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What went wrong?
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Windows 10 only
What went wrong?

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What's the absolute best dream job for a programmer/developer?
How would you picture the ultimate end goal?
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getting paid to remotely write low quality spaghetti code making enough money to order dominos every day. then i could never leave my house and spend my off-time masturbating to VR anime porn and shitposting on /g/
i'd like to get paid for not working and live the neet life forever

does that count as a dream job?
>he thinks you can generalize jobs
This website is for people who are 18+, m8.

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about as much of a meme as arch, actually slightly less because it has an installer
so maybe
Yes. And I assume you fell for many memes already if you're considering Void. Unlearn C, sell your Thinkpad and reinstall Windows. Live a happier life.
No. It's a great distro. It is still in its infancy but it has a lot of potential.

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Why the fuck are people buying pascal cards like 1080, 1070s and such when volta is right around the corner?
how stupid are people?
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There is always a better card right around the corner.
Keep waiting, poorfag.
Nvidia is going to milk Pascal dry seeing as Vega was such a enormous letdown. Don't expect Volta any sooner than late Q1 2018.
its early 2018 and volta is 234% more fps than pascal

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Post your 4chan stats. No cheating!
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How did you end up here?
he probably clears cookies or something.

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Spic programmer here. I earn 12,000 Pesos / month ($700 dolars aprox) doing mostly WebDev / Sysadmin

It is just enough to live confortably but, i feel like i could earn more. How easy is for someone like me to move to another country to earn more? I have no college degree so i dont know if some company outside would be interested in hiring me.
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I dont know shit about programming careers but keep in mind you might be earning more but moving into a place where the cost of living also increases dramatically
You could make more at McDonald's. Wtf.
Same. $700, could earn more in other countries, no IT degree, just do it because I like it.
> the cost of living
Usually it's the same percentage, say 70% (40-50% for the rent, 20% for the food) but the rest 30% really make the difference, those could be $50 or $500.

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My friend and I want to make a small website for our families(it basically accesses our servers and dumbs torrenting down to them).
He wants to make it using bootstrap+angular, I want to use custom css, and little to no js.
He says 0.6MB is nothing(size of bootstrap and angular) nowadays, even though my version needs less than 2kb
Is he right?
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Just use whatever is fucking easier to create and works best.
If your families don't even know what torrenting is they're not going to give half a shit that the page is 0.6MB bigger.
neocities m8
No. You should brutally murder that vermin.

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Lisp is a retard, useless language , show me there is something usefull made in that meme language.
>you can't.
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You can make a pretty good retard detector with it.
I found this today.
I don't know LISP, never programmed in it but I don't have a habit of calling anything that I don't use shit all the time.
https://github.com/engelberg/instaparse is probably the most pleasant parser library I've used in any language.

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/g/s opinion on qubes?
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Security through compartmentalization is a bad approach to security. Apps should independently compartmentalize themselves so that your system runs better.
Better than hexaquons, worse than trianqles.

Ok, this maybe or not Tech, depending on you:
So, basically, with the advent of 2-1, everyting is A LOT MORE PORTABLE.
Well, somtimes i meet in the streets with my friends(not the hood), and following the switch build i tought, hey, i could do the same!
What are tiny controllers like the switch has?

I would have gotten a switch, but there is no point on carrying my laptop + a game-console for "occasional" gaming.
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Why not just buy a pair of joycons?
Or just buy one?

You can connect em through Bluetooth
Only using one Joy con kinda sucks.
It feels kinda shit.
Then why not get two?

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why the fuck has google run out of captchas

these 2 are ALWAYS appearing every other post and they never pass
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i literally got this one while making the OP
Don't be poor and buy a 4chan pass
man, i just love to fill the captcha to be able to fill the captcha

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what more could you possibly need?
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https everywhere would be the only addition I'd make here
uBlock Origin Extra.
thats just bloat. it does nothing if the site you access isnt on their tiny list. and its 9000 times easier to type https:// than making a long regex script for the addon.

Does the 4chan reCAPTCHA take your personal info? I heard from a YouTube comment that it could potentially tie posts to a signed in Google account.
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Googles recaptcha could very easily trace you back to a Google account by IP, cookies, computer/browser signatures, etc etc. Do they? I dunno.
Yes, I do. AMA
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it's trivial for Google to associate your posts on 4chan with your Google account. Are they doing it? WHo knows... maybe their Google Ideas/Jigsaw division (Google's SJW division that fights "trolls" and 4chan) is doing it. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Run AdNauseam. Fight back.


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What RSS reader do you guys use?

I start, I use feedly but never gave RSS Readers much thought.
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>RSS reader
Is this 2007?
Quiterss. It does't really like dark themes tho.

Webextension port of bamboo reader when?

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You /pol/ crossboarders keep calling free software left-wing and it simply isn't true. Many of its advocate organisations are and have thus strayed from their initial goals, but the concept itself is just about freedom from oppression and control by both governments and private industry.

It's like being free to work on your car – it has nothing to do with greater politics.
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/pol/ loves free software, they just prefer MIT and BSD licenses over GPL which are all free software foundation approved licenses
Really though? I regularly see /pol/acks speaking ill of Linux and FOSS in general because of the Marxist types who've taken an interest in them.

Someone even linked a thread calling Stallman a Mossad agent once lmao.
>it has nothing to do with greater politics
But that's wrong, you fucking retard.

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