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is this the best free antivirus? i allready have the common sense internet security 2018, but when you may install some cracked photoshop you really need some better AV than windows defender to watch over that shit.

i used avast free until now, but i had to dump it bechause of that virtualisation thing it have that prevents you from running a virtual machine or android emulator.

bitdefender looks the most based, no annoying pop-ups about the premium stuff they sell, minimalist interface and as far as i heard it have the same detection engine like the premium ones.
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>free antivirus

All free anti-virus vendors make money by selling the data on what programs you have installed on what cookies they found in the browser cache.

Large tech companies and retailers buy subscription to these data to quickly identify potential competitors rising up.

Read the fucking ToS.
>any AV in the current year

what is common sense lad

360 total security has bitdefender's engine in it, along with avira and its own, all free

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>Freesync 2

So how will samsung fuck it up?
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what amd gpu maxes out that 144hz?
A 1080 is able to do that in most games.
>27" screenlet
they already fucked it up

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me on the right
Where is diversity there? I see far too many white men
>white men
Rijish is not white

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>functional programmers in pic related
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Ugh. Sheep.
why the fuck do they all look the same
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What's up with the lack of Terry Davis threads lately? Is he ok?
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what's his phone number?
someone call it.

Don't call him. It'd just make him sad.
I'd like to know that too, are the mods deleting the threads?

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>61992323
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Thank you for posting an anime image.
java is objectively the best language
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What do you want to do in the metaverse? All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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Does the sale end tomorrow?
I need to know bro
Is desktop VR destined to flop? I watched a few videos on YT yesterday few tűrik mobile VR games and I was blown away by the quality (considering it's just a phone).

Look into Need for Speed VR. That game looks awesome and you don't need any cable for it to work.

Even VR porn is better without cables. Especially when you're lying in bed.

On the other hand, yes, you have to charge it. And of course there isn't as much computing power. But in the long run, mobile VR is going to win.
In the long run VR is going to die out and AR will succeed but for the time being, mobile is definitely looking better than desktop right now.

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MP3 320kbps is enough. WAV, FLAC etc are placebo.
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hello r e ddit. please include my post in screencap. thanks

i will install again windows 7 but have so much telemetry updates. how can i update and avoid this telemetry shit?
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do a fucking google search for what updates slip the spying bullshit in and avoid them

>Ask me before downloading and installing updates/let me choose which updates to install
i need a tool uncheck all these updates. but i can't find. i can check one by one but takes very long time.
there's a box for all check/uncheck at the top of the list, also
>right click > hide this update

this is starting to seem like bait

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Who is ready for 8?

You can watch the solar eclipse and go blind, or watch Ryzen get put on life support.

The most refined 14nm CPU ever made.
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id rather watch rick and morty
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Not sure if this is real.

What if it's true?

Thanks to Apple for introducing the following "features" to the tech world:
>no removeable battery
>no upgradeable ram
>no microsd slot in phones
>no removeable battery in phones
>no headphone jack
>no usb ports
>shitty keyboards with no travel
>glossy screens that glare in the sun

Muh innovashun!
Have I missed anything?
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>color graphics
>the modern desktop GUI
>WYSIWYG word processing
>desktop publishing
>digital video
>composited, hardware-accelerated desktop GUI
>the definitive portable media player
>digital retail
>the modern smartphone
>large-scale mobile ecosystems
>the modern tablet
>the modern
quite the arbitrary qualifier you have there
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>>the modern tablet
>the modern smartphone

Dont make me laugh

>hey recommend me good vps

ITT : Discuss about VPS
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What do you guys use your VPS for? I have one for years but I don't use it for anything
Mostly overpriced.

Torrenting porn.
10€/month vps from Strato (German company) with 300GB storage running Centos 7.

I have two domains ($familyname1.org, $familyname2.org) and provide email (postfix+dovecot+spamassassin+opendkim) and Nextcloud services for both. Rainloop for webmail, Nextcloud -is- a web interface, and I wrote a custom homepage at index.html that allows to choose between mail or cloud.
Family is quite happy. Currently we split the costs 50/50, but the plan is to make them pay for it entirely.

I just spent my Sunday afternoon writing backup scripts for the mail, etc and www directories. After securing ssh, setting up fail2ban and hopefully configuring Apache correctly I'm cautiously optimistic I won't get hacked too easily

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A place to share your nostalgia and love for old hardware and software.
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Picked up this cute _little_ CBM 8032 yesterday.
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Java, OOC, indian
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html, copy and paste oriented programming, pakistan
ruby, readmes, non-binary
Custom language for each job

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You will lose fighting the botnet, goy.
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>get punched in a bar fight
>locked out of all your devices

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What happens if I let my beard grow

What about all those grills that wear tons of makeup

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