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This... this is a joke right?

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What's wrong with it?
>child porn, slave rings, gun running, cocaine, meth, and heroin sales?

Just fine

>snarky racism?

So kiddie diddlers and drug dealers get a pass, but people with political beliefs you disagree with don't?

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Is Python better than C++?
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Is orange better than blue?
is love better than sex?
Is coke better than pepsi?

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When the fuck is this shit gonna go away?
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your wallpaper makes me really nervous
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Why would you want it to? It's useful.

I mean, you do know about this setting in the Device Manager right?

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>"Everything is a placebo. The key to happiness is to find the placebo meant for you." - Anon

This general is for discussing tools and methods for dropping tech monoliths, privacy and being ""anonymous"", and future networks.

Any political discussion that is not directly related to the statements, practices, and terms of service of tech companies belongs on other boards, not here. Also, feel free to use this general for discussing tech politics so the board stays tidy.

>duck duck go look up the founder

>your own

>https://kek.gg/i/3g2z6d.png (superior list)
>https://kek.gg/i/67YQQx.jpg (for furfags)

Collaborative documents
>ether pad (eg: notes.typo3.org or etherpad.net)
>microsoft office online (lol)

Image Upload/Edit

Video sharing


Image Upload/Edit

Google CDN avoidance

Ad and script blocking
>uBlock Origin

Share links without gibbing clicks


How to hosts file (lol, just block google bro):

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I've been using hooktube for the better part of a week. I'm worried that it will get taken down though. Everything good does.
Will blocking all google analytics and ad servers with my hosts file break the websites I visit?
how do I get rid of my name from google? I don't care if the content is there, I just want it so that when you search my name nothing relevant to me comes up

pick one
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Well, shit...
I knew this thread would exist. As for the hack, it was only a matter of time I suppose.
So more fappenings?!

Fuck yeah.

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>Been shitposting lately from my phone from work
>Day later coworker approach me
>"Hey anon, what's that wierd dark app with red letters that you're always looking at?"

How do you respond to this question?
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red letters? Just tell her you've been reading the bible.
It's just a dark theme for facebook.
>admitting to these fags to using Clover
>not using tomorrow

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A package has arrived in my mail.
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Inb4 threadripper or mechanical keyboard
dragon dildo

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I found an old magnavox television and I can't find the model number on it so anybody know what model this is/whether it's worth anything? It's not functional at all but you never know.
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What the fuck do you think this is, pawn stars?

Take your ass to google
>"But I've already searched google"
Nobody cares, fuck off.
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Whack it, that's how we fixed shit in the old days.
nigga paint your house

What's the oldest program (not including games) you regularly use?

For me, it's Adobo Photoshop 7.0.
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Please, poo in loo.

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posted on /g/ the day i prchased my MBP. That was now over 6 years ago. My MBP is still going strong due to:
High quality build and finish
Large trackpad with gesture control
High Quality UNIX OS

It's 2917 /g/. Why have you not upgraded to MBP?
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I'd like to think by 2917 we've out grown conventional computers as a society
good for you, now fuck off out of my thread
who are you replying to?

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Is this the beginning of the end?

>Plex will continue to collect usage statistics, such as device type, duration, bit rate, media format, resolution, and media type (music, photos, videos, etc.).
>We will no longer allow the option to opt out of this statistics collection.

>We will no longer allow the option to opt out of this statistics collection.

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Who gives a fuck
Just move to serviio
>/g/ - Crying about muh Privacy

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>tfw to intelligent for discrete maths
looks like im not getting this degree after all
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my gf marie is so cute
>to intelligent
Proven yourself wrong I'm afraid.
its a meme you dip

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Why do people do this?
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To rip people off who don't like to read.
easy way to scam some people.

but some people , myself included , just like to have the boxes. if i buy something used and it doesn't come with packaging i usually look around to see if anyone gives it / sells it. I currently have packaging of every computer part i owned in the past 7 years. And if I could , i would have the motherboard and gpu boxes when i first upgraded back in 2009 but i threw them away at the time.
I mean, keeping the boxes is one thing (I do that too), but buying boxes is just pure autism.

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this is getting out of hand. it's making me listen to people saying numbers now

how do we get rid of it
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buy a cuckpass
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I mean get rid of it everywhere not just on 4chan

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What are you working on, /g/?
Previous Thread: >>61963889
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(in retrospect it'd be better to have a list of types as a parameter)
Making a password generator in asm.

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