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Finished my first go at setting up Arch
I'm into it
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fuck off daniel
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Okay so I have to ask you guys um so I might have sent pics to some on on a email and didn't realize the label was still on in gmail to my work will it be sent to them and if I remove the label will it not be sent to them idk kinda fuck
Pic not related
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Try asking your question again. This time, with less retardese.
Okay so I sent a email it had a label on it for my work will it be sent to my work even though I removed it later
Are you asking:

"If I sent an email to my work, will my work receive it, even if I removed the label later?"

Please note, this is a yes/no question.

My history teacher told my class that when he taught in Japan in the early 90s they used something that looked like an iPad in parks, except it was only used for word processing. He didn't know the name of it. What is it called?
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shut the fuck up and die
Am Japanese, can confirm this was the name.
a pad of paper and a pencil

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Has he said anything about Discord?
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Does he need to? Discord uses closed servers to provide monitored chat rooms to groups of players. It runs better than skype, and for the moment has no ads, but it's not any more free.
Discord is pro censorship closed botnet
$.11 has been deposited into your account Chang Wong

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how can i search through 110 txt files with each being over 100 mb?
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very carefully
search is right there in the upper right...
Just print it all out, that'll make it easy

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Welcome to the botnet.
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If I have chrome open with normie stuff and use fire/waterfox for everything else am I safe?
firefuck on android is slow as fuck though.
Enjoy your botnet.

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>$300 580
Damn, this shit is getting ridiculous.
What happened to:
>Good 1080p performance do $200
stop being dumb, its not the olden days grampa.

Volta is “at the limits of photolithography,” Huang said with a smirk, created using an R&D budget of over $3 billion.

>Hahahaha poo-users think Vega can clock to 1980MHz when the clock speed is bugged to show fake numbers.

AMD is finished and retarded

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This happen with nvidia aswell, see builzoid vid

what the point of this, we already know vega is turd. stop posting this jew boy channel
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>t. Rankesh Pajeet Poonjabi
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>GNU/linux will never have anything as good as foobar2k
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foobar is just deadbeef player for ricers
i'm still using winamp
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>Linux will never compare to *BSD

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Hi /g/! What drone would you recommend for under $150 with a real-time FPV HD camera?
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>dae le drones XDDDDDDDDDDD
go away
one that you can install gentoo on
>under $150 with a real-time FPV HD camera
LMAO... none of the drone have an FPV HD cam and you're fucking retarded if you think you can buy anything decent for under $700.

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Redpill me on a new monitor, lads.
I am having 10 years old 1080p LG Flatron, but I am tired of spending all my money on new tech.
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looks good to me.
It does. But it costs 1.5 of my month salary :(
144hz+ is a minor improvement. gsync and freesync are moderate improvements. higher resolutions wont work great with newer games (lag) and non-standard resolutions (1440p) can give some smaller shittier games issues. if you sit away from the monitor (i have mine on a coffee table while i sit on the couch) then you need to up the dpi and negate the positives of the higher resolutions. ultrawide is a meme according to /g/. panel type is important but an ips panel with a wide viewing angle is fine. oled when??

best case -> get a second 1080p monitor of similar bezel and size or save your money until this new meme-tech monitor bullshit becomes standard and cheap.

If only using one utility class, do you import just that one, or do you import them all?
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>asking introductory tier question
Just the one. It's more readable if nothing else
Virgin clean namespace vs chad namespace orgy

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Can the CIA or NSA circumvent an airgapped computer?
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Probably, if they really needed to
No, no we can't
They already did.


>Ajit Pai, chairman of FCC
>Ajit P
we lost
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Thank SJW for this mess. Now they're pooing in every major corporation now and you're in line to eat their shit.
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Ajit Pai Tweet.jpg
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he is a good man. fighting the good fight
>SJW invented cheap labor
conservatives that don't understand economics are the worst kind of retards

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swastika is valid javascript, star of david is not
js is nazi
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And the problem is?
Are you aware that the swastika is not originally a Nazi symbol? Hitler just adopted the usuage of it. Sometimes decent symbols are used for horrendous things.
javascript existed long before nazis

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