recently installed Parabola because I was actually getting bored at how everything was just werking.
Arch and Gentoo are for power users. Don't use them if configurations aren't your thing.

Ubuntu, Mint and ChromeOS are the 'just werks' distros.
I use arch every day with stock i3. I configure nothing.

>Librem 5, the $600 phone that focuses on security by design and privacy protection by default. Running Free/Libre and Open Source software and a GNU+Linux Operating System designed to create an open development utopia, rather than the walled gardens from all other phone providers.
>A fully standards-based freedom-oriented system, based on Debian and many other upstream projects, has never been done before–we will be the first to seriously attempt this.
The Librem 5 phone will be the world's first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication.

>5″ touchscreen
>i.MX6/i.MX8 CPU
>Vivante GPU (Etnaviv free software accelerated driver)
>Separate mobile baseband
>32GB eMMC
>MicroSD slot
>Hardware kill switches

Would Stallman approve?
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Does it have no proprietary blobs at all? Nothing proprietary anywhere?
looks interesting but will fail
>do all of this
>then connect to cell tower for service

The utter fucking retardation of you freecunts is astonishing. No, you dumb cunt Stallman would not approve. Do you even need to ask? It fails from the get-go because it is a CELL PHONE, IT CONNECTS TO CELL TOWERS.

This whole board is fucking dumb.

>ublock and adblock plus no longer work in firefox or chrome
>ublock still works great in Edge

is this it? Has Microsoft finally won?
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>no longer work in firefox
Ublock Origin doesn't have this problem.
MS will win when they implement VP8 support or we get VP9 support. Overall I have no complaints about the browser, very low memory usage (up to 5x less than FF/Chrome in similar situations), pretty fast, and unlike IE doesn't actually have trouble displaying webpages from after 2005
>adblock plus
found the problem

Why do you guys fear NSA? If you have nothing to hide, You have nothing to fear.

Privacy? It's fucking a meme.

>T,Then gib me ur email password!
You're not a permitted government agent.
But, well. Here's mine

[email protected]

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Why do you fear the revocation of the right to free speech? Do you want to overthrow the government with it?

Why do you fear the revocation of the right to bear arms? Who do you want to shoot?

Why do you fear the revocation of the right to not self-incriminate? Why do you fear the revocation of the right to a speedy trial? Why do you fear the revocation of the right to a defense in a trial? You're not planning on committing any crimes, are you?
>Why do you fear the revocation of the right to bear arms? Who do you want to shoot?
meme right

>Why do you fear the revocation of the right to free speech? Do you want to overthrow the government with it?
also meme

>Why do you fear the revocation of the right to not self-incriminate? Why do you fear the revocation of the right to a speedy trial? Why do you fear the revocation of the right to a defense in a trial? You're not planning on committing any crimes, are you?
Only worth it
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cia nigger.jpg
1MB, 1188x1468px
I don't fear NSA. I just don't want them to have info on me because they are a lefties and SJWs. Now normally, I wouldn't care that they have my info. But if I decide to run for office in the future, they will use the info against me.

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Why is my gpu and cpu getting so hot when I'm mining and rendering? Its only about 24 Degrees and I have my side panel taken off my computer, how can I reduce the temps?
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Reapply thermal paste, check if you left the idiot sticker on.
Is this bait?

Consider dusting. Also, if possible, increase your intake.
Its taken off

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I want to know your opinions on this.

Kali VS Black Arch

Witch do you prefer for PT experimenting and such?
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On kali i managed to get "free" wifi and haven't paid for internet access for 3 years now.
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I prefer normal arch.
I just download the repositories from blackarch and archstrike, so I can install only the programs I need

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