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How do you know a browser extension isn't mining your data?

also wanted if this extension is just a botnet

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You don't. That's why I don't run extensions.
monitor incoming/outgoing traffic?
yes, if it injects ads to pages,
there's an option to view the permissions of extensions but I don't think there's a way to disable certain permission like you don android

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The fact that so many people still name Linux as the greatest or most significant OS ever only tells you how far Computers still are from becoming a serious way to work.

Contemporary programmers never spoke highly of Linux, and for good reason. They could never figure out why it's distributions should be regarded as good. They knew that Linux was simply lucky to become a folk phenomenon (thanks to Windows). That phenomenon kept alive interest in it's mediocre distro's to this day.

Linux Got really popular not because it's the greatest OS but simply because it's distro's were easy to sell to the masses, they had no difficult content, they had no technical innovations, they had no creative depth. It's a bunch of nice looking UI's with some decent functions.
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nice thread dude
But linux is the greatest OS

It should tell you more about the "free market" and resulting monopolies rather than computers
dude, even microsoft is using linux.

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They made the mistake of making the perfect mouse and now just rebrand it every year to keep the prices high.
I buy their stuff on sale. Works well for my minuscule needs.
Best mice, everything else they have is meh, and they can't make proper headphoness to save their lives.

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>anyone can program

>graduate with BSc in Computer Science
>still don't know how to program
>still can't make an android app
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If you have a BS in CS and can't do any programming you had a shit CS program
Back to Mom's basement my dude
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anyone can program if you believe in yourself and stop being retarded

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So /g/, do you have an unlimited data plan?

How much does it cost?

Paying 19euro/month here for unlimited data/100min, of which 5gb can be spent in the EU.

Pretty based desu
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100 bucks for two lines on T-Mobile US
I don't have a data plan on my phone. I'm almost never out of range of an accessible network. Don't see the need to pay the extra $20/month
Company paid unlimited everything. Think it's 29,90€/mo

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Hey guys. Looking into software development and seems kinda interesting. Anybody with personal experience that can fill me in on it and if it's worth pursuing?
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stay away
Any reasons as to why?

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Building my own wallet. Why?

Because I can.
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For personal use?
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please stop posting australia
Build a monero wallet that supports multiple addresses.

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One of my HDDs is giving me C5 - current pending sector count SMART errors. How screwed am I and how do I proceed?
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Backup and keep eye on it. Might fail or it might still last a long time, nobody knows, only time tells. If under warranty, replace. But backups are important, isn't this common sense?
Yeah I got a backup. I'm mostly unsure about what exactly the error means, or if it's more like a warning or something temporary.
SMART errors man.. idk I would back up immediately like the other anon said.

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(overpriced, underpowered, etc)

iSheep be gone
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>there are people on /g/ who get upset about products that other people use
>customize your jamalscock sized throttlebook turd - space gay
no thanks
Only the /v/ kids.

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Chrome is open source, why doesn't /g/ like it?
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Chrome isn't opensource. Chromium is, and Chrome is based on that.

I've never used Linux before really other than Kali, and I decided to say fuck it and fell for the meme of making Fedora 26 my main OS (pic related)... I can't really seem to get basic tasks done without looking up everything for a couple of hours, and there really isn't as many resources out there for problems with Fedora as something such as Ubuntu. What is a more beginner friendly Linux OS? plsnoinstallgentoo
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Ubuntu or Linux mint
install gentoo

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post ram
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i wish i got 32gb of ddr4 3000mhz+ when it was cheap

oh well ryzen isnt that much better than my i5 4690 in games.

im on 1666mhz 16gb
You don't need more than 8gb of ram

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what is the standard norm for computer monitor size?

I have come to realize my 19' just isn't cutting it anymore.
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Normal is probably 23"-25" for average users, but I use a 28" and it's pretty comfortable
[email protected]" can be had for $100.
It's all about pixel density, size doesn't really mean much unless you have a hard time seeing shit.

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nice ad faggot

this is a fresh install
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>Fresh installation
>First thing he does is change the background to half naked man

Yup, checks out. Botnet faggot
>I'd rather whine about something on /g/ every day than move a slider that turns it off

Wow yeah Windows sucks so bad, amirite /g/?
You can disable that from the settings menu. I'd recommend going through the whole thing, you can disable most of the botnet stuff from there.

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Have we gone too far?

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finally! i can make it look like trump is saying stupid shit!
... oh wait
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That's just the tip of the iceberg anon...

where can I get this software I want to stream as a grill on twitch for cleavage bucks

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